Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

It's my favourite time of year, and my absolute favourite type of content to create. I think gift guides might just be my favourite? 

This year I've got three - this one is on Stocking Fillers for women and expect two more to come, including one on the bigger gifts and one for the men in your life. Now, let's get onto stocking fillers... 

IGK Hair Care

Okay, so it's not exactly a specific product. This entire brand, IGK Hair is something I have been lusting after since it launched in the UK. I recently got my hands on the IGK Multi-tasking Dry Shampoo, from £10 which has literally blown my mind. I have a few dry shampoo favourites, but this has surpassed them all. It leaves no white marks and gives my hair that little bit of oomph helping it have life and a bit of body. Currently craving the rest of their dry shampoo range... I also got my hands on the IGK Hair Foamo Holographic Hair Foam, £19 which I am yet to try but is the perfect Christmas gift - I will definitely be cracking this out at Festival Season! Super intrigued. 

Also on my to try list from the brand is the IGK Trust Issues Instant Scalp Rebalancing Treatment, £25, the IGK Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub, £31, the IGK Prenup Instant Spray Mask, £27 and their festive Pre-Party Glitter Sprays (they have them in different colours and they just look incredible. 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Tree Ornament

I adore this mascara, and the adorable Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Tree Ornament, £10 is the perfect stocking filler. Not only is it a blooming great product, but it is in the perfect travel size (and the cutest packaging!). 

Nailflix and Chill Nail Polish Remover Cream 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the epic packaging of the Nailflix and Chill Nail Polish Remover Cream, £14.50. This is possibly the coolest way to remove your nail polish that I have ever seen. It's acetone free meaning it won't spill (who else does this all the time - I manage to get nail polish remover EVERYWHERE) and it hydrates and nourishes your nails. Bonus! 

Dr. Lipp Natural Moisturising Colour Lip Tint

The Dr. Lipp Natural Moisturising Colour Lip Tint's, £6.99 is one of my favourite every day lips at the moment. They come in a range of shades and add a subtle tint of colour but actually hydrate your lips at the same time. Perfect for the colder months to come! 

Impulse Influencer Body Mists

The Impulse Body Mists (I adore the Impulse Sophie Hannah Body Mist, £6 and the Impulse Helen Anderson Body Mist, £6) are perfect if you've got a regular festival go-er in your life. These are a go-to in my festival packing every year as they are perfect for an all-over body refresh. They smell great and generally you can get them on offer (they are currently just £3 at Boots!). 

Maybelline Be The Big Shot Gift Set

I adore Maybelline makeup. When it comes to budget brands, this is most definitely one of my favourites and this super cute set is a perfect stocking filler. The Maybelline Be The Big Shot Gift, £19.99 includes a gorgeous Burgundy eye palette (these are great and the shades are perfect for the Winter season), a mascara and eyeliner. Seriously great set! 

Lipstick Queen Drops of Jupiter Mini Lip Duo

I adore the Lipstick Queen gifts at Christmas time and this Lipstick Queen Drops of Jupiter Mini Lip Duo, £14 is seriously beautiful. In this super cute set, you get two adorable mini metallic lipglosses. They look super cute on their own, but my favourite is to pop them over a bold lip for a little something extra. 

Sisley Makeup 

I adore Sisley Makeup and their super luxe products an fun packaging makes them perfect for this time of year. I recommend the Sisley Le Phyto Rouge Lipsticks, £32.50. I've got the shades Orange Acapulco, Rouge Paris and Rouge Rio (all seriously gorgeous). They are super silky and I just adore the finish. The Sisley Phyto Eye Twist, £32.50  is a gorgeous all over eye shadow. I adore pencils like this for easy application and this blends seamlessly. Finally, I'd recommend the Sisley Phyto-Blush Sticks, £38.67. I have the shade Passion and it is a gorgeous rose gold. It gives your skin life and is beautifully glowy. Love this! 

OPV Highlighter

Highlighters are PERFECT for Christmas time and they are really having a moment. One I'm loving for party season (and beyond!) is the OPV Highlighter, £18. This is the perfect 'wow' highlighter and is ideal if you love a gold tone. 

Illamasqua Eyeshadows

I am loving Illamasqua's eye products at the moment and I'd really recommend the Illamasqua Iconic Chromes, £22 and the Illamasqua Jewel Vinyl Shadows, £15. If you're into a high pigment metallic shadow, the chromes are perfect but if glitter is more your thing then the Jewel Vinyl shadows are perfect. 

Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tints

If you know someone that loves quite a natural makeup look, or applies their makeup on-the-go then the Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tints, £24.50 are seriously perfect. It is a cream blush with a gorgeous velvety texture, the product is gorgeous but one of my favourite things about this product is the super cute and compact, compact. It is perfect to slip in your makeup bag as most blushers seem to take up so much space! They also work beautifully on your lips. 

Art Deco Liquid Glitter Shadows

I am seriously obsessed with Glitter eyes at the moment and the Art Deco Liquid Glitter in Moonstone, £17.95 is super cute. The perfect addition to any eye look! 

Doll Lashes

If you know someone that's into their lashes, the Doll Lashes, £10 are really great quality and are the perfect gift for a stocking filler! 

KIKO Sparkling Holiday Collection 

I have fallen hook, line and sinker over the KIKO Sparkling Holiday Collection. From the gorgeous packaging to the incredible quality - this collection is one to gift (or self gift) this Christmas. I have loved everything I've tried from the collection but the stand outs are the eyeshadows and highlighters. So beautiful! 

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette of Pops in Supersonic Girl

Okay, well any Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette would be an INCREDIBLE gift, but this is one of my favourites. If you love an autumnal glitter, then you need the Charlotte Tilbury Supersonic Girl palette, £39 in your life. 

Stila Shine Bright Heavens Dew Highlighting Palette

If you are into sparkly highlighters, then you MUST try the Stila Shine Bright Heavens Dew Highlighting Palette, £45 (okay, maybe this is a little spenny for a Stocking Filler but could you IMAGINE how happy you'd be if you received one of these?!). There are three gorgeous shades for that perfect insta-highlight. I love using them on their own or blending a few together and the putty texture is amazing. 

Too Faced Sugar Cookie Palette 

I adore Too Faced's shadows, their Chocolate Bar Palette has been a favourite of mine for a long time and I fell for the beautiful Too Faced Sugar Cookie Palette, £22 as soon as I saw it. It's a gorgeous every day palette if you want to add a bit of sparkle into your day but can also be smoked up for an evening eye. A seriously great all-rounder and it smells incredible! 

