Monday 30 March 2015

High Street Prom Dresses

It has been quite some time since I attended my prom at the end of School but the thing I remember most was the struggle to find the perfect dress. I'm not one for those puffy ball 'prom' gowns and so when I was looking for my dress and even what I would recommend now, is stick to the high street and you'll find something a little more wearable. It's a little more on the budget friendly side, I mean not all of them now, some stores up the price tag for these sorts of dresses but I made sure to add a few bargain dresses in my roundup as some of us may not have the budget to splurge on one night but still want to look like a princess. As you can tell, I've gone for quite a neutral palette and all of the nude and pastel shades are looking gorgeous and perfect for the season, but I threw a bright little number in the mix for those of you that are feeling that bit more brave! 

Thinking back to my prom, I found my dress in Karen Millen after searching high and low. You can see it in the photo above, I'm the lady in the blue dress in the middle! I remember spying it on the hanger with a lady browsing it and as soon as she moved I swooped in and nabbed it and before you could imagine I was trying it on in the changing room with the highest heels and it was love. I paired it eventually with a pair of black heels from Office, a black clutch from Accessorize and a pair of dangly earrings also from Accessorize. It's actually one of those outfits that I look back on and actually I'm really happy with my choice. It's not one of those ball gowns I loathe and it's just a really really nice dress. 

It's actually quite hilarious to look back on the day as there are a few certain memories that stand out like a sore thumb. The amazing vehicle we're all standing in front of, an 'Ambo-limo' if I remember correctly. Basically, a kitted out ambulance that took us to prom and we took a very similar Fire Engine back to our friends after party. Hilarious, and I suppose something a little different from the average Limo/Hummer? The best memory I have from the day though was getting ready. We had someone come round to do our hair and oh my, was it terrible. Post-getting our hair done, imagine two very unhappy girls in tears having to take their hair down and re-do it at the last minute and with not much time left to sort out makeup! It's probably a bonus I wasn't that into it then otherwise I definitely wouldn't have been on time! Eeek!

There's so many nice dress choices on the high street at the minute with a great selection of different kinds and I'm loving all of the vintage prom style dresses right now as well, so you if you've got your prom coming up soon then you don't need to worry about finding one! Just wait for all of the memories to commence, you'll look back on it, trust me! 

What did you wear to prom if you already had yours? What are you thinking of wearing if you haven't? 

Lorna x

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Friday 27 March 2015

Fun Things To Do in London

I've been living in London for a couple of years or so now so I don't really know why I haven't thought about doing a post like this before. I guess I just forgot about it being a place that perhaps not everyone is in all the time and perhaps some of the things I was getting up to really was pretty cool. I'm totally used to living here now, but don't get me wrong, that completely doesn't mean I don't appreciate it, I really do. I love it here and right now in my life I don't want to live anywhere different. London is love for me and I don't want that to change any time soon. 

Wandering in London

So anyway, I thought about rounding up some of my favourite things to do while I'm in the big city and I hope it'll help you if you're looking for something fun or cool to do but first I just wanted to talk a little about just wandering around because this is totally one of my favourite things to do (if the weather is okay!). I'm not going to talk specifics (though pictured from left to right is Wembley Stadium, St. James Park and of course the London Eye). Just wander around, you'll find something beautiful I just know it. Or you could take it that step further and go on the Borris Bikes, I love going round Hyde Park in the summer on them! Total fave. 

Eating in London

As a foodie, this is probably my favourite part of this post, and pre-writing this, I'm going to assume it'll be the biggest section. There is so much to talk about. I'm going to start by saying just don't go to the usual chain places you can get elsewhere in the country while you're here. There are so many other cool and super delicious places to go to that you can't get elsewhere. There's a time and a place for a Nandos or a Pizza Hut but trust me, it isn't here. 

