Sunday 30 December 2012

NOTD: Zebra Print

At the start of University during freshers fortnight there was a night out at the Rainforest Cafe where everyone had to dress in the theme of the Zoo! My friend Holly and I decided to go as Zebras and thought that Zebra nails were needed! 

We used the Barry M white nail polish as the base colour and painted the lines on top using my Models Own  nail art pen. It wasn't the best finish as nail art goes, but it looked good with the outfit! Will do another post on the costume.

The Barry M white nail paint is as good quality as the rest of the Barry M nail polishes. I have so many as the colour range is amazing, I have to admit I had a little addiction at one point. Can't say I buy as many nowadays though but I would still recommend them! The nail art pen is also good for things like this. I had a little trouble with it when I first got it as the product leaked and the knob didn't work quite as well as I had hoped, but this might have been because the product dried up. Have you tried either of these?

What's your favourite nail art? 


Saturday 29 December 2012

I'm Back! Update pt. 4

Outside the BBC TV Centre, Banksy, Laundry 

The Queen of Hoxton, my lovely friend Alice Jemima singing with Strangers - listen to her -she is amazing, Batman the University Halls cat

Strangers, Alice and Strangers again, Alice, Josh and me!

Shopping list, getting inspired to blog again, trying on my florence and the machine costume!

Trolley fun, Antoni, Callum's fairy lights

Moustache, Alex and I in his bathroom, Peach Lambrini in a plastic cup

Shaving foam, Alex's birthday - Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Florence + the Machine, Gary Barlow etc., Florence Welch and Kevin (from Kevin and Perry)

The time finally came to dress up as Florence and the Machine with Alex for his birthday, more pictures to come on the next post... 


Friday 28 December 2012

Daxon Blogger Network

Just a quick post to say that I've joined the Daxon Blogger Network. Take a look here to find out how you can too! It looks like a great opportunity, will be sure to let you know how it goes.

Daxon is an online shopping brand and although the store is aimed at slightly older women than me there are some great pieces that can be styled more to my age group and for very good prices! Their sale is currently on, and it looks so good!

I'm really loving the look of midi skirts/dresses at the moment and you can get similar ones for much more in high street shops! 

Again I have seen similar bags on the high street! The quality looks really good.

I am usually quite picky when it comes to shoes as I like to make sure they are comfortable enough else I wouldn't wear them, these definitely look like they would be as the quality looks great!

Are you a part of the Daxon Blogger Network? Are a part of any other networks?


Christmas Sales: Beauty Wishlist

1. I am such a big fan of the original Urban Decay Naked Palette that as soon as I saw this one I knew I'd need it. My favourite and most used shades in the original are the matte ones and so this palette is perfect for me. I almost jumped at buying it at the price drop! but then I started thinking whether I actually need it. I am still so tempted to buy it, but as a student I can't quite afford all of these lavish purchases, so I will probably only be buying one or two things off of this list, and at the moment it doesn't quite look as though it'll be coming home with me. The shades look perfect, the palette looks beautiful but I'm just not quite sure whether it is actually worth the money. 

2. I have read so much about this lip balm and usually that means I need to have it. The product sounds beautiful, the honey 'flavour' sounds lovely, as I am usually not a fan of some of the types of lip balms. I know it's expensive for a lip balm, and as I'm not really an obsessive lip balm user, I don't really know whether it would be a waste of my money, but it just sounds so perfect! The postage costs from this website do put me off a little. Any idea where you could get it with free delivery at a discounted price? Currently feeling as though I need it in my life... 

3. This was the hair dye I used most recently to re-ombre my shorter hair! I will hopefully write a more in depth post about this later as I have not formally told you all about my new hair (only in Instagram form - yes, I did cut my long hair off!) I bought this originally at an introductory price for only a few pounds and the product definitely did live up to expectations. Currently kicking myself that I didn't buy more... Thinking about stocking up with another one while the prices are down though! 

4. While browsing the Feel Unique sale section, I came across this. At such a small price I'm so tempted to get this just to give the brand a go. I have never used Philip Kingsley before but have only heard good things (especially about their Elasticizer!) If I do bite the bullet and make a Feel Unique order, this will definitely be coming home with me. 

5. I have been wanting to try this product for so long. After reading the endless reviews (both good and bad) I have it imprinted in my brain that I need to try this out! I have put it in my basket numerous times before but quite quickly changed my mind and crossed off the webpage but at the discounted price I am so tempted in finally getting it!

