Tuesday 18 December 2012

New Years Eve Wishlist

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I have been thinking a lot about what I will be wearing on new years, as it is the perfect time to dress up! I am currently torn between buying a new dress or wearing a crop top with some disco pants. These are my finds... 

1. There are so many nice dresses on Topshop at the moment, and this is just one of many! (my whole wishlist is from Topshop, oops!) I fell in love with this dress when I saw it on a mannequin in store the other day. It's the perfect christmas dress