Inika Lipstick Crayon Trio 

The Inika Lipstick Crayon Trio, £34 is a seriously great gift. Not only are these crayon lipsticks beautiful on application, they are super easy to apply and leave a beautiful finish. There are three shades in this set in Nude, Garnet and Red Brick. 

MOR Mesmerising Marshmallow Cracker 

I mean, first up - does the MOR Mesmerising Marshmallow Cracker, £8 not just sound incredible?! I hadn't actually heard of the brand before until this arrived on my doorstep but the packaging is super cute and anything with Marshmallows in is perfect for this time of year. Seriously. This affordable cracker is filled with a delicious scented hand cream. 

Le Couvent des Minimes Aqua Paradisi Botanical Shower Gel  

I adore receiving luxurious versions of every day items at Christmas and this shower gel is just perfect for that. The Le Couvent des Minimes Aqua Paradisi Botanical Shower Gel, £15 smells gorgeous and is a nice way to be introduced to this brand. 

Aromatherapy Associates Pearl of Wisdom Light Relax Bauble

Aromatherapy Associates are in my gift guides every single year because they are just so incredible.  The Aromatherapy Associates Pearl of Wisdom Light Relax Bauble, £12 is the perfect stocking filler. Not only is it a super cute decoration but the bath and shower oil is the perfect for a Christmas pamper! 

Murad Prep In A Flash Set

Murad is a gorgeous skincare brand and I love the Murad Prep In A Flash set, £20. This is perfect for any makeup lover as it's filled with mini's to create the perfect base for your makeup. 

Moroccan Oil Treatment Ornament

I have loved the Moroccan Oil Hair Oil Treatment for so long! This Moroccan Oil Treatment Ornament, £13.45 is the perfect stocking filler for everyone as it is suitable for all hair types. It's hydrating but light weight and is the perfect addition to any pamper! 

Roger & Gallet Hand Cream Gift Set

Roger and Gallet features in my Christmas gift buying (and guide!) most years because it's so truly beautiful. In my Stocking Filler guide this year I am including the Roger and Gallet Hand Cream Gift Set, £17. This pretty set includes 3 of their gorgeous hand creams and it does not disappoint. 

Antipodes Delight Hand and Body Cream 

I adore this body cream from Antipodes, the Delight Hand and Body Cream, £28.99, it combines macadamia oil with marigold flower oil and grape and is super hydrating and smells seriously incredible! 

Sanctuary Hand Cream Fancy

Isn't Sanctuary Spa just the epitome of Christmas? This super cute gift, the Sanctuary Spa Hand Cream Fancy, £4 featuring one of their lovely hand creams is just gorgeous. It can be hung on the tree or wrapped in a stocking - and I don't know who wouldn't love this!

L'Occitane Lavender Cracker 

 I am seriously obsessed with L'Occitane at the moment and this gorgeous L'Occitane Lavender Cracker, £10 doesn't disappoint. It's filled with a mini hand cream and a mini pillow mist - gorgeous! 

Fat Face Hand Cream and Lip Balm Set

If you know anyone that loves anything floral, the little Fat Face Hand Cream and Lip Balm Set, £12 is super cute. Super handy as they are both in sizes that you can just pop in your handbag to use on the go! 

Skimono Hand & Feet Masks 

I feel like stockings should be all about pampering and often your hands and feet can get left out! Sheet Masks are one of my fave things at the moment and the idea of a hand or feet sheet mask is so cool. The Skimono Hand Mask, £9.99 and Skimono Feet Mask, £9.99 are the perfect addition to your stocking this year! 

Anew Pamper Gift Set

I have to admit, I had forgotten Avon existed but when I was shown this super cute gift set I was reminded about how seriously great some of the products can be. The Anew Pamper Gift Set, £6 is so affordable and seriously great value. Inside you get a cleansing balm and a sheet mask and it's the perfect little pamper. 

Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller

Introducing my new favourite skincare tool. I didn't really ever think that jade rollers are something I'd ever get behind but OMG they are a game changer. My skin has been getting super puffy and sensitive lately and this Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller, £18 has been helping more than you can even know to combat that. It helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage and massages skin and muscles to eliminate of toxins, help firm the skin, relax wrinkles and ease tension. The super cool touch of White Jade soothes, de-puffs and tones. It is seriously incredible and for £18 you seriously can't go wrong. 

Emma Hardie Merrily Moringa Ornament

I adore the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, and this Emma Hardie Merrily Moringa Ornament, £10 is a mini one! Its perfect for anyone that ever travels with hand luggage a lot as you can squeeze it into your little travel bag - and the cleanser is just gorgeous. 

Jane Skrivner Skin Elixir

A gorgeous moisturiser or oil is the perfect addition to any stocking, and I am loving the Jane Skrivner Skin Elixir, £29 at the moment. It's the first product I have tried from the brand but I am loving it. 

Murad Dew A Little Gift 

Another gorgeous mini, the Murad Dew A Little, £10 is a mini of one of my favourites from the brand, their Hydro-Dynamic Ultra Moisturiser. Its in a gorgeous mini size and is perfect for travel! 

Antipodes Halo Skin Brightening Mud Mask 

I adore the Antipodes Masks and the Antipodes Halo Skin Brightening Mud Mask, £27 is my newest favourite. It's a gorgeous mud mask that leaves your skin looking luminous. I like using it if I have any blemishes as it helps to clear them up too! 

Alpha H Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream 

Probably one of the most luxe products on my stocking filler guide, and definitely one of the most expensive but if you are looking to fill with a selection of luxe presents, then the Alpha H Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream, £52 is a great option. Alpha H Liquid Gold is a cult favourite, and this eye cream is a a gorgeous gift for any skincare junkie. 

Neals Yard Remedies One Pot Wonder Gift

Another adorable mini, the gorgeous Neals Yard Remedies One Pot Wonder Gift, £15 do-it-all mini gift contains their Wild Rose Wonder Balm. It can be used for a number of things like a moisturiser or cleanser and it's perfect for travelling and smells incredible! 

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails To Go 

I adore the Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails and the gorgeous Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails To Go Gift, £30 features 3 minis of the different toners. They are toners that target different things - whether you need moisture, energy or de-stressing these are perfect for fit in your stocking. 

Space Masks 

These Space Masks, £15 might just be my new favourite thing. I have really sore and sensitive eyes and it has been terrible lately, but these are my saviour. They are heated eye masks and are perfect for relaxing with. If you know someone who gets sore eyes too, or is just in need of a bit of a relax, these are seriously perfect and the star packaging is super cute. 