I'll start by talking through some of my favourites. If you've got a hankering for Pizza then there are three places you NEED to go to, yes need, not want, need. I'm talking in no particular order, Pizza East (pictured first) for their super delicious and crispy bases, Pizza Pilgrims for the most delicious pizza well ever and Home Slice for the biggest pizzas I've ever seen with the most amazing toppings (the mushroom one is to die for). Burgers, and I'm talking the vegetarian option as ya know, I don't eat meat. Shake Shack is the best, hands down, full post coming soon on this and I'm excited for it. The Diner is probably my favourite restaurant ever. Big words, but trust me it's amazing. I have been so many times and it's always amazing. Go to the one off Carnaby St. it's the best. So many choices and I won't tell you what to order because it's all just as good. If you're fancying something more on the asian side then Bi Bim Bap is amazing for Korean, Ping Pong for Dim Sum, Busaba Eathai for Thai, ChamporChampor for some fancy Thai/Malay fusion and now I'm totally racking my brain to work out where else I love. When it comes to desert there are some amazing places to get cake. Pick up your Cronuts at Dum Dum Donuts and your cakes at Primrose Bakery and the Hummingbird Bakery

On the other hand, if you're feeling something a little more exciting and completely different to what you'd get elsewhere, have a look for what pop ups are on around. I'm talking things like the Porridge Cafe that was here this month and things like the Owl Cafe that's coming soon! (Sign up here for your chance to get a ticket!). I would mention the Cat Cafe, but I'm going to steer you away from that. I had the worst experience there and the less I say about it the better, but I'd just recommend not to go to that one. There's also the Fox Cafe that's coming (and don't forget to sign up here to get tickets). Perhaps animals aren't really your cup of tea and maybe something a little more hands on, then there was the UK and Ireland Poker Tour Kitchen that popped up recently allowing you to win you're money back for the price of you're meal with a little bit of Poker. Why go to a normal restaurant when you could go to one of these? Though obviously these aren't around all of the time there's bound to be something else while you're here so keep your eyes peeled on social media etc. for those! 

Drinking in London

Drinking in London is something that just has to be done. There are so many amazing cocktail bars and I would always recommend going at Happy Hour to get yourself 2 for 1. Give it a google depending on the area you're in and you'll find something a few minutes away. So worth it and they always taste delicious! 

Going Out in London

There are so many things to do albeit in the day time or at the night time in London. I'd always recommend going to a few galleries in the day time and heading to a gig in the evening. There is always a gig going on, there are often free venues that will let you discover something new or you know, you could always come down when you've got a ticket for your favourite. Make it a bit more special, you know. 

Beauty in London

Last but not least, I couldn't resist adding a little bit of beauty up in here. Well it is me we're talking about right? London is one of the best places for shopping and I just couldn't not mention that. Clothes etc. you've got it but I wanted to talk about my favourite beauty haunts in the city and well, that's just one of the reasons why I love it. My favourite spots are Liberty, Space NK and Selfridges. Predictable but oh so amazing for all your beauty buys. Why not have a little pamper while you're here and get your hair done at my favourite salon, Richard Ward or perhaps have a little pamper at a spa, my favourites are the Ajala Spa and the Agua Spa. So luxurious. 

So I hope that's helped a little and I just know I'm going to kick myself for not mentioning some other favourites but that'll just mean there'll have to be another post like this. There's so many things to remember and my memory is like a sieve so we shall see! 

What are your favourite things to do in London?  

Lorna x

Thursday 26 March 2015

Wishlist: The Battle of the Clutch Bags

I don't know what's happening to me, I mean I haven't been a handbag kinda gal since I was a child but everything seems to be changing and I'm beginning to feel a little bit like I used to. I usually use a couple of different bags depending on what I need to bring with me instead of what I want to look the best. Often practicality comes over look when it comes to this and I have a larger backpack, a smaller one and a clutch bag/over the shoulder strap bag that I use. But I'm feeling like it's time to change that up and I'm thinking about getting a little spendy in the handbag department but I just can't decide which to get my hands on when I've fallen in love with so god damn many of them. Bags are practical but that doesn't mean they can't be beautiful too right? That's why I'm eyeing up all of these beautiful clutch bags because they're just so pretty. 

Going left to right through the image above, I'm going to talk you through these babies and tell you a little bit about why I've fallen in love with them. 

