Sunday 30 November 2014

All Pink Everything

This post has been knocking about in my drafts folder forgotten about for months and I am so sorry for that. It totally slipped my mind and somehow it has managed to stay unnoticed for all this time but I'm not one to waste a good post so instead of leaving it to be forgotten about until the end of time, I thought the 30th of November was as good as a time as any to finally upload it! It was meant to be a bit of a Breast Cancer Awareness Month post in October, but October isn't the only month it effects people so I still wanted to post none the less. 

A few products that donate a little to Breast Cancer Awareness when you purchase and some in the signature pink shade... I thought both were worth a mention and of course if you're not giving any money to the charity through purchasing then you can always donate a little too right? 

First up I'm going to give a mention to the Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream*. I love the Rose Otto range from Balance Me, it literally smells insanely amazing and this hand cream is no different. I have an obsession with the lip balm and this hand cream is just adding to my newly formed rose obsession. 

I love the Bare Minerals Marvellous Moxie Lip Glosses*. I'm not usually a lipgloss fan but there's just something about these ones that just do something to me and get me all over that lipgloss bandwagon. The shade i'm talking about this time though is Survivor and was created especially for BCA month. How cool! 

Another lippy favourite and this time it comes in the form of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Pink Pong*.By the way, all Bourjois products are 3 for 2 in Superdrug at the moment AND you get one of their 1 second polishes too - which are one of my current faves! 

It wouldn't be my blog if every shade was super pink and super girly, so that's where the Barry M Polish in Raspberry comes in. I don't even feel like I need to say anything... Just look at it's beauty! 

This Rodial lippy is a new one to me but actually I've really been enjoying it. The Rodial Glamstick in Blow* is a super pretty pink shade. As we all know, I'm not usually one for a pink lip... Well not that often anyway, and this super sheer formula is subtle and right up my street!

A great thing to keep your eyes peeled for are the BCA Lip Balms and M&S are doing a great one right now... I love the packaging! 

Last but not least and one of my all time favourite products is the Tangle Teezer and I have it in this super bright pink shade. The best hair brush you'll every try. I haven't looked back since the first brush... Obsessed. 

What are your favourite pink products? 

Lorna x


Friday 28 November 2014

Five Beauty Favourites: Dina

We all know what a beauty obsessive I am and I love nothing more than a rummage through a friends makeup bag but I really don't get to do it that often. I don't usually have much beauty chatter with my non-blogger friends so thought it'd be a little bit interesting to delve into their favourite beauty items to see what everyone is actually loving. I mean, I often have an idea but I thought it'd be interesting to make a few of my friends pick their top 5, so maybe we can all have a few more products to try out and maybe we'll all find a few new favourites too... So welcome to my new feature Five Beauty Favourites. 

First up, a fellow beauty lover and one of my closest friends and house mate, Dina. Another Liz Earle lover as you can probably tell... We just egg each other on. We do need the whole range, right? Now onto the good bit: the products. Ooh errr. 

MAC Lipstick in MAC Red

This is Dina's go-to red lip, and rightly so. It's perfect and she described it as a 'total classic and when in doubt you should just wear it.' The thing I love about lipsticks with me and Dina is that they look totally different on both of us. We used to both be obsessed with the Limited Edition Topshop Lipstick in Wicked and we'd wear it all the time but it looked like a totally different lipstick on both of us, the same with many others. I remember trying this lippy back in the day and now this has totally egged me on to add it into my collection. Well if it's good enough for Dina, right? 

MAC Prep + Prime

A new product to me personally, and one I haven't actually tried but Dina says that you just pop this on like a powder after you've applied your foundation and it just takes all of the shine away and makes your makeup last that bit longer - perfect!

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

Now we all know how much I love this product. I swear I mention it in every skincare post going, I just can't help it, it's amazing. I actually don't know anyone that hasn't tried this that hasn't loved it. Anyway, Dina agrees and says that 'everyone just needs it, it's a lifesaver!' and Amen to that. 

Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash

Dina says she loves this one because it smells amazing and it's a great every day shower gel. I've never tried it, but I gave it a quick sniff before photographing the products and I couldn't agree more. OH the smell! If you like the scent of the Limited Edition Cleanse and Polish in Orange Flower and Chamomile, then you're gonna love this. 

L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray

I'm not usually one for hairspray so I was actually really excited to see this one in there. I always have issues with my hair staying like I want it to but usually find that hairsprays don't help... but I haven't tried this one yet so perhaps that's where I'm going wrong. Dina says that she loves this because she's recently started to learn to curl her hair and this does the job at setting the curl perfectly and making it last. My curls never last so I NEED this in my life. Excuse me while I pop to the shops to pick me up one of these babies... 

What's your favourite product shown here? I want to try them all!

Lorna x

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Introducing Jurlique

Jurlique was always a brand I'd seen batted around over the internet, one of course I wanted to try, I mean what self-confessed skincare addict wouldn't? But for some reason, it's managed to stay out of my stash for this long and now I've given it a go, I just wish it had been there a little longer. 

First things first, just look at how cute the packaging is? Dreamy doesn't quite cover it. But let's get to the nitty gritty and the products at hand and what's in this pretty packaging. I picked up the Jurlique Rose Water Balancing Mist* as I've heard such great things. Rose lovers, this one's for you. It's one of those products you spritz on your face for a little hydration and a little bit of a refresh. It's great spritzed on top your makeup too! It's a goodn' for the summer, but I'll be using it all round as I'm just in love with the super refreshing rose scent. 

I've been trying really hard to get into using an eye cream lately and anything that says it'll brighten my dark circles, I'm game so I just had to get my hands on the Jurlique Purely Bright Eye Correcting Cream*. Now I've not been using it long enough to really see any differences, but I've really been enjoying using it and at this time of year, I really find an eye cream a necessity for my dry/dehydrated skin. This cream hydrates and brightens those dark circles and under eye bags and I totally feel like I need that right now. You're just as busy as me too right? I'll save you a bit... 

I'm not usually an oil kinda gal, but I've just heard so much about the Jurlique Skin Balancing Facial Oil* that I couldn't not give it a go. If you're not an oil fan usually like me, then I'd recommend just using this in the evening and going to sleep with it on. That way you don't really notice you're wearing it and still get the effects. It's super hydrating and perfect for keeping my dry/dehydrated skin in tact. 

I'm actually really impressed with these products and I can just see the Jurlique obsession continuing... The wish list is growing. 

What are your Jurlique picks? 

Lorna x

Monday 24 November 2014

Video: HUGE Primark Haul

Well, I just HAD to see what all the fuss was about what with all of these Primark Hauls flitting about all over YouTube and the blogosphere, didn't I? I did a little bit of shopping and boy am I happy with what I picked up. There's only one word to describe it... Bargain! To say the least I was a little shocked about some of the prices.

What were your favourite bits? What have you been picking up lately? 

Lorna x

Sunday 23 November 2014

A Trip To Brighton

A little bit of a different post and I'm getting all lifestylin' up in here! Beauty is taking a step back (don't worry though, not for good!) and I'm talking a little trip I took to Brighton as I just need to tell you about the places I visited and my time there. 

I'm a London girl at heart. Ever since I moved here for Uni, it's just got me and I honestly couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I just couldn't. It's got everything I need. But after taking a trip to Brighton, I just get it. I get why everyone loves it so much. Now I'm not saying I love it more than London, but it's just got a little bit of somethin' somethin' that makes it so special. 

I stayed for two nights in the Brighton Central Travelodge* and really wasn't expecting that much. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was really pleasantly surprised. The room was actually nice, and I don't mean that in a bad way, I just was expecting the worst, you know? They've actually just installed a tonne of new bespoke king size dreamer beds to celebrate their campaign to get Britain up and go and oh my god was the bed comfy! I literally didn't want to leave and that's not just because I'm not a morning person... 