6. This is a cult beauty product, and I have always wanted to give it a go. I had a sample of this, that I got out of Vogue and I completely loved it but I just haven't been sure whether to go ahead and make the purchase in case I change my mind (which I am quite prone to doing, I might add). I asked around on the #bbloggers chat last night on twitter what everyone thought of it and got an overwhelming negative response back from it. Although this has turned me off it slightly, I still feel as though I need it and as it's discounted it's even more tempting... 

What are your views on each of these products? What would you pick? What do you want from the sales?


Thursday 27 December 2012

NOTD: Mavala polish in Via Veneto 289

Mavala polish in Via Veneto 289

Earlier on in the year I won a few polishes on twitter from Mavala from their winter collection. I love Mavala polishes and so couldn't wait to try them out. Unfortunately it took me a little while to get round to it... just as many things do these days! But I finally did and I'm in love. 

The colour of this one is a pink-toned nude/brown (sorry - not the best at describing colours). On their website they describe it as a "luxurious mauve" and that it is. It is part of their Glam colours collection and I can see why. It's not generally the type of colour that I have been going for at the minute as I've been loving my dark shades, but it has made a lovely change. 

The quality of the polish is great, it has lasted me much longer than I would usually expect. I use an OPI basecoat and a Seche Vite topcoat. The finish was lovely. I can't remember how long exactly it lasted me, but I did notice that it was longer than normal! I couldn't recommend this polish enough. 

Have you tried out Mavala's nail polishes? What's your favourite? 


Wednesday 26 December 2012

It's Chriiiiiiiistmas!

Our Christmas Tree

I just wanted and write to say Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. Sorry I didn't write this post on the day, I just didn't really get round to it so thought today would be as good a day as any for it. 

The presents I wrapped! 

Christmas breakfast - fruit salad! 

I had a really lovely day and hope you all did too. What did you all get up to? - I'm always really interested in finding out how other people's christmas' work! 

My presents! 

The two lovely bags I got from my Dad and my Brother - I'm in love!

I was so happy with everything I got, everyone was so generous. I'm not really sure as of yet whether I will be doing a Christmas haul type post as I know it's a bit hit and miss in the blogosphere, and so I probably won't bother with it but I'm sure lot's of things will be popping up on the blog in the near future. What do you think about this? 

What did you get for Christmas? 

I'm super excited for the sales now! What are your favourites?

Hope you all had a lovely time and on a final note... Happy Christmas! 


Sunday 23 December 2012

I'm Back! Update pt. 3

My flatmates and I, Holly's Birthday, birthday drinks! 

Halloween costume, traffic cones in the shower, rain!

Messy/Tidy, pizza flavoured crisps 

Callum and Michaela, re-ombred my hair!, reading for essay writing

Our hallway was keyed, horrid hat I ordered from ASOS, fireworks night

going home, and then coming back to uni!

little me, getting ready for alex's fancy dress birthday!

Christmas lights, uni life, Matt's horrid dinner

Waiting room, The Diner, Strawberry Milkshake! 

The Diner's beautiful food, waiting for Nevermind the Buzzcocks (I was at the Stephen Mangan episode!), BBC TV Centre

What have you all been doing? 


Saturday 22 December 2012

My NYE Dress

After so much time spent searching (and deciding whether I should actually get one) I have found a new dress for New Years in Topshop. I had actually seen this dress online and instore before but I didn't think it would suit me. I shortly regretted this and looked around for my size again but it looked as though it was out of stock everywhere! I had been planning to get an 8 but I saw a 6 instore today and tried it on. It's the most perfect fit and I love it! 

Dress - £40 (unfortunately it is out of stock, but you might be lucky to find one in a shop near you like I did. Otherwise there is a petite version, that is shorter here at £38

The dress is a teal colour with a gold threaded sparkle running through it - the perfect Christmas dress! It is a midi dress, which I actually had always thought would drown me as I'm only 5ft. 4 but with my Topshop Allegras it looks fine. This was actually the reason I hadn't bothered to try on a midi dress before, but I
definitely wont make that mistake again. 

Here's a little preview of me wearing it, sorry about the rubbish quality - I took it on my iPhone. Will make sure to get some OOTD style pictures of me wearing it before I go out. 

What are you planning on wearing for NYE? What do you think of the dress? 


Friday 21 December 2012

I'm Back! Update pt. 2

Zebra nails for our night out at the rainforest cafe, on the Guardian website, University Banter/pranks.. 

The first flat birthday! 

Birthday Cake, the aftermath..., Zebras!