Skin Republic Detox Dream Set

Face Masks are perfect to stuff your stocking with and the Skin Republic Detox Dream Set, £16.99 is  the all-rounder. This set includes 4 masks for the ultimate pamper! 

Living Sea Body Care

This is a brand I actually hadn't heard of before but since trying the Living Sea Body Wash, £18 and Living Sea Bath Salts, £18 I just had to include them. The packaging isn't that exciting but I have been loving the actual products. They smell gorgeous and so relaxing and I have been loving using these after working out - so if you know someone who loves to exercise then these are perfect! 

Personalised Toblerone from Prezzy Box

I think I probably buy a Toblerone for someone every single year, but after seeing that you can personalise them, this is one better! You can pick up your Personalised Toblerone, £12.99 at Prezzybox and I promise you it will go down well. I have been known to pick up a personalised gift every now and again and this is a great idea.

Walkers Shortbread

Again like with the Toblerone, I think I pick up some Walkers Shortbread for Christmas every single year. Last year (and this year too!) I got my hands on the super cute Walkers Gingerbread Shortbread, £2.65 for the cute packaging and festive taste  - how cute?! I also am loving the gorgeous tins including the Festive Shortbread Wreath, £12.99 and the Red and White Tree Tin, £12.99.

Jacked Wine

Booze, duh?! Who doesn't love finding a little tipple in their stocking. I like finding something a bit different and my latest find is the new Jacked Wine (available at Tesco) as they come in super cool sounding flavours. I haven't tried them yet, they are currently en route to me, but I wanted to make sure I included them as they look and sound so fun. They are available in two flavours - Rosé with Lychee and Sauvignon Blanc with Ginger. Delicious! 

Alpha H Balancing Cleanser 

Another every day product, but the Alpha H Balancing Cleanser, £25 is the perfect thing to treat someone too. It's a great cleanser for normal, dry or sensitive skin (so perfect for me!) and it's seriously beautiful. 

Patterned Socks

Who doesn't want socks at Christmas?! These adorable ones from Mistral, £4.99 are super cute! 

Pantone Hip Flask

I adore this little hip flask. Pantone is perfect for Christmas gifting and actually have a whole range of products that would be perfect including mugs, notebooks and the super cute Pantone Hip Flask, £22 in their gorgeous pink shade is truly stunning. 

What Stocking Fillers are you lusting after this year?  

Lorna x

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Rented Home

This post is sponsored by Leesa

I have lived in rented homes for as long as I remember, and ever since I moved out from my family home I have been the same - but the real question is how do you make a rented home, FEEL like home still abiding to all of the guidelines? So we're talking no paint, keeping that grotty bathroom situation as is and not being able to hang pictures up on the wall with nails and screws etc. but trust me, with a little effort you'll have your home feeling like home in no time at all! 

Right this way for a few ideas... 

Making your bed feel like the comfiest hotel bed you've ever slept on (or better!)

I've always had this thing about hotel beds. I mean, definitely not all of them, but why do we put up with something fairly mediocre at home but dream about those odd nights of absolute bliss when you are away. I had this realisation fairly recently and so it became my mission to upgrade our bed situation. Now we are around halfway there, but already we can feel SO much of a difference.

We started by upgrading our pillows. We got our hands on a pair of Goose Down pillows after several squishes of all of the pillows TK Maxx had to offer. We fell in love and OMG does a comfy pillow make all of the difference. Now just to get a second pair as I am an absolute comfort fiend...

Then came the mattress. I had never thought about getting my own mattress as for ease there is always one that comes with the flats we rent, but enough was enough and it was most definitely time to wave goodbye to the lumpy old one we had been sleeping on for the past year. We upgraded to a Leesa mattress. I am not going to lie, I had always been a bit sceptical by the whole 'Mattress in a box' trend - I mean, how good can it really be?

We have a Double Leesa Mattress, and you may have spotted its arrival on my Instagram here. Obvs, I had to get that classic shot with the box. I mean, did you really get a 'Mattress in a box' if you didn't Instagram it first? The UK Double Mattress comes to £650 and spoiler, it is TOTALLY worth the money. I had always thought that a hotel style mattress (in fact, we have stayed in a few hotels recently and this one is more comfortable than those there) would cost the earth, hence why I hadn't ever contemplated it but considering the amount of your life you spend in your bed, it is well worth the investment (and it lasts!).

Now I am no mattress specialist, but I do know a comfy one from an uncomfortable one, and seriously you can really tell the difference. The Leesa mattress is created with a unique combination of three foam layers and what makes it different from other foam mattresses, is the top layer - the 'Avena foam'. This is a responsive material that allows airflow through the mattress for a cooler nights sleep and provides enough bounce for freedom of movement. One thing I would note, is that once you take it out of the box it takes a few days or so to really get to it's ultimate comfort. So don't judge based on the first few nights sleep. Trust me, it gets better! But if it isn't for you, Leesa also have a 100 day guarantee. So if you're not happy within 100 days, they will come to collect it and donate it to a local charity. I LOVE this. No wastage at all!

They also plant a tree for every mattress sold and donate a further mattress for every ten sold. Purchasing from brands that try to do their bit, really make the difference for me.

The Leesa mattress is one of our favourite ways we have upgraded the bedroom of late, now just to get rid of our other mattress (Hello rented flat problems, our Estate Agent's still haven't decided what they'd like to do with it so it is currently sitting in our Kitchen until the decision has been made - why is everything so slow?!) and upgrade our duvet and bedding. Simple things, but we like to space it out so not to hit the bank balance all at the same time. If you need to upgrade your duvets/pillows, we always check out TK Maxx as they can be such a bargain for such great quality. Our bedding usually comes from Ikea, Urban Outfitters or H&M but I'm currently on the hunt for a couple of perfect sets - let me know if you have seen any!

Hanging pictures (and being able to remove them!)

I know, I know. Nails and screws etc are a no go but I was introduced to the Command Picture Hanging Strips a couple of years ago and they are a game changer! They are little strips that you stick to your picture frame and then the wall and they are strong enough to hang them while also being incredibly easy to take down when you move. You can pick them up all over the place in different sizes for different frames, but I usually pick mine up from Amazon or Ebay for ease. 

Hanging pictures on your wall instantly gives the place life. I try to buy my pictures already framed because I am queen of leaving a picture unframed for years, or I purchase the frame from Amazon or similar straight after purchasing the picture. Oliver Bonas is one of my favourites for affordable art already framed, I have one piece and am ALWAYS eyeing up others for my home. They have some in different shapes and sizes so are great for helping to create a gallery wall or can add a bit of colour and design to all of the nooks in your rented home. If you want to invest in some actual art, taking a trip to the Affordable Art Fair or my personal favourite, Jealous are great options. Jealous has some seriously cool pieces and they offer a monthly payment scheme as they think everyone should own some art. 