After finally leaving that uber comfy bed, I headed out to experience a little bit of Brighton and as you can see I took a little obligatory trip to the pier but a pier's a pier and it's the Pumpkin Spiced Chai Latte from the Bluebird Tea Co. that I just have to tell you about. It's everything you could need in a tea. Creamy, sweet with a little spice and with 40 calories a cup. I don't know, just go and try it. It's my obsession and I just wish I could pick one up daily. I did actually pick up some of the tea to make at home, but I haven't got round to getting the tea strainer and milk frother that I need to make that Pumpkin Chai goodness. But I will. If you do anything while you're in Brighton, go here, literally I can't go on about it enough!

For food, I went to Kokoro for lunch. A quick pop-in-and-out Japanese job but the food was amazing and so cheap! For Dinner, I went to La Choza. Amazing Mexican street food. Imagine Wahaca, but better. Oh yeah, I said it. I went for the Burrito Bowl with the fish and the Chipotle salsa and of course guac and tortilla chips on the side and oh boy. You literally just need to go... Oh, and they're Tequila Sunrise's are great, of course.

I fell in love with Brighton a little while I was there, and that's not just because of the Pumpkin Chai, so I can imagine it'll be seeing me soon. 

Where do you love to go in Brighton? 

Lorna x

Friday 21 November 2014

Keep It Healthy: Nails

Looking after my nails is something I'm a little bit lazy with. I mean, that's putting it lightly. My nails in general, is something I'm super lazy with but that's where this post, 'The Lazy Girl's Guide To: The Perfect Manicure' comes in handy. Maybe you're having a a few nail issues, or perhaps you're just wondering how to keep your nails in tip top condition all year round? Well this post should help a little and point you in the right direction to a few products I'd recommend. 

Looking after your cuticles is super important. Plus it feels amazing. I only really realised this after a recent trip to Cheeky which you can read about over on the BeautySpotter. blog! The works manicure was dreamy and I've never seen my nails looking so good and after that little mani pamper sesh, I just had to work out how to get that sort of effect at home, or one step better, look after it a little more. The Kiss Cuticle Care Complete Manicure System* is a great place to start. You get a cuticle remover, cuticle oil and nail balm all in the one set. A great little kit to get you started and the best bit? It's super affordable. Another cuticle oil that I really rate though is the Nail HQ Cuticle Oil* and I also love the Almond Cuticle Oil Pen from The Body Shop, smells great and super easy to apply too. 

Onto the actual nails and I'm going to start with another great kit from Kiss and it's in the form of their Strengthening Complete Manicure System*. Again it's super affordable and this one includes a Base Coat, Nail Tint and Top Coat, all formulated to keep your nails super strong. Nail HQ has some great offerings and I really like their Protect and Repair with Root Ginger*! This one's great for keeping your nails hydrated and moisturised, it's great if you're a gel/acrylic nail wearer too. Perfect for using after you take them off! The Nail HQ Base Coat* is great for protecting from stains from the coloured polish you pop on top and the Nail HQ All In One* also works to hydrate, strengthen and condition the nails. It does a lot so if you're going to pick just one up, then I'd definitely recommend this one. A great all rounder and I love applying it!

A few other's I'd recommend that I haven't pictured are the OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener. I've been using this for years and love using it as a base coat as it still works to strengthen the nails at the same time as allowing you to have a pretty colour on top. Bonus right? This has totally reminded me to pick up another bottle. Make sure you don't forget about your hands too, a good hand cream like the Rituals Gingko's Secret Caring Hand Balm is an amazing one. A total favourite and I'll be so sad when it runs out. Plus... It smells amazing. Will definitely be picking up another!

What are your go-to nail strengthening/looking-after products? I feel like I should add a few others and get going with this new Nail routine!

