Friday 28 December 2012

Christmas Sales: Beauty Wishlist

1. I am such a big fan of the original Urban Decay Naked Palette that as soon as I saw this one I knew I'd need it. My favourite and most used shades in the original are the matte ones and so this palette is perfect for me. I almost jumped at buying it at the price drop! but then I started thinking whether I actually need it. I am still so tempted to buy it, but as a student I can't quite afford all of these lavish purchases, so I will probably only be buying one or two things off of this list, and at the moment it doesn't quite look as though it'll be coming home with me. The shades look perfect, the palette looks beautiful but I'm just not quite sure whether it is actually worth the money. 

2. I have read so much about this lip balm and usually that means I need to have it. The product sounds beautiful, the honey 'flavour' sounds lovely, as I am usually not a fan of some of the types of lip balms. I know it's expensive for a lip balm, and as I'm not really an obsessive lip balm user, I don't really know whether it would be a waste of my money, but it just sounds so perfect! The postage costs from this website do put me off a little. Any idea where you could get it with free delivery at a discounted price? Currently feeling as though I need it in my life... 

3. This was the hair dye I used most recently to re-ombre my shorter hair! I will hopefully write a more in depth post about this later as I have not formally told you all about my new hair (only in Instagram form - yes, I did cut my long hair off!) I bought this originally at an introductory price for only a few pounds and the product definitely did live up to expectations. Currently kicking myself that I didn't buy more... Thinking about stocking up with another one while the prices are down though! 

4. While browsing the Feel Unique sale section, I came across this. At such a small price I'm so tempted to get this just to give the brand a go. I have never used Philip Kingsley before but have only heard good things (especially about their Elasticizer!) If I do bite the bullet and make a Feel Unique order, this will definitely be coming home with me. 

5. I have been wanting to try this product for so long. After reading the endless reviews (both good and bad) I have it imprinted in my brain that I need to try this out! I have put it in my basket numerous times before but quite quickly changed my mind and crossed off the webpage but at the discounted price I am so tempted in finally getting it!

6. This is a cult beauty product, and I have always wanted to give it a go. I had a sample of this, that I got out of Vogue and I completely loved it but I just haven't been sure whether to go ahead and make the purchase in case I change my mind (which I am quite prone to doing, I might add). I asked around on the #bbloggers chat last night on twitter what everyone thought of it and got an overwhelming negative response back from it. Although this has turned me off it slightly, I still feel as though I need it and as it's discounted it's even more tempting... 

What are your views on each of these products? What would you pick? What do you want from the sales?



  1. I use my Urban Decay palette everyday! Such lovely neutral colours x

    1. i have the first naked one and love it. so tempted by the basics! x

  2. I'm in exactly the same boat with the Basics palette, I can see myself just giving in the more I see it on blogs, the more I want! Great post! xo


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