Okay, maybe I wouldn't use this as a clutch bag. Maybe more of a put awesome things in to put into your bag, if you know what I mean. This would be THE coolest makeup/'crap' bag to put in your bag well ever. It's super pretty, really comical and I just love it. This comes from ShopBop, a website I'm not even sure how I stumbled across recently but oh boy, just look at the bags. SERIOUSLY. It's bag heaven. I'm not usually one for high end bags, but I'd put that down to me not ever browsing them and perhaps not coming across the right ones. That changed and I've featured a few on here because, well, I just couldn't resist. 

Of course I had to feature something from my beloved Topshop. I've been trying to steer away from the site recently but after browsing a few other sites I just couldn't resist having a browse despite the usual pull it has on me usually getting me to spend that bit too much money. This bag is heaven. As you can see I've got a thing for black and perhaps I'm feeling the tassel's a little here too. I love the detailing on this and it looks so much more expensive and high end than Topshop. I think it might be love... 

Okay, another fringed bag but this is too nice also. I'm totally imagining wearing these this festival season. I'm probably thinking a little bit far in advance but I'm praying for the sun so these are helping me feel as though it's that bit closer. The usual black fringing detailing got me hook line and sinker and I can't help but want this one alongside the previous Topshop one. They are different so I can justify wanting both right? 

Oh boy, there's just something about the white against the black on this that got me. It's flipping beautiful. I love a bit of monochrome, it's a necessity in my wardrobe and I'll go as far as saying it's uniform for me. Forever wearing it and so I can imagine this budget bag will fit into my wardrobe nicely. 

Not my usual kind of thing but if I'm going to steer clear of wearing ALL black then why not go all out and wear this? I'm imagining how gorgeous this iridescent clutch would look with an all black outfit. Yes please. 

Do I need to even explain why I love this? The black and stud detailing is heaven and if you hadn't already guessed - ahem, Studs and Dreams, ahem - then you'll know I'm quite the fan of anything with a bit of studded detailing. This is my kind of luxe and high end hand bag. Its luxe but with a bit of an edge and I love that. 

Okay okay, I've fallen in love with them all and I just don't know how I'll choose. Perhaps it'll be down to budget (meaning it will definitely be down to budget) but I don't have to stop dreaming right? I mean it is a wish list after all. 

Go on, add a few more bags to my wish list. What hand bags have you got your eye on at the minute? 

Lorna x

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Beauty, Fashion and Home Haul: NARS, Missguided, LUSH and more

So I've been doing the naughty and do a little bit (a lot) of shopping. I'm talking new beauty items; new lipsticks and eye shadows, new NARS, and so many other items that I'm falling deeply in love with. On the Fashion front there's a little surprise that I think you might like and I suppose the same goes for the home items too! 

What have you been picking up lately?

Lorna x

Monday 23 March 2015

Eating in London: Barber and Parlour

didn't really know how to title this post as Barber and Parlour* is a little bit of everything. I'd say eating is only a small part of that but I just couldn't not feature it in my 'Eating in London' series as - spoiler alert - the food was amazing. 

Barber and Parlour has a little bit of everything. A gorgeous restaurant and bar, a cinema, a barber and a nail/hair salon alongside a little quirky shop. I went along recently to sample their restaurant and cinema and oh my god, impressed doesn't quite cover it. Is there a better word to describe it? 

I took my Dad into London for the day, treating him to lunch and a trip to an uber luxe cinema as he totally deserved it and needed to see a little of the fun part of what it's like to be a blogger. I thought it'd be pretty cool to take him to the Shoreditch branch of the Electric Cinema as I had fallen in love with Barber and Parlour before and well, he just needed to see it. Starting the day with a bite to eat to sample what the kitchen had on offer. I opted for the Quinoa, Radish, Avocado and Walnut salad (so delicious and so filling which I totally didn't expect it to be) and my Dad had the Vegetable Lasagne and he described it as the best one he'd ever had and trust me, he wasn't just saying that. It melted in your mouth and I had total food envy. Definitely ordering that the next time I go! For drinks we had to try out the juices, I went for the Green juice to just add to the health intake that little bit more and my Dad tried out a smoothie and went for the Awake one on the lovely waitress' recommendation. It's a little sharp though so would definitely be amazing for a morning drink to wake you up! 