Lorna x

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Video: The British Tag

I was tagged to do The British Tag by Em and so thought I'd attempt it...  I'm getting so into filming these videos so I really do hope you're enjoying them. Here's my answers to the questions below! I tag you all, so go on, give it a go too!


1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?
2. Favourite part of your roast
3. Favourite dunking biscuit
4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
5. Favourite word?
6. Cockney rhyme slang?
7. Favourite sweet
8. What would your pub be called?
9. No.1 British person
10. Favourite shop / restaurant
11. What british song pops into your head?
12. Marmite.

How would you answer the questions? Thinking about those Roast Potatoes and Nice Biscuits again... Oops!

Lorna x

Monday 17 November 2014

#VeryOnTrend: A/W Party Edit & Fashion Show

I'm not usually one for dressing up fully. I'll often feel to dressy and pop on my new beloved Puma Suede's, a pair of flat boots or some flatforms to bring an outfit from being super dressy to that little bit less but when picking this outfit from, something changed and I fancied a little bit of a change and a little bit more glitz and glamour.

As you can see in the pictures above I went for a virtually all black outfit with a hint of navy blue and not forgetting the obligatory glitter... I fell in love with this River Island via. High Neck Glitter Panelled dress* as soon as I saw it. It's just so me! I shortened it a little though as I'm just a tad  shorter than the model wearing it on the site. I added the River Island via. Faux Fur Collar Jacket in Black* and this gorgeous Navy Velvet Chain Shoulder Bag with Gold Detailing* and finished it off with a pair of heeled black ankle boots, I went for my faves in my stash and of course, they're the Topshop Allegras (firm favourites in my wardrobe since I started this blog!). A super simple outfit, but the glitter on the dress makes it that bit fancier. Perfect for the Christmas party season and I just know I'll get so much wear out of it. 

So you're probably wondering what this post is actually all about? I was invited down to the #veryontrend event with Cosmopolitan Magazine and and of course I wouldn't turn down to see Very's Party Edit... and Sam Faiers new collection. After a rifle through the rails of beautiful sequinned dresses and super sleek playsuits with the lovely Ashleigh (who actually took my pictures, so thanks lovely!) we sat down to the watch the catwalk show of all of the pieces in action. Here are a few of my picks... Can I own them all please? 

The collection is so dreamy! All of the black items I just need... Love doesn't quite cover it. It was a lovely evening with so many lovely ladies and I now have a wish list the length of my arm. Christmas maybe?! 

What's your favourite piece? 

Lorna x

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Getting Into Glitter

I've never been a massive fan of glitter. A little bit of shimmer here and there but I've always been a matte kinda girl at heart. Enter these beauties from NARS and Paul and Joe Beaute, and everything changed. Just like that. 

Perfect for the up coming season and all things Christmas, when is a better time to get this new obsession of all things glitter? I'm talking all the glitter eye shadows you could ever need. Pop a bit over a smokey eye or neutral eye to jazz it up  bit. A little sweep of glitter is all you need and it makes the look that bit better. These are my picks to add a little bit of sparkle into your makeup collection...

First up I'm going to give a massive mention to Paul and Joe Beaute. They have got glitter down and I'm going to put this new obsession solely down to them. The eye colour trio's in 02* and 08* are the ones. The first shadow in the trio's are the ones with all the sparkle and as soon as you give the shadows a swatch you'll know exactly what I mean and I can just imagine that you'll fall in love with it like I did. They're gold and silver glitters like I've never seen before. Just trust me, they're amazing. Adding a little more Paul and Joe into the mix and the Eye Gloss Duo in 01* is something I never thought I'd be into. Especially not the yellow shade, but my god, it's beautiful. Imagine the glitter shade in the eye colour trio palette 02 but in a gloss form, so more glossy, more glittery, perfect! (Can you tell I love it yet?) 

