Monday 25 February 2013

Topshop Make-up Collection Series and Update!

My Topshop Make-up Collection

One of my favourite make-up brands would have to be Topshop. I would say I am verging on obsessed, every new product - I need to try it out! My collection is ever growing and so thought I'd give you the low down on a new series I am planning to show you all. 

I am planning on writing a series showing you all of the products I have from the Topshop range, and as I've said it's ever growing and have recently added to the collection so there is more than in this image. 

I also wanted to quickly update you all on what's going on. I wanted to apologise for being a bit absent on the blogging front lately. As much as I would love to focus on blogging as I am really loving it at the moment, my free time just doesn't allow it. I just don't always feel like coming from Uni to then doing more writing. I think I need to just get into some sort of routine of doing it and I'll be sorted! I've had a really busy week and am currently on reading week so hopefully there will be a few more posts coming up. 

I recently attended an exciting event showing some new skincare products from Crystal Clear Skincare which I will be posting about and reviewing soon! 

I have a lot planned for the blog and hopefully I will be posting more soon so please don't give up on me and my little blog. I am really trying! - I hope you're all well!

What do you all think of the Topshop make-up range? Have you heard of Crystal Clear Skincare? 


Wednesday 13 February 2013

Wishlist: Lashes of London

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Lashes of London is filled with pastels, metallics and sequins pieces. It's actually a website I've only recently heard of and I'd love to see what they come up with next as their current pieces are lovely. Some are even currently on sale! 

1. This top is so cute. It's one of the pastel pieces on the website and it's lovely. I'd wear it probably with quite a lot of black to tone down the 'girlishness' as it isn't completely me on its own. It would look great with a leather biker jacket!

2. I'm loving galaxy print and dip hems at the minute and so this top seems perfect for me. I would pair this with plenty of plain pieces to keep the focus on the print. 

3. This jacket isn't something I'd usually go for, but I'd definitely be interested in trying something like this out. Again I'd pair it with black to keep the focus on the jacket while not appearing too sparkly. 

4. This skirt is just as cute as the top - I'm not sure which I like better. I'd probably pair it with a white tee, black leather jacket, black sheer tights and a pair of my Topshop boots - probably my favourite Topshop Allegras!

5. I'm getting slightly more into leggings lately, I can't say I venture out in them that often but after finding my love of the Disco Pant, I am starting to come around to leggings a little more. I've got a pair of black velvet studded leggings from Topshop and love them so the red velvet sounds beautiful!

6. Again the galaxy and the dip hem skirt is something right up my street, could definitely see myself wearing this piece. 

7. This dress would have to be my favourite piece from the site. The slight vintage style over the black is something perfect for me. I don't usually go for sequins but this is something I'd love to give a go. It's beautiful and the fit looks great. 

8. I've been looking for a leather look skirt for a while now and this one looks great. It's a piece that would go with so many things and would fit perfectly in my (overfilled) wardrobe. 

9. This dress is lovely also. I'm loving the metallic and would love to give it a go, the fit looks great - I'm just not sure where I'd wear it to. 

Have you bought from Lashes of London before? What do you think of their clothes? 


Tuesday 12 February 2013

Soap and Glory: Hand Food and Wash Your Hands of it

Hand Food 125ml - £5 and Wash Your Hands of it 250ml - £5 - Soap and Glory is currently on 3 for 2 at Boots!

I got this gift set in the January sales - I love purchasing the discounted gift sets! And so unfortunately this gift set isn't currently available to purchase like this but you can purchase the products individually, and I have included links above so you can see for yourself. 

I bought it to put in my bathroom at Uni as it seemed the perfect duo. I've tried the Hand Food before and loved it and knew the Hand Wash was probably just as good. The Hand Wash smells amazing, and doesn't leave my hands feeling dry afterwards and so I don't always need to use the moisturiser but it's great to have there just in case. I keep my other Hand Food on my bedside table, the two places I think I need it most! 

The moisturiser is thick and creamy as you can see below, and I think it sinks into the hands pretty quick. I hate it when moisturisers are left on your hands for so long!

I wouldn't say I'm an obsessed Soap and Glory fan like I know some are but I do have a few products and would definitely like to try some more. What are your favourites? Have you tried these products?