Onto the cinema and my Dad is a massive cinema fan but doesn't go often, I mean sometimes he'll go with his friends but that's rare so I knew I had to take him for this as it's not just any old cinema. Imagine the comfiest armchairs you've ever sat in with a luxe table separating you from the person next to you, the softest cashmere blanket laid over you with whatever food and drink took your fancy. We're talking wines, cocktails, juices etc. Whatever the Barber and Parlour bar and kitchen has, you can have down there with you too. How cool is that? We went to see American Sniper and it was amazing, but that's not what we're really discussing here. I'm really not a cinema fan and before this trip I can't remember the last time I ventured into a cinema. I don't like it that much, I find it all a little weird if I'm honest as I'd much rather watch a film in the comfort of my own home but this changed anything. I think it's the comfort factor and my love of blankets and well, the whole experience just feels that bit more special. 

I loved it, can you tell? 

I'm a massive fan of the space and I'd love to head back soon to try out the nail and hair salon. Perhaps I will, for your benefits right? (Eek, justification all over. I need to go back stat.) 

Rave review out. 

Have you ever been to Barber and Parlour before? 

Lorna x

Sunday 22 March 2015

Skincare Saviours for Dry Skin

I have become obsessed with Jurlique lately - the first post I wrote on some other beautiful products is linked here and is well worth a read - (I'm putting it down to an amazing facial I had so watch this space for a post on that coming soon) and honestly, I'd say obsessed is putting it lightly. I've been struggling with my skin being a little dry lately and after a telling off at my facial, again more on that coming soon, I've been realising how important it is to make sure my skin is as hydrated as I can. 

First up I'm going to talk about my favourite product of the bunch and the one I just can't stop using is the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum*. I've never been one for adding that extra step into my skincare regime as honestly I didn't ever have the time as I thought it would take so much longer but really it didn't and it makes such a difference. I've been making sure I use this before I moisturise with my beloved A-Derma moisturiser at night and honestly it feels so nice and I can't believe I wasn't doing it before. It doesn't add the extra time I thought it would, it just makes my skin feel that much more hydrated. It seriously makes a difference and if you suffer with dry skin then you need this in your life trust me. It has quite a strong rose scent and although I don't love this, I find it bearable and worth it for the added hydration. 

My skin works so well with a gel textured product and the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel-Lotion* and the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Gel Mask* are perfect for that. I don't use the gel lotion every day but I do on occasion as I don't want to use too much of the rose scented products on my skin but this is literally the most refreshing moisturiser I've ever used. Its perfect for those mornings where you need waking up and it's super hydrating at the same time. Onto something that's a little bit more of a treat for the skin and that's the Gel mask and this is so lovely. It's a great alternative to a cream hydrating mask as it has little beads in the gel mixture that work as an antioxidant to release Vitamin E. This mask leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and so radiant! Really recommend this one as a treat for every now and again. 

I'm literally so impressed with Jurlique at the moment and I can just see them being a firm favourite in my routine for some time now. These are amazing for getting me out of my dry skin rut and I'm so happy for that. Definitely recommend the brand. 

Have you tried Jurlique before? What are your favourite products from the brand or what do you have your eyes on? 

Lorna x

Friday 20 March 2015

New In Hair Care: Trilogy Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm a total shampoo and conditioner junkie but not in the way that I am with skincare. I love trying out new skincare and can usually tell whether it makes a difference or not to my skin but with hair care, I find that my hair is in pretty good condition anyway so it's very hard. I'm forever trying out new hair care and rarely stick to one. If i've not got anything in to try and review then I'll often just pick up something on offer in Boots and there's always a massive bottle of the hydrating Treseme conditioner somewhere in my bathroom. It's a kind of does-a-job product for me, so I've rarely ever stuck to the one and so I'm forever trying something new and of course, that's where this post comes in. 