The underground, metallic mini!, charity shopping

The beautiful Dina, Street performers, Tequila Sunrise

Pierogi for David, sleeping, waiting outside the BBC TV Centre for a show

Alex and a Darlek, Jack Whitehall's Pop Mash, Callum's Smiley face nails

I took part in a TV show called The Jonathan Goodwin Project that is going to be on Watch in March, it's made by the same people as Derren Brown and the Peep show - it's going to be so good (I will keep you posted), university banter

Meeting Graham Norton, Billy Connelly and Dustin Hoffman while waiting to go and watch the Christmas special of The Graham Norton Show which will be aired this Friday! 

The Graham Norton Show set, Walking around London at night... 

The London Eye, waiting to watch Stand Up for Cancer in the rain - such a worthy cause, cling film on the toilet prank.. (no one fell for it!)

This update post was filled with a lot of television shows. I will keep you updated about The Jonathan Goodwin Project as to when it will be aired - it's going to be a good watch!

What have you all been up to? 


Tuesday 18 December 2012

New Years Eve Wishlist

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I have been thinking a lot about what I will be wearing on new years, as it is the perfect time to dress up! I am currently torn between buying a new dress or wearing a crop top with some disco pants. These are my finds... 

1. There are so many nice dresses on Topshop at the moment, and this is just one of many! (my whole wishlist is from Topshop, oops!) I fell in love with this dress when I saw it on a mannequin in store the other day. It's the perfect christmas dress, that could also be worn all year round. I love the pattern, I love the velvet material - it's perfect. 

2. I think this is the current dress I'm edging towards at the moment. The neckline of the dress is beautiful, and I'm a complete sucker for a stud (hence the name of my blog!) If I can find this in store and it looks just as perfect on as it does online, I'm pretty sure this will be coming home with me - hopefully I can persuade my Dad to buy it for me for christmas! I'm not usually that big of a fan of this kind of print, but the leopard print is so subtle I think I can handle it! The slight hints of velvet also add to my love of the dress. It's beautiful!

3. I'm in love with the pattern of this dress. If I hadn't read the reviews I probably would have favoured this over the previous. The reviews say the material of the dress isn't that nice, and so I would probably favour the other dresses just for that fact (for my love of velvet, more specifically on the previous two dresses) but I would love to see it in person none the less to see whether I could get past the material and love it anyway. I love that this dress could be worn for new years but it could also be worn during the day a lot more easily than some of the others. 

4. This dress is simple, yet so amazing. I'm in love with the red colour, and actually can't think of another red dress I own and so this would be great for the collection. The high neckline looks lovely, and so would love to try this on as I could see it looking perfect with a leather jacket and possibly a spiked necklace! 

5. I was originally planning to wear my new Topshop disco pants for new years of which I am still undecided whether I will or not. Crop tops go perfectly with them and this one would be perfect for it. It makes a statement, which is perfect for new years. It is a little on the pricey side at £45 just for a top which I'm not sure I can quite go for at the moment, and I just can't see me wearing it that often so it'll have to be one of the other dresses or another top I own already. Decisions, decisions!

What is your favourite? What are you thinking of wearing for New Years? 


Monday 17 December 2012

I'm Back! Update pt. 1

Hi everyone,

I'm really sorry about the unannounced hiatus of Studs and Dreams. I started University in September and just couldn't find time to fit blogging into my schedule - as much as I wanted to and as much as I tried, it just didn't work. I have been feeling really inspired as of late and really want to get back to it.

I will be running an update series alongside any other posts I may (or may not) post, to show you what I've been up to since starting Uni. I am hoping to get back into blogging as much as I can, but I know for sure the posts won't be as regular as it used to be.

I am at the University of Westminster at the Harrow Campus studying a BA in Photographic Arts and am also currently living in the university halls, which is amazing! Here is the first part of my update series, I have so much to show you!

Bored at work, beautiful people, fortune cookie!

Celebratory Jagerbombs for my brothers results, chocolate orange vodka (?), raspberry lemonade!

My leaving present from work - a uni hamper + chocolates and flowers from Gary!, attempting to decide what beauty products to take with me...

Braving it and getting all my hair cut off the day before Uni, my new hair, my new flat!

American Red Cups, a bottle of wine per cup!, Instagram

First proper cooked meal together, Holly on School disco night!, After drinking snack

Uni Banter, Food shopping, The day my loan came through - unfortunately I only had £1 left after paying my rent...

Washing, Student leftovers, Nandos!

Nandos Mushroom + Haloumi burger, macho peas and chips, Little and large bronzers, fortune telling! 

Flat 12 Wall of Shame, quiet night in watching Nevermind the Buzzcocks, the pub crawl we never actually ended up on..

This little update started just before I went to Uni and carried on during freshers week. Pt. 2 to come soon...  

What have I missed in the blogosphere? Also do you like these posts - let me know!