Pick up small ornaments and decorations as you travel to fill your home with memories

Everywhere we go, I like to try and buy SOMETHING for the house. Whether it's something simple like a small dish to pop bits and bobs in on the coffee table, a plate or bowl, or even something as functional as a magazine rack. I like to fill my house with memories and it also means the homeware expense is split out over a time so it doesn't hit your bank balance in one go. 

We also have a pin board in our kitchen filled with photo booth photos, business cards from our favourite restaurants, gig tickets etc. We add to this as we go too and it really adds a lot of personality to our space. 

Fill your house with plants

I am very quick becoming a bit of a plant lady. I already am very at my limit with the amount of plants I should probably have in my home, however I can imagine it just won't end here. It fills my home with life and I adore the look of all of the green! I have picked up my plants from all over the place - we have many but if you're willing to do some digging to find what you're looking for then I'd recommend checking out Columbia Road Flower Market to try and find some bargains, B&Q, Ikea and Homebase are also pretty good too. If you're all about speed and ease though, I'd highly recommend Patch Plants. I adore their concept and their site is so easy to navigate. They help you choose the right plants for your space and deliver them to your door. You can also buy plant pots that fit so it's all sorted in one go! They are affordable and the quality looks seriously great. 

Upgrade your TV situation

And I'm not talking about getting a better TV, because let's face it, we'd all love to do this but there are ways to make your TV watching situation better without it. I'm not talking about quality, I'm talking about content. Everyone has Netflix, but since we got Now TV and our Amazon Fire Stick our choices have seriously upped their game. First things first, I'm talking Now TV - get this in place of the expensive Sky or Virgin Media. You buy the box and with that you get access to all of the general TV stations and on top of that you can add packages. We pay for the Entertainment package every month which gives us access to channels like MTV and Sky Atlantic which is right up our street. You can often get deals for this and when you buy the box you usually get a few months free too. If Sports or Movies are your thing, these are also available too. If you decide you want to use it for a month or two, you can cancel super easily which I love. Sports is also available in one day packages.  The Amazon Fire Stick is great if you have Amazon Prime as it gives you access to SO many moves (so is perfect for this time of year!) and all of the Amazon shows. Great if you are looking for a bit more choice. 

We are very much still in the process of making little changes to our rented home (one step at a time right!?) so let me know if you have any tips in the comments below! 

Lorna x

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Affordable Beauty Advent Calendars That Are Actually Worth The Money

I will never stop dreaming about the day I will own the Jo Malone advent calendar, the one from Liberty or the one from Diptique (a girl can dream right!?) but for me, and I'm going to assume there are a lot of you out there, that this just isn't realistic right now. I'd love to say I've got the dollar to drop a couple of hundred pounds (plus!!) on an advent calendar, but really I can think of better ways to spend my money rn. So for all of you out there who are in the same boat, but still want in on the beauty advent calendar action, I've rounded up a few of the ones I've got my eye on... 

L'Occitane Classic Advent Calendar, £49

Linked here

I feel like the winter is all about pampering and this so perfect for that - I love L'Occitane for body care products and have done from years. This calendar features some of my favourites including their classic Almond Shower Oil (if you've never tried this then what are you doing with your life and their Verbana Shower Gel - alongside a tonne of products I haven't tried. What a great way to try out some other ranges from the brand and stock up on travel minis while you're at it! Plus, I am obsessed with the packaging of this. It's simple, super festive and not too large so wouldn't clog up my little London flat. Love! 

Glossybox Beauty Advent Calendar, £100

Linked here

Now, this is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum of beauty advent calendars that I'd be willing to pay for but OMG when you see the list of the products in this beauty, you might just be willing to drop £100 on this too. I won't spoil all the fun but this beauty advent calendar is stashed with brands like NARS, Yankee Candle, Huda Beauty, Philip Kingsley and Real Techniques - I know right. The pretty packaging is perfect if pink is your shade and if you are dreaming of calendars like the likes of Selfridges, Liberty or Harrods that mix things up with a tonne of different brands, then this might just be your cup of tea. FYI, this is the most expensive calendar I'll include in this post, so read on for more affordable beauty if this isn't your thing. 

Feel Unique The Little Beauty Parcel, £75

Link here

Another great option if you're looking to try out a few new brands, this is a seriously great option. I'm eyeing up the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (which I have been wanting to try for years), Sleek Highlighter Palette, the Sigma brush and of course Charlotte Tilbury's incredible Magic Cream. 

Clinique 24 Days of Clinique Beauty Advent Calendar, £76

Link here

If you are into your skincare, this advent calendar is well worth considering. I adore Clinique and have done for years so the idea of an advent calendar from them is ideal. The calendar includes skincare across their ranges and some colour thrown into the mix too. I adore the bright colours on the packaging - you know me, into my brights but for Christmas perhaps I'd prefer the colouring to be a little more festive, that however could just be me though. 

ASOS Face & Body Beauty Advent Calendar, £55

Link here

This calendar is £55 but I would say with discount codes ASOS often offer (student discount definitely if you are one!) you'd be able to pick this one up for a bit less making it one of the more affordable ones on offer. This calendar includes a selection of brands including MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Coco & Eve, Benefit and more. If you like beauty across the board including makeup, skin and hair - this one is a seriously great option. 

LookFantastic Beauty Advent Calendar, £79

Link here

Another multi-brand calendar well worth considering, this time from LookFantastic in a gorgeous festive red shade. This calendar includes brands such as Molton Brown, This Works, Aromatherapy Associates, Mane 'n Tail, Glamglow and Omorovicza. 

The Body Shop 24 Days Of The Enchanted Advent Calendar, £45

Link here

The Body Shop will always hold a special place in my heart - I used to be obsessed with the brand and would use their products endlessly. My beauty tastes haven't necessarily changed but I just use a lot of different brands and sadly, The Body Shop sometimes gets forgotten about. I think it might be time to pop in-store and have a look at what else they've got going on! This calendar features 24 great mini's, if you are a fan of The Body Shop then you'll probably know what to expect. It's fab as it's one of the more affordable ones but still has seriously great contents. 

M&S Beauty Advent Calendar, £35 when you spend £35 on home or clothing

It's not out just yet, it launches in November but all of the info is linked here.