The latest additions to the shampoo and conditioner spaces in my shower are the Trilogy Refresh and Shine Shampoo* and Conditioner* and they have been nicely welcomed. I usually opt for something really hydrating when it comes to haircare, though I say that I don't solely stick to that. This is targeted at normal hair so it's great for anyone as an every day regime. It's quite a nice change from the super hydrating ones as my hair is super soft anyway and so probably doesn't need it every day as I notice it weighs my hair down a little and so I like using this as an alternate one and probably use it every other day instead of a super hydrating one. It's really nice and my hair comes out feeling really lovely. 

Would definitely recommend this as a great every day addition to your shower! 

What shampoo and conditioner are you using at the minute? 

Lorna x

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Space Savers: Multi-Use Nail Additions

If there's something beauty wise that can be used for more than one use then I'm always game. Space is a major issue and with my ever growing collection of not only beauty, but just stuff in general (yes I'm admitting to being a massive hoarder, but I'm blaming my Dad for that, he is too!) so I'm forever looking for multi-use products. We're talking the new multi-use beauty hacks I've got my hands on and trust me they're worth a look at. 

I've been really into Stylfile since last year and actually, they made a little feature in my 2014 favourites and rightly so for their innovative introduction into the nail file world. I'd have never thought the curved edge of a nail file would work, would be good, or would even be worthy of being added into a favourites. To put it lightly, I thought it would be a total gimmick but how wrong was I. I've not looked back to the usual straight files since as these curved files make it that bit easier and as you may know, I'm a total lazy gal when it comes to nails and these make that laborious process that much better. 

Stylfile have recently released a couple new additions to their range and we're talking the Push, Cut and Shine Stylfile* and the Stylfile Infuse*. The Push, Cut and Shine is a 4-way nail buffer with a nail tool on the inside allowing you to do all of your cuticle work. It's super easy so perfect for any nail noobs out their like me and again, it's so much in one tiny space. Perfect for travelling right? Now the Stylfile Infuse is a little more luxurious for me. There's something about a cuticle oil that feels that bit more indulgent as it's something I don't do all the time (which I probably should) so this is great for that. The oil is great, really hydrating and so easy to use with the added bonus of the nail file on the top. The cuticle oils are refillable so you don't have to shed out for the whole tool again, so you can use on and on without even thinking about it. 

I'm always up for a beauty hack, a multi-use product and this is great for that. 

Have you found any multi-use products that you can't get enough of? 

Lorna x

Monday 16 March 2015

A Luxe Bathroom At Home

I'm all about making the experience in the bathroom a little more luxurious so if I have to spend a little bit more on a hand wash here or a matching hand lotion there then I will as I just feel so satisfied about having them on the side and it's even better when you have people round. The time in the bathroom is all for a little bit of pampering, and I'm always up for that. 

Introducing Green & Spring, the luxe bathroom brand that I've totally fallen in love with and first things first, how gorgeous is the packaging? I love the uber cute birds on the side. I've fallen in love with their 'indulging' range and got my hands on the Indulging Hand Wash* and the Indulging Light Bath Oil* and it is literally so luxurious! The hand wash is scented with thyme, lavender and rose and it's really nice. I think it's one of those scents that just works for everyone and anyone would be happy using it. Plus, I really like it and I'm the only one that really uses my bathroom so that's a bonus right? I don't have a bath at my house, but I do have one at my family home and at my boyfriends which is where the bath oil is currently stashed. I love using it with a bubble bath to make it that bit more luxurious and trust me it does. I've sort of got into the habit of making every bath that bit more special as I can't always have them (don't worry, I do shower though) and I'm forever trying out multiple combinations of bath bombs, oils and bubbles to create the best bath possible. I love it and I can't see that stopping any time soon especially not while I've got this bath oil in my stash. 

Like I mentioned, I like my experience in the bathroom to be a little bit of a pamper, whether that's just washing and moisturising my hands or a whole scrubbing and moisturising bonanza. I've now got my eyes on the candles, diffusers and the other ranges of the bath oils. Well a girl can never have too many right? 

