Friday 21 November 2014

Keep It Healthy: Nails

Looking after my nails is something I'm a little bit lazy with. I mean, that's putting it lightly. My nails in general, is something I'm super lazy with but that's where this post, 'The Lazy Girl's Guide To: The Perfect Manicure' comes in handy. Maybe you're having a a few nail issues, or perhaps you're just wondering how to keep your nails in tip top condition all year round? Well this post should help a little and point you in the right direction to a few products I'd recommend. 

Looking after your cuticles is super important. Plus it feels amazing. I only really realised this after a recent trip to Cheeky which you can read about over on the BeautySpotter. blog! The works manicure was dreamy and I've never seen my nails looking so good and after that little mani pamper sesh, I just had to work out how to get that sort of effect at home, or one step better, look after it a little more. The Kiss Cuticle Care Complete Manicure System* is a great place to start. You get a cuticle remover, cuticle oil and nail balm all in the one set. A great little kit to get you started and the best bit? It's super affordable. Another cuticle oil that I really rate though is the Nail HQ Cuticle Oil* and I also love the Almond Cuticle Oil Pen from The Body Shop, smells great and super easy to apply too. 

Onto the actual nails and I'm going to start with another great kit from Kiss and it's in the form of their Strengthening Complete Manicure System*. Again it's super affordable and this one includes a Base Coat, Nail Tint and Top Coat, all formulated to keep your nails super strong. Nail HQ has some great offerings and I really like their Protect and Repair with Root Ginger*! This one's great for keeping your nails hydrated and moisturised, it's great if you're a gel/acrylic nail wearer too. Perfect for using after you take them off! The Nail HQ Base Coat* is great for protecting from stains from the coloured polish you pop on top and the Nail HQ All In One* also works to hydrate, strengthen and condition the nails. It does a lot so if you're going to pick just one up, then I'd definitely recommend this one. A great all rounder and I love applying it!

A few other's I'd recommend that I haven't pictured are the OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener. I've been using this for years and love using it as a base coat as it still works to strengthen the nails at the same time as allowing you to have a pretty colour on top. Bonus right? This has totally reminded me to pick up another bottle. Make sure you don't forget about your hands too, a good hand cream like the Rituals Gingko's Secret Caring Hand Balm is an amazing one. A total favourite and I'll be so sad when it runs out. Plus... It smells amazing. Will definitely be picking up another!

What are your go-to nail strengthening/looking-after products? I feel like I should add a few others and get going with this new Nail routine!

Lorna x


  1. Have you tried the gel topcoat from the range? It's amazing!

    Victoria x

  2. I love Nail HQ products, they're super affordable and do the job!

    Sophie x

  3. I'm super lazy when it comes to my nails, too. The farthest I go is applying some nail varnish and maybe a top coat if I'm feeling fancy. I think I haven't used cuticle oil in aaaages.
    Miss Blue Eyes


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