For me, this is one of the greatest options if you are looking for something affordable and can get your hands on it. The calendar is stashed with beauty favourites from their incredible beauty halls including brands such as Nuxe, Phillip Kingsley, L'Occitane, Stila, Balance Me and Pixi. It costs £35 when you spend a further £35 on home or clothing, but as it's available just before Christmas, this is a great opportunity to pick up other gifts or a few Christmas decorations as M&S is seriously great for that. 

Rituals The Ritual Of Advent Gift Set Advent Calendar, £59.50

Link here

I adore Rituals as a brand and as soon as I saw this beauty I fell hook, line and sinker. This is what advent calendars should look like! There are so many on this list that lack on the festive front so I'm pleased to see another festive beauty (alongside the gorge L'Occitane one). This is perfect for the ultimate pamper as it features lots of body care favourites and some adorable mini candles. This one is great for the price so I'd highly recommend - even if you've not tried Rituals before. 

Debenhams Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar, £70

Link here

Tell me I'm not alone in the fact that I didn't realise that Debenhams did a Beauty Advent Calendar?! I spotted this while doing the research for this post. This one is stashed with brands including Kat Von D, MAC, Elemis, Too Faced, Glam Glow and Benefit and it's seriously one worth considering. 

Some seriously great options - and I'm sure there are some great one's I'm missing too! What advent calendars are you eyeing up this year, beauty or non-beauty too? 

Lorna x

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Stil Salon: Upgrading My Balayage

My blonde balayage has finally had an upgrade and I'm so excited to say it was at the beautiful STIL Salon in Notting Hill. 

I am very low maintenance when it comes to my hair. My hair is long and I love having bit of colour through it to give it some texture. I have never dyed my whole head of hair, because I'm not sure I could deal with the upkeep but an ombre or balayage gives me that something something I need. If you've followed my blog for a while you might just know a bit about my hair history. I used to dye my hair at home with that classic L'Oreal Wild Ombre box dye that everyone used to use, then I finally ventured out to a salon to upgrade the ombre into something a little more natural - the balayage. 

I have kept this up for a few years now, but I have to say my experience at STIL Salon has blown my mind. From the super friendly team, to the interior of the salon and the serious skill to get the finished look and of course not forgetting the cute pup Bertie - I think I may have just found a new favourite salon as they seriously hit the nail on the head with the colour and cut I was going for this time around as everything is personalised. 

Trying something (and somewhere!) new with your hair can be a little daunting, but if you come along to STIL, I promise you you'll be in safe hands. 

The Consultation 

I first visited the salon a few weeks ago to meet Craig Clark, my colourist (the INCREDIBLE Colour Director at STIL Salon) to talk through what I wanted and get a patch test. 

I arrived and was greeted by the Front of House Manager, Andrew - who I have to say makes the experience SO much better. Every salon should have an Andrew. He is so attentive, so kind and genuinely cares for everyone. 

Craig then talked me through the current trends and the type of blonde he recommended for my balayage, matching the colour and tone to my skin and eye colour. This is so clever and makes so much sense to me - and as the customer it's so nice understanding the thought process behind this and really trust that the colour is going to suit you personally which makes the whole experience so much more relaxing. 

We decided on their Lumiere Lights service (similar to balayage but it's a freehand, grading colouring technique designed by STIL to lighten the hair effortlessly and naturally) with some Contouring to enhance my facial features. 

After the patch test, I headed home excited to return in a few days to get my colour on. 

The Colour

I actually ended up getting my cut and colour done separately due to terrible time management on my side (but Andrew helped to organise this with no problem). Craig talked me through our thoughts on the colour again to ensure I was comfortable with the tone and to confirm what we were going for today. 

The experience was super comfortable and oh boy, the finished look was even better than I could have imagined. Craig used the TIGI Copyright Custom Care Repair range to wash out all of the dye and toner while repairing and hydrating my hair at the same time ensuring it's condition is still great post-colour. 

The blend was perfect, as was the tone, it matches my skin tone perfectly and I am so happy with the results. Forget dreaming about how much you're going to like it when it 'grows out a bit', I was just so incredibly happy with it from the get go. 

Craig seriously knows what he's talking about with colour and if you go to visit him at STIL, I 100% recommend that you put your hair faith in his hands. I took his opinion and I am so pleased with the results. Hair colour genius! I'm even tempted to go a little lighter and maybe a bit higher like he suggested next time... 

The Cut

A few days later, I headed back into STIL to finish the look and have my hair cut by Federico Bufanio, one of their Senior Stylists. I have been loving my long locks of late so I wanted to keep the length as much as possible while still giving my hair the refresh it needs. I mean, it had been a year or so since my last trim, oopsie... 

I had a chat with Federico about what I was after and he suggested the best way to get there and how to make it suit me and I'm so pleased I went with what he suggested. I had a little bit of shape put in at the front while still keeping a lot of the length. We got rid of all of the split ends and gave my locks the refresh it needed. In fact, my hair feels so soft I've been stroking it since. 

The Review

Okay, okay - you've kind of got the gist of how much I loved my cut and colour at STIL Salon but I really wanted to let you know why it was so great. They ensure that each cut and colour is tailored to you - and that you know about it - meaning you come out with a new look that truly suits you. It's such a clever technique and seriously ensures you're happy with your look day after day. In fact, I think I'm a little bit hooked on STIL and I just know where I'll be returning when my hair needs it's next upgrade - and of course, I'll make sure to tell you about it. 

From the instagram-able Scandi design, to the skilled handiwork of the stylists and colourists, to the friendly welcome with Andrew and the cutie dog, Bertie. Salon Founder and Creative Director, Christel Lundqvist has really hit the nail on the head with this salon space. If you're looking for a hair upgrade, I seriously can't recommend STIL enough. I am blown away by it all. 

Book your appointment/consultation here now. 

Lorna x

Sunday, 29 July 2018

New York City Guide: What To Do In The Big Apple

If you follow my Instagram (shameless plug, right this way...) you'll probably have seen the endless stream of pictures that have come from my trip to New York earlier in the year. It was my first trip there, in fact it was a trip I've dreamed about endlessly for years and since I've had so many people asking for tips that I just had to write this post. 

My boyfriend and I visited New York for around 9-10 days at the end of April and it was glorious. I took the time to properly switch off from work and relax, which is actually crazy for a city break as I usually try to squeeze as much in as I possibly can. I'm talking lots of leisurely brunches, strolls around the streets of NYC and so much fun. 

I am going to include the places we went to, but also a few spots we didn't make it to as well, because it's so blooming big I want to make sure you've got all of the options like we did. 

Get ready for the longest blog post EVER... 

What to do before you go to New York

I actually did quite a lot of prep before we went to New York. I knew we had a lot of time there, and I really didn't want to come away realising there were things I'd desperately wanted to do but had forgotten about. 