What are your favourite luxe bits for the bathroom? 

Lorna x

Sunday 15 March 2015

Sensitive Skincare Saviours from The Body Shop

If you've been reading my little ol' blog for a while then you'll know all about my love for The Body Shop and how the fact that I used to work there egged me on just a little bit (meaning I spent basically all my wages in there! Well it was all half price with staff discount...)! I've spent quite a while using up all of the bits that I have, and as you can imagine it's quite a lot, but I haven't found the need to pop in again and add to my stash. Again, if you've been reading for a little while then you'll probably know what a skincare junkie I am and I usually have everything I could ever need for my skincare needs. 

Although saying that recently I've found my skin to be a little on the sensitive side and so when The Body Shop contacted me asking if I'd like to try out the Aloe Skincare range I jumped at the chance as it's actually one of the only ranges I've not tried anything from, surprisingly! I've tested the products out in store, but never fully given it a go at home. The products I got my hands on were the Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser*, Aloe Calming Toner* and a mini of the Aloe Soothing Day Cream* - perfect for travelling. I wouldn't say they are inventive, anything super special but what I will say is that these are perfect for those times when you find you're skin just can't quite handle anything else. It's super soothing and perfect to calm your skin down if you're having troubles with it. Sometimes I find my skin can be super sensitive to well anything and although this doesn't happen often, it does happen some times so often I'll just opt for not using anything over going through the pain which just can't be good at all. Often this happens after I've been out in the sun! If you find you have this, then you just need to get your hands on this set. The Body Shop have always got discounts going on so I'd recommend waiting for one of those or picking up one of the 'sets' in store as it makes it a whole lot cheaper. 

This set has totally given me The Body Shop bug back again and I've had a browse on the website at all the new bits and I've totally got my eyes on the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet and the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser

Have you tried either of these? 

Lorna x

Friday 13 March 2015

Eating in London: Shikumen

Another post in my 'Eating in London' series. I've been blooming enjoying this restaurant/food blogging thing. Like I said before I'm a total foodie so for me this is right up my street and I know a few of you out there are the same. I love cooking also, so once I've got that 'Pinterest' style Kitchen in my life (might be a few years yet) then that'll probably make an appearance too. 

Again to make note, I don't eat meat although I do eat fish. A Pescetarian/Vegetarian kind of thing. 

Anyway, onto the nitty gritty and the next restaurant I've been trying out to give you the low down on all of the ups and downs of London eating! I recently visited Shikumen* in Shepherd's Bush after briefly attending their launch event and falling in love with the decor and space. A luxe Chinese restaurant veering slightly away from the generic Chinese dishes we know or adding a bit of a twist to them. I was excited to try as the menu looked to die for and well, like I mentioned before the decor of the space was amazing. The perfect space for a date night or a special occasion! 

First up the drinks, oh boy, the drinks... We got the Fruit of the Dragon cocktail, I can't remember what was in it, but I'm going to describe it as a mix of alcohol and fruity goodness, but I mean, you couldn't even taste the alcohol. A little dangerous but what I look for in a cocktail, oops! I wasn't really feeling like drinking so I went for the Fruit Cooler, one of their non alcoholic cocktails and it was just as good. Super fruity and of course delicious! 

Onto the food and I'm a starter gal through and through. As soon as I saw the Stir Fried Squid with Pepper, Chilli and Garlic (second photo) I just had to have it. I may have a Chilli squid obsession, I've tried it everywhere and anywhere. I just can't not order it and I'm going to say it, this was the best I've ever tried. It was honestly delicious. The perfect texture, perfectly fried and oh the topping, the topping of the chilli and garlic, oh god it was amazing. If you go, you need to get this. Trust me! We of course also had to try their Dim Sum and opted for the Vegetable platter and again I was so impressed. Not only did all of the food and drinks come to the table looking amazing but it was tasting delicious. I'm talking a beautiful soft outer shell of the dim sum with crunchy vegetables on the inside. There wasn't one of them that I didn't like and I was surprised! 