Another favourite are the NARS Dual Intensity Eye Shadows in Callisto* and Dione*. Perfect glittery shadow-ness. That's all I need to say. Read the post linked for all the deets on these beauties and of course some unmissable swatches. They're a goodn' and a firm favourite in my collection that I just can't imagine not using. 

I'm actually so happy I've gotten into these and can only imagine this obsession and collection will be ever growing. 

What are your favourite glitter products? 

Lorna x

Monday 10 November 2014

Don't Forget To Smile Today

Happy Monday everyone! For most, today will just be 'one of those days', I mean, I find the majority of my week tends to be sometimes, so I thought what better day than a Monday to post and write this on. I just wanted to talk a bit about happiness as I can honestly say I am feeling so happy at the minute and this 'Don't Forget To Smile Today' sticker I got from My Little Box just rang so true that I just couldn't not share it... 

We can get so caught up in our busy lives that we can forget to do things that we love and make us happy. We get used to things, perhaps change can seem daunting but if in the long run it'll make us feel better about life in general then it's so worth doing. That can be a big change, a few little ones or just something to make you feel that bit better instantly. Like listening to your favourite song or getting back into that band you used to love. Popping on your fave lipstick (pictured is a lovely one from MDM Flow, how cute is the packaging?!) or having a sweet treat. Spending time with your best friend, someone you love. That kind of thing. It can be as big or small as you like, just do it, you'll feel so much better for it in the long run. I'm not saying don't do things like go to work if you don't feel like it, I mean a girl's gotta earn a living, but maybe do something after to make you feel better, or before? Perhaps even both. 

I'm feeling really happy with life at the minute and a lot of that is down to changes I've made and things I'm totally getting into doing. I'm quite lucky to absolutely love my job and the people I work with, I'm making sure to spend my time around people that keep me feeling positive about everything and that is helping so much too. I'm doing things I love, and trying to not stress about not being able to do as much as I'd like, I will get everything I need to do done at some point. There is only so much time in the day after all...

I can be a really disorganised person, I mean I like to think I'm not that bad but I can be, but I've found that giving myself this Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a video on Sunday routine has just made me feel so much better about doing this and creating content for you all. I honestly cannot tell you how happy making videos has been making me. I bloody love it. I get excited filming it (albeit a little stressed sometimes, which we can definitely see in the outtakes, oops!) and then seeing it come together when I edit it and then finally put it out there come Sunday for everyone to see. It's a super long process and if you don't make videos, you probably don't realise quite how long it does take, but I love every second of it and right now I wouldn't change that for the world. Every comment, every thumbs up and every view puts the biggest smile on my face and that's because I'm so proud of something I've worked so hard to put out there and because of that happiness it gives me, I just can't see me stopping that any time soon. (Here's a link to my channel if you'd like to see what I've been up to, honestly cannot tell you how excited that makes me to say... Eek!)

Obviously I still love writing posts on this blog. I told you how excited I was to put my new design out there and how inspired that made me feel and of course, that's still the case. I never would have written a post like this before. It was all beauty reviews and although I did enjoy that, I just didn't find the content to be as riveting to write and it almost started feeling like a chore. I'm changing up my content, adding back in a little Fashion, adding in the new spin of lifestyle and of course the regular videos will be included! It's so much more enjoyable to write now, and I'm hoping so much more enjoyable to read too... Although don't be shy to tell me if I'm wrong there, of course I'd love to know if you'd prefer differently. It is you reading it after all. 

So that's just a little bit of how I'm feeling at the minute, I mean it's not fine and dandy all of the time in Lorna Land, but there are a few things that are just keeping that smile on my face that bit longer. 

Go on, treat yourself to something you love to do, you deserve it. 

What makes you happy? 

Lorna x

Saturday 8 November 2014

Video: Autumn/Winter Essentials

It's getting a lot colder and for some reason, this year, I just felt a little unprepared. I think perhaps I got so used to the warmer weather, I just wasn't ready for it. I still find myself thinking it's okay to go without tights when wearing a skirt... But let's be honest, it's bloody cold and that just isn't okay. 

