Sunday 15 March 2015

Sensitive Skincare Saviours from The Body Shop

If you've been reading my little ol' blog for a while then you'll know all about my love for The Body Shop and how the fact that I used to work there egged me on just a little bit (meaning I spent basically all my wages in there! Well it was all half price with staff discount...)! I've spent quite a while using up all of the bits that I have, and as you can imagine it's quite a lot, but I haven't found the need to pop in again and add to my stash. Again, if you've been reading for a little while then you'll probably know what a skincare junkie I am and I usually have everything I could ever need for my skincare needs. 

Although saying that recently I've found my skin to be a little on the sensitive side and so when The Body Shop contacted me asking if I'd like to try out the Aloe Skincare range I jumped at the chance as it's actually one of the only ranges I've not tried anything from, surprisingly! I've tested the products out in store, but never fully given it a go at home. The products I got my hands on were the Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser*, Aloe Calming Toner* and a mini of the Aloe Soothing Day Cream* - perfect for travelling. I wouldn't say they are inventive, anything super special but what I will say is that these are perfect for those times when you find you're skin just can't quite handle anything else. It's super soothing and perfect to calm your skin down if you're having troubles with it. Sometimes I find my skin can be super sensitive to well anything and although this doesn't happen often, it does happen some times so often I'll just opt for not using anything over going through the pain which just can't be good at all. Often this happens after I've been out in the sun! If you find you have this, then you just need to get your hands on this set. The Body Shop have always got discounts going on so I'd recommend waiting for one of those or picking up one of the 'sets' in store as it makes it a whole lot cheaper. 

This set has totally given me The Body Shop bug back again and I've had a browse on the website at all the new bits and I've totally got my eyes on the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet and the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser

Have you tried either of these? 

Lorna x


  1. I've tried a few products from this range and I love them x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. Loved this post! I love the tea tree range from the body shop!:) x

  3. I've not tried this range yet but I do love the Body shop for body creams and make-up, such a good band. Plus love your blog as well - thanks for sending me the link.

    Joey x

    Northern Magpie

  4. The Body Shop is one of my favourite skincare brands. I definitely need to try some products from this range x

  5. I have really sensitive skin and eczema on my face, I've tried the mask from this range and it's really good so I'll have to try these out too! xx

    Naomi. Pennies for a Pound.

  6. Just followed you :) I love the body shop! Their tea tree range is my favourite but I really want to try this out as I can get pretty sensitive skin sometimes!
    Alice xo

  7. I love the Body Shop! I haven't been in for a while though and I've seen they have so many new products! I love anything with Aloe Vera in, so I'll have to pop in and try these!
    Hayley -

  8. You should definitely check the Vitamin E line out, it's great. Although I do think that it works best for people with dry skin. xx Izzy |

  9. I've never tried the body shop skincare - I think I really should though! This sounds right up my street, most other off the shelf skincare for sensitive skin isn't *really* and it tends to aggravate, so I might just pick these up!

    little miss fii || Fii x

  10. I love The Body Shop's skincare range, I actually tried the aloe moisturiser and am loving atm! x


  11. Love the body shop range, only place I get my skincare from. This stuff works a treat on my little bro's sensitive skin and I love the tea tree skin care. I sometimes use the seaweed range for dryer skin.

    Kira xx



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