Onto the mains we ordered the Squirrel Fish (partly for the name), deep fried sea bass in a sweet and sour sauce, Stir Fried Scallop with Gingko Nut and Sugar Snap, Fried Rice Vermicelli Noodles with Seafood and Vegetable Fried Rice with Edamame to give is a rounded look at the kind of dishes they do, and of course we love trying out a tonne of different dishes! 

Now I don't want to get all negative up in this review as I don't usually like talking negative unnecessarily but I just can't not mention this. Instead of the Fried Rice Vermicelli Noodles with Seafood we were actually given the one with Pork, which of course wasn't ideal as both of us don't eat meat. It was served to us and obviously we thought nothing of it, assuming it was the one we ordered and went on to try it. A little later they came over to the table asking apologising and asking whether we'd like to keep this one of exchange it for the one we ordered. Obviously we asked for the Seafood version and I'm really not one to complain and of course didn't but it just really put me off. I'd just eaten meat without knowing and although I didn't like the dish, I was just going to not eat it and note that on here. I didn't want it to ruin the entire meal though so I just tried to put it to the back of my mind and try the rest of the dishes as I had really been looking forward to them. 

The portions are really big, so perfect for sharing. The squirrel fish was nice, the usual sweet and sour as you'd expect but with the welcome unusual twist of the sea bass in place of the prawns or vegetables I'm used to. The scallop dish was nice though a little bland if having on it's own. It went down okay though as we had the sauce-y-ness of the squirrel fish. My favourite though of the mains was the Vegetable Fried Rice with Edamame, I'm a massive lover of edamame so that definitely egged on my love for this and I'm not sure if I'll put down my love for this due to it being a little plain and okay to eat on top of my uneasy stomach after the meat fiasco but it was really nice and a perfect accompaniment to the other dishes. Honestly, I didn't really try much of the Seafood noodles as I really had been put off but they were nice and I'm sure if the events prior hadn't have happened then I would have liked them. 

Onto the service and it began so well. I was so impressed. The manager Aneta was so lovely and we could tell how dedicated to the restaurant she was as she told us about how she had to go to her local market to pick up the dragon fruit for the Fruit of the Dragon cocktail before her shifts as it is the only place that they can get them! Really impressed and at the beginning the service was really attentive. I would say though that as soon as Aneta went home, the service dropped and of course meat gate happened and then we just found it to be a little awkward. I still wanted to try out the desert menu but we weren't offered one despite seeing the dishes being given to other diners. They made us feel a little unwelcome so of course we left pretty swiftly once we realised Aneta had left. 

Despite the few major hiccups, I wouldn't let it shadow the whole meal as the food we did enjoy, we REALLY did enjoy. The starters and drinks were to die for, so if I did head down again I'd probably just stick to them. Though after the hiccup I would say it's put me off a little. Its probably unlikely that this happens all the time so I wouldn't let it put you off the place, but of course I had to mention it as I am always as honest as possible over on here. Though saying that I'd have that Chilli squid over and over again any day.

What's your favourite Chinese's in London?

Lorna x

*Shikumen kindly covered the costs of the meal

Thursday 12 March 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's probably about time to think about picking up something for it. I'm always a last minute Mother's Day kinda gal, picking up a card on Moonpig or Funky Pigeon and getting it sent direct if I can't be there, or buying a bunch of flowers and cooking her a nice dinner. That's my usual trick, a dinner! But if you fancy buying a little something then I've got a few ideas here for you. 

Bon Marche contacted me a little while ago and asked if they could send my Mum a little Mother's Day hamper* and one of their beautiful dresses*. Of course I agreed, I'm forever looking for ways to pamper my parents and this was such a thoughtful way! My mum's not usually a dress wearer and saves them for more of a special occasion and I thought this one from their new Spring Collection, the David Emanuel Floral Print Side Pleat Jersey Dress* was perfect! Blue is totally her colour and so this printed number is definitely something she'd wear. It looks so nice on. The dress is so flattering and we we're actually really surprised how much we liked it! Like I said my mum is definitely not a dress wearer, so to get her in a dress and for her to like it is verging on a miracle and trust me I'm not lying, she really did like it! 