I'm so excited to share this video with you all. I've been planning it for a little while and it's a little different to my past ones so I do really hope you like it. I put together all of the bits and pieces I love about the Autumn and Winter and what the essentials are to help get you through the seasons changing and quite obviously, the weather getting colder. I'm talking hot chocolates, wooly knit jumpers, vampy lipsticks and so many more... 

Products Mentioned:

Last but not least I'm going to give a mention to the AMAZING artist and song I featured in the video. It's Deep by JONES. and you all just need to go and check her out. The song's amazing right?!

I really hope you like the video, I really enjoyed making it...

What are your essentials for Autumn and Winter? 

Lorna x

Friday 7 November 2014

Outfit: Navy Floral Mini Dress and Flatforms

So we haven't seen a post like this around here for quite some time. I'm thinking the last time I posted an outfit post like I have done here was back at Field Day Festival... over 2 years ago! Wow. It's been a little while, hasn't it? I thought it was about time I got back on that bandwagon and when Travelbag Cruises contacted to put together an outfit perfect for a number of different occasions I was just so excited to get back into posting fashion, something I still love reading about. So I'd expect to see something a little like this, a bit more often, and hopefully with a better background. 

On another note, you might also notice a little change in my hair... The ombre is BACK! Thoughts? 

When thinking about what sort of outfit to go for that would suit a number of different occasions I honestly wasn't really sure what to go for. Flats, obviously. Heels dress up an outfit too much so if you opt for a bit more of a dressy outfit then the flats just take it down a notch and obviously it works both ways, but honestly, i'm not really a heels kinda gal. I went for this Floral Print High Neck Mini Dress* from New Look via. ASOS as it's super simple, can be dressed up or dressed down and it's so bloody comfy. Paired with these Black Shiny Sandals* from Missguided and you're good to go. Imagine popping down to the pool. Out for dinner. Pop on a pair of tights and a jacket if it's a bit cold. A pair of heels if you need to dress it up a bit more. I mean you get the idea but this dress is so versatile and so affordable I just needed to express my love for it. 

What would you pick as your uber versatile piece? 

Lorna x

Wednesday 5 November 2014

My Little Box

Another subscription box? I know, I know... But there's just something a little bit special about this one so I thought you all just needed to hear. I've had a little bit of experience with beauty boxes in the past. I signed up for a GlossyBox after the first one came out and cancelled quite quickly after as I realised I just didn't use the bits, I loved the excitement but that was all. The same for Birchbox unfortunately. I mean, maybe I gave up too quickly and should have another look into them but there's just something that this box fills the gap for and I'm so excited by it. 

My Little Box is a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle subscription box. So there's a little bit more to it than just the usual beauty samples. They do still have that though, so for all of us beauty lovers out there, don't worry, this box definitely doesn't miss that out. In fact they take it one step further and include products from their own beauty range, My Little Beauty, and I've tried the gel blush I got in my box, and I can definitely vouch that it's a goodn'. Super subtle, really hydrating, great quality and super cute packaging that reminded me a little of something Topshop would produce. 

Each box comes with a different theme, all with an illustration by My Little Box's amazing illustrator Kanako. She actually did a little illustration of me and I'm so in love with it. I got my hands on the My Little Arty Box*, right up my street, and I honestly can't tell you how sweet and exciting it all was. Everything is packaged so nicely and the products are a little different from what you'd usually get in a subscription box. Think the cutest bits and pieces you'd ever own. And the box is just the best for storing things. Can you tell I love this yet? 

What's your favourite subscription box? Do you still subscribe to any? 

Lorna x

Monday 3 November 2014

Video: October Favourites

It's that time where I show you a round up of what I've been loving the past month... and this time there really are some goodn's! 

Favourites Mentioned:

Blog Designer - pipdig

What have you been loving this month? 

Lorna x