Wednesday 16 August 2017

The Shampoo & Conditioner Brand That Always Get It Right

Shampoo and conditioner isn't something I always think about. I am always trying out something new  but rarely do I think about what I have loved and what I haven't but lately I've noticed one brand always in my shower as they just get it right every single time - and to prove that, I use every single one up until the end! Hello empties. 

OGX Beauty are the hair care brand in question. They have a huge range of shampoo and conditioner duos that hero a different ingredient to target a specific concern. I have used so many and I have adored using each range. They smell incredible and make my hair feel like nothing else does - the best bit though? It's so budget friendly that you don't have to break the bank for great hair. The range is available on the high street (in Boots, Superdrug etc.) and are £6.99 each - they often go on offer though, so keep your eyes peeled for those. 

Favourites include the Coconut Water range as it smells incredible and isn't too heavy on my hair. It hydrates my hair so well but is still light enough to not way it down. The Coconut Milk range (pictured) is also incredible for that reason - it's a little more hydrating though so if you need an extra boost, I'd definitely opt for this one. If you love a floral scent, you need to try the Tsubaki Blossom range. This leaves my hair so soft, in fact potentially the softest of the all of the ranges. It blends Japanese Tsubaki blossom with bamboo oil to create a 'petal-soft' texture on the hair and that it does. 

In the summer, my favourite range to use is the Sea Mineral Moisture range. I adore it for when I've been out in the sun all day or at the beach especially, as it gets super dry and the texture of it goes completely wrong. If I can I'll use this one as it turns my brittle hair super soft and back to normal - and it smells perfect for summer holidays and reminds me of the beach. 

Generally, I rotate a lot of them just to give a new one a go as they all leave my hair feeling incredible - and as they're so budget friendly you don't have to worry about trying several too much. Other favourites include the Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength and Keratin Oil. Put it this way, I've never tried one that I haven't liked.... 

Have you tried OGX? Which are your favourites from the range? 

Lorna x