On to the rest of the bits in the hamper and they kindly sent a lovely blue scarf. Like I said my Mum loves blue and this is perfect! Super simple and I can imagine this looking lovely with a white tee and jeans. A nice addition and something I'd never think of buying her, so will keep that in mind for the future, and you all definitely should too! Something a little more practical and the umbrella too is a great idea. This cute printed one is perfect, nothing too 'out there' so it's really useable. My mum's already popped this into her handbag for when the inevitable rain comes out. 

Now of course, the gifts I'm forever buying my mum. Chocolate and beauty bits. I mean you can't go wrong with them right? Hotel Chocolat chocolates are that bit more luxe than the others we can pick up in the supermarket so it feels that bit more special and the 'for my Mum' detailing on the front just makes it that bit better. If in doubt, beauty-wise I always go straight to Sanctuary Spa as I know she loves it. She actually took a trip to the Spa back in the day and has been using the products for as long as I can remember. This gift set included a Body Wash, Cream and Scrub in beautiful beautiful packaging. 

This gift hamper was literally perfect and I couldn't have picked the things out better myself. Will be taking inspiration from Bon Marche for years to come. 

Like I said before though, these ideas along with the bunch of flowers or a dinner or meal out are perfect! Just a little something that I just know our Mum's will appreciate...  

But if that still hasn't quite helped you decide then I think this nifty little thing from My Voucher Codes will... 

What have you got your Mum for Mother's Day?

Lorna x

Monday 9 March 2015

February Favourites: Beauty and Non-Beauty

It's been a while since I filmed a favourites video, pffft, I know I'm a bad YouTuber. Sorry! But I was busy and I didn't really feel that there was anything really worth mentioning, but this month, boy there's some goodn's. We're talking beauty and makeup favourites, a bit of foodie bits and a few extras thrown in for good measure! 

Do let me know what you think of the video!

Lorna x

Sunday 8 March 2015

Luxe Sunglasses: Saying Hello To The Sun

I've been saving up this post for when I felt it was a little more relevant and we had a little bit of sun to actually talk about. I got my hands on the most beautiful sunglasses I've ever owned over the Christmas period but as you all knew I was super busy with dissertation this or that and with that in mind and the obvious weather I felt it was better to hold out for this one. 

I've noticed a little bit of sun, and although still VERY cold I've found myself wishing I packed these into my bag. Imagine the best quality sunglasses you've ever laid eyes on and I'm sure you'll find yourself imagining these babies. The London Retro Malcom sunglasses* from Glasses Direct are my new favourites and I honestly can't express how lovely they are. I'm usually one for picking my sunglasses up in the usual suspects: Topshop, Primark or maybe a vintage shop or two but they break so god damn easily. I always find that I'm so much more lax in looking after them as well and often chuck them in my bag without a case or with one of those thin material cases that they are forever slipping out of and so they always get scratched and so I ended up having to buy a new pair all the time. I'm so clumsy when it comes to them and so I never thought I'd bother picking up a high end pair as I just couldn't justify the spend when I knew I'd probably lose them or break them within a month anyway. 

One thing I will note is that that all changed when these London Retro sunnies came along. I think it's because of the higher price bracket that I treat them a whole lot differently. None of that chucking them into my bag unprotected, I make note of where I put them etc. etc. Touch wood, nothing bad has happened to them yet but honestly, I can't imagine it happening any time soon. So definitely don't worry about the idea of breaking them because obviously although that could happen, it's less likely to as you'll find that because you spent a little more on it you'll look after it that much more. 

I'm forever picking up this style of sunglasses just because I know they suit me and I'd recommend picking up a pair that you know you'll definitely suit and of course definitely wear if you are going to spend a little more on them (how many times can I say that in this post?). 

Great quality sunglasses and if you can keep them in tact then I can imagine already that they will last that bit longer as they are that much better quality than the others I've had in the past. 

Have you ever splurged on a pair of sunnies? 

Lorna x