I spent a lot of time reading blogs and watching vlogs to really get a feel of what I wanted to do and actually Joe did the same. If you're heading away with someone, I'd really recommend downloading the app Wunderlist, and starting a few shared lists with them to keep all of your ideas about what to do and where to go in one place. We separated it into categories ie. things to do, where to eat/drink, shops etc. and kept adding to it in the run up of the trip.

Just before we went, I found the app Pinbox, which I swear has changed my life travelling. It is essentially a map app, where you can create different maps for different trips. You drop pins on specific places and it's a great tool to see on a map where you want to visit. I colour coded each type of destination ie. bars, restaurants, shops, museums etc. and saved them all to look at when we were there. The best bit is that once you're in a location, the map shows you where you are and you can see what pinned spots are nearby. This is great if you don't want to have a 'schedule' but you can see what is where in relation to where you're going. Perfect if you end up hangry but don't want to just end up anywhere. There's no point in missing out on that Instagram opportunity, eh! 

Now you've got your plan sorted, onto what to do when you get there... 

Where to stay in New York

There are so many different parts of New York so it's definitely worth doing a bit of research into the right place for you. We chose to stay in Williamsburg in Brooklyn and I couldn't be more happy with that decision. It's full of super cool bars, shops and restaurants and is the perfect place to wake up every morning as getting into the city is so easy via the subway. 

There's no doubt that staying in New York is incredibly expensive, so we opted for an Airbnb. We found a cute little flat in Williamsburg, near Bedford Ave (linked here). It was a lot more affordable than most hotels we found and we loved having our own little space in the city. Whether we wanted to have a lie in, make dinner ourselves or get a takeout with a movie, this little apartment had everything we needed. And I adored the decor (see the purple wall - hello Friends vibes!). 

Getting around in New York

Transport is super easy in New York - there's lots of options. 

We got a cab from the airport to our Airbnb, but for the rest of the trip we spent most of the time walking or on the Subway - see my cheesy grin on my daily commute above - (you can pick up a ticket that will last you the entire week you're there, we did this and it was so much more affordable than individual tickets). For ease in some places, we did get Ubers but you can absolutely get away with not doing this. 

What to do in New York

Well, this is quite a big point, there's so much you can do in New York. Here's our hit list and a few extras we didn't make it to this time but definitely will do in the future. 

Museums and Galleries

Museum of Modern Art 

I adored the MoMA. In fact, it's been a dream of mine to go for so many years. I studied art for years and we always talked about it but it felt like such a faraway dream back then. It's filled with so many incredible pieces and I always think it's great to go to a few galleries in the city you're visiting and I highly recommend this one for some modern pieces. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met is one of the largest fine art museums in the world and is a must visit whether your into art or are a massive Gossip Girl fan. Yep, these are the steps. Stroll around all of the exhibitions and just take it in. 


I had heard from many people that the Guggenheim in NYC was actually a little disappointing. I actually couldn't agree less. This was one of our favourites of the trip. From the beautiful architecture to the incredible modern pieces inside. This one was so worth a visit. It's not as big as the others so great if you've got a little bit of spare time. 

Brooklyn Museum

The most surprising visit of the trip. We weren't actually planning on coming to the Brooklyn Museum but someone mentioned it was worth visiting so we popped in on our last day. The David Bowie exhibition was on show there when they went so definitely have a look to see what is on when you're going, otherwise have a stroll around the permanent exhibitions while you're there. So worth it and the building is beautiful. People definitely don't talk about this enough. 

Places to visit

The High Line

The High Line is a public part built on a historic rail line and is perfect for a dry/sunny day. The most perfect for a mid-morning stroll. It blew me away, it's super calming and is well worth a visit. 

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is a gorgeous indoor food market. Go here hungry - there's so many great foodie options. If you're planning on walking the High Line, you can take a detour and head to Chelsea Market as it passes through. 

Times Square

You can't go to New York and not visit Times Square right?! There's a little Strand Bookstore stand that sells postcards and stamps super affordably - highly recommend doing this and sending one home to a loved one! Such a cute little idea. 

Grand Central Station

Again another classic. We weren't actually planning on visiting, but it's very near a lot of the tourist hot spots so we made a detour for a quick stop in. It's also great if you're a bit peckish as there's a food court downstairs (we popped into Shake Shack, because you just have to). 

Top of the Rock

If you're looking for great views of NYC, the Top of the Rock is the perfect location. Everyone talks about going up the Empire State Building but by going up the Top of the Rock, the view includes the Empire State Building which is so incredible. Try going up on a day with clear skies and book ahead if you can to save a bit of queuing (though, do expect some queuing as this is tourist central). 

Central Park 

Potentially one of my most favourite parts of the trip. Central Park blew my mind. It is so big! We strolled the park on a couple of occasions because we loved it so much. It's super touristy but go on the row boats on the lake. It was just amazing. Stroll through the park and grab a pretzel or hot dog. Take a picnic, and just soak it all in. 

Central Park Zoo

While we were in Central Park, we popped into the zoo they have there. It's a tiny little space but if you love zoo's like we do, it's definitely worth popping in. And try to go during feeding time, because it was just incredible. The seals and the snow leopards were the highlight. 

Flat Iron Building

If you're in the area, definitely pop along to have a look. I've never seen a building like it!

The Cinema

One of our highlights was going to an American cinema. We were there on the day the latest Avengers film was released so booked into the Williamsburg Cinema to see it. It was an amazing experience and so different to the cinema over here in the UK. From the incredible butter popcorn and cinema snacks to the interactive experience of cheering when certain actors come on the screen, it was so much fun and I'd highly recommend it. 


For a beautiful view of Brooklyn Bridge, I highly recommend stopping by Dumbo. If you're planning on going to the Brooklyn Flea Market, go on a Sunday as it's in Dumbo and have a look at the view while you're there too. 

Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the bridge for the incredible views is so worth doing. So many great photo ops and such a classic New York thing to do. 

9/11 Memorial

This is 100% worth a visit while you're in the city. It's so moving and such a great memorial to see. Truly beautiful. 

The Places We Didn't Make It To... 

Shopping in New York

When planning a trip to the Big Apple, make sure you save some cash to spend shopping while you're there. Trust me, there are some INCREDIBLE stores and you'll truly miss out if you don't. 

Brooklyn Flea Market

This was a surprise highlight of the trip and is well worth a visit if you can fit it in. It's filled with lots of vintage furniture, clothes, books and ornaments etc. . A perfect opportunity to pick up some memories for your trip! I bought the most adorable Heinz pickle pin from the 40's and Joe bought some vintage books. Very nice. 


Duh. I really don't need to go into this because you will just know. Beauty heaven in one place. Make sure you pick up some of the Sephora own brand eye masks while you're there. Mind blowingly good and super affordable. 


Oh yes, you have to stop into the Glossier Showroom while you're there. Joe came along with me to the Glossier Showroom, which I've dreamed about visiting for as long as it's been around and I stocked up on my all time favourite Boy Brow, swatched everything and picked up a few new favourites. I had to restrain myself from buying it all. Joe chilled on the seats they have at the side (well done Glossier, seats and mags for the boys is a GREAT idea). Boyfriend goals right there. He even said he spotted a couple of people taking a pic of him. 

Bath and Body Works

I have actually dreamed of visiting Bath and Body Works for so many years. I rememeber watching Zoella hauls (and basically every other YouTuber) back in the day reeling off all of their new buys from the store and it's actually been ingrained in me ever since with a massive desire to shop in there. I actually was quite restrained when in there, but I'd definitely recommend picking up a few candles, hand soaps and anti-bac hand gels while you're there. Seriously great and I'm wishing there was a way for me to get more while I'm back home! 


This female forward store is well worth a visit. Super pink, super instagrammable, Bulletin is the perfect spot to buy some gifts for your gal pals. Highly recommend. 

Rough Trade

If you're into your music, then you have to go to Rough Trade. The perfect place to stock up on your Vinyl and pick up a classic piece of NYC Rough Trade merch while you're there. 

Century 21 

Prepare yourself if you're planning on popping to Century 21. It's essentially a better version of TK Maxx but I used it to pick up a tonne of Calvin Klein underwear as it was so affordable - so if you're into this too, it's definitely worth a look. 


Beautiful and delicate jewellery store in Brooklyn. I didn't pick anything up from Catbird but I can see why everyone does and raves about it. 

Artist & Fleas

There's a lot of Artist & Fleas around the city with lots of little local stores inside. I fell in love with all of the little jewellery stores and picked up a couple of bits but my absolute favourite find was Min & Mon. I am seriously obsessed. It's a NYC bag and accessory brand with super cool designs. I picked up a key chain and my dream purse. Currently dreaming of getting my hands on a bag...

In God We Trust

A super cool store filled with fashion and jewellery. Highly recommend popping in if you see one of these. You might just find some gems. 

The Places We Didn't Make It To... 

Eating and Drinking in New York

Potentially the best bit? There are so many food and drink options in NYC that we didn't even touch the sides but here's where we made it to and a few extras I've heard are great (you may spot a lot of Brunch in here, we had a lot of lie-ins and when isn't Brunch a great idea!). 

Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch

Egg Shop

Egg Shop actually was our first food stop of the trip and I was so excited to start on a high. A beautiful Instagram brunch/breakfast spot. If you're into eggs, you need to make a visit here. We went to the one in Willamsburg but there are a few around the city, so definitely go to the one nearest to where you're staying. There was a tiny queue but we got seated quickly, well worth the wait. 

We ordered the Avo & Egg (a classic avo on toast, but with delicious additions like Watermelon Radish, Harissa and Tahini), the Fish Out Of Water (a smoked salmon with egg, cucumber, dill and mustard), a side of hash browns and lots of coffee, highly recommend! 

Sweet Chick

Sweet Chick wasn't actually on our brunch hit list, but it was nearby our apartment in Williamsburg and the queues outside each day got us interested. Plus the menu looked incredible. Sweet Chick is known for their chicken and waffles - and the best bit? They do a veggie option with veggie chicken and OMG the excitement for this was incredible. The chicken was made with Seitan and I adored it. It was a little heavy though so probably only made my way through half, but I was very excited to try this combo. Joe loved the meat version too! 

Jack's Wife Freda

Oh boy, this place was incredible. Not only is Jack's Wife Freda Instagram heaven, the food is blooming great too. There's a couple of locations in NYC so worth looking to see which suits you best. We went for a late brunch and both opted for a tonne of coffee and their Green Shakshuka (2 baked eggs in a green tomatillo shakshuka served with challah toast) and holy moly this was incredible. If I could go back soon, I'd be there in a heart beat. 

The Rabbithole

A local spot in Williamsburg, Rabbithole is great one if you've been to all of the ones on your hit list already. I wouldn't rush back here, but for a great simple brunch it was good, especially if you're hungry as the portions were a great size. We had an omelette and the eggs florentine which were pretty good, but I adored the decor. Perfect for a chilled brunch. 

Sunday in Brooklyn

My absolute favourite brunch of the trip. Sunday in Brooklyn , in Williamsburg does the most beautifully flavourful food. If you have a super sweet tooth you must go for the Malted Pancakes with Hazelnut Maple Praline and Brown Butter. It's delicious but enormous so if there's a few of you, maybe get these for dessert and get something a little more savoury to start. I went for the fried eggs on a spiced scramble on top of a beautiful flat bread. This was seriously incredible, and I would actually potentially say it was the best brunch I have EVER had. The lunch and dinner menu also looks great here so I'd definitely return for this on my next trip. 

Cafe Mogador 

Another seriously great brunch/lunch spot if you're looking for flavour. Cafe Mogador is a Morrocan-inspired restaurant in Williamsburg and we were really impressed. After a week of, we must admit, being a little on the unhealthy side, this is a great way to get a bit of vegetables back into your diet. I had the Halloumi Eggs which was roasted tomato, halloumi, greens and zahatar pitta with eggs. Joe went for the Middle Eastern Eggs which was hummus, tabouli, arabic salad and zahatar pitta with eggs. Seriously delicious and well worth a trip. 

Le Barricou

If you've got a super sweet tooth and want to try a different, less classic, pancake then Le Barricou in Brooklyn is definitely worth a trip. The Pancakes here are baked to order and are more of a cake consistency but are seriously delicious if this is your kind of thing. I went for the Florentine and it came with fries which is always a thumbs up in my book. If you're in a rush, I'd skip this as it's a bit of a wait for the pancakes and the service is quite slow but the food was pretty good. 


Great coffee, pretty good avo toast and super speedy service. I adored the chilled vibe of this Australian Coffee Shop, Sweatshop in Willamsburg and LOVED that they had merch everywhere. 

12 Chairs Cafe

12 Chairs Cafe was delicious and the perfect spot for a leisurely brunch in the sun. The cuisine is Israeli inspired and I adored trying something new out. We went for an Isreali Breakfast which included two eggs served with chopped Israeli salad, assorted cheeses and dips and some classic American Style Blueberry Pancakes. We adored this spot and would definitely return.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack does the best veggie burger in my book. Mushroom and lots of cheese made this spot a must visit when we got super hangry one lunch time. Joe went for the chicken burger and it was great. It's quick and super tasty and a seriously New York thing to do. Get the cheese fries - massive thumbs up from me. 

The Places We Didn't Make It To... 


The Meatball Shop

Oh boy, The Meatball Shop was seriously cool. We came here quite late after a trip to the cinema and was perfect for a late night spot of food and a cocktail or two. I adore choice when it comes to eating out and this place is perfect for that. You mix and match your choice of meatball (pork, veggie, chicken, etc), choice of sauce (tomato, parmesan creme, gravy, pesto, etc), and how you'd like it (with mash, on pasta, salad, veggies, in a sandwich etc) there are so many options and it was so lovely. Perfect fun date night spot or for seriously cool vibes with friends. 

Juliette Restaurant

One of my favourite finds of the trip, this was in Brookyln and was a little place we stumbled upon. Juliette is a French Bistro and we loved it so much we visited twice. I'm going to talk about our dinner there in this section, but read on to find out about our delicious drinks and nibbles further on. 

If you're into your French cuisine then this is a must-visit. It was a very romantic location and without the need to queue to get a table, this was even better. Go for a full starter, main, dessert meal here. The Moules Frittes were incredible as was the Chicken (Joe recommends!). I have such fond memories of this trip.  


Now my trip to Lighthouse was my absolute favourite of the trip. If you are staying in Williamsburg or fancy a trip to Brooklyn for the evening (which you must, must, must do) you should absolutely try to get a booking here for dinner. If you go anywhere on this list, make it here. 

Lighthouse is a healthy (ish) Farm-to-Table restaurant. There's a mix of small and large plates but I'd definitely recommend sharing everything and trying out a few things. Must try's are their Home Made Sourdough Bread, the Pickle Plate to eat while you decide, and finish with a Pa Pie - this was the best dessert we have ever tried. It's essentially a brown sugar pie, but it truly was incredible. So good that we seriously pondered over getting another slice. If only we had the room. Seriously dream of visiting here again. One of my favourite meals out ever. 

The Places We Didn't Make It To... 

  • Grimaldis, Brooklyn, Pizza restaurant(supposedly the best)
  • Roberta's Pizza, Brooklyn / Manhattan, Pizza restaurant
  • Empire Diner, Chelsea, Classic American Diner with an up-market, contemporary feel 
  • Vandal, Lower East Side, Fusion restaurant with downstairs nightclub
  • Macbar, Nolita, Mac 'n Cheese restaurant
  • Il Buco, East Village, Italian-Mediterranian restaurant
  • Horchata, West Village, Mexican Restaurant
  • Pietro NoLita, Nolita, that pink Italian restaurant you've seen all over the gram
  • The Mercer Kitchen, Soho, gorgeous restaurant in The Mercer hotel
  • ABC Kitchen, Flat Iron, Organic American restaurant



A quirky bar for film fanatics in Williamsburg. Videology is super cool. We popped in for the film quiz they have on but have a look online as they have a small screening room in the back and show films and have events in there so you might just get lucky.  


Like I mentioned before, we visited Juliette a couple of times. Once for dinner, but the first time we popped in for a couple of drinks and some nibbles. We sat at the bar of this beautiful French bistro and it was so chill. The food was delicious, we had a cheese board and some fried peppers, as was the wine. One of my favourite spots. 


If you are looking for a super fun date night spot or somewhere fun to go with friends, I highly recommend Barcade in Brooklyn. This was on our list but we ended up visiting here literally just before our flight home one afternoon as it was near to where we dropped off our bags to kill a bit of time. I actually wish we went without our bags as it would have been super fun to have a few more drinks and explore all of the old arcade games they have here. So much fun and such a great idea. 

The Wythe Hotel

The bar on the hotel of the Wythe Hotel has incredible views. If you're in the area and the sky is clear, definitely pop in. The drinks are expensive but if the sky is clear it's worth the view. If not though, don't bother as it's a little bit run down and the prices leave a little to be desired. 

The Places We Didn't Make It To... 



Seriously dough-not (sorry, I couldn't resist) miss this spot. 100% it's the best doughnut I've ever had. Dough is perfect for a quick sugar fix if you're nearby, but well worth making the trip too. There's a few spots around the city, so have a look online to work out the best spot for you. But get yourself a doughnut, I adore the Dulce De Leche with Almonds, it's blooming incredible. 

Cupcake ATM at Sprinkles

Yup, you've seen it all over Instagram. Sprinkles Cupcake ATM is a must-visit and not only for the experience. I expected a dry-ish cupcake, but I was seriously impressed. We went for Red Velvet and I recommend you do too - yum. 

Flour Shop

I'm sorry, did I say INSTAGRAM HEAVEN. If you are looking for a place to get a colourful shot for the gram, then Flour Shop a must-visit. Pick up some of their delicious cake truffles while you're there. You won't regret it.

Joe's Pizza

If you are a Pizza fiend like me, then Joe's Pizza is a must-visit. There's lots around the city so plenty of chances to get your pizza slice fix.

You can buy pizza by the slice in a tonne of different flavours but the classic Margherita was always my first choice. We stopped here a few times, it's perfect for lunch or an afternoon or late night snack. Crikey, the things I'd do for another slice of this right now. Incredibly tasty and perfect if you're on a budget. 

Milk Bar

Possibly one of the most instagrammed food items in New York and there are multiple places around the city to get your Milk Bar fix.  I'm sure you've seen this ice cream all over your Instagram feed, so naturally I had to take a trip to see what all of the fuss is about. Everyone raves about the cereal milk flavoured ice cream, I went for it with sprinkles and crunch but after I got the beautiful snaps, I have to say the taste left a lot to be desired... I'm sure it's an acquired taste and that maybe it wasn't just for me. But yuck. Though I hate to be that person, I was very glad to have gone even just for the lols and the Instagram snaps. Yep, that's me. 

The Places We Didn't Make It To... 

Okay - that's this guide to New York done. I added in a lot of the hot spots we went to, and the ones we didn't fit in but do let me know in the comments where you love to go in New York!

New York was one of my absolute favourite trips I've been on yet - from our trip to the Central Park Zoo in the sun, to all of the many brunches in Brooklyn, finding our favourite dessert ever at Lighthouse and strolling round some incredible art exhibitions, it was seriously a trip to be remembered. New York is one of the food capitals of the world and we can TOTALLY see why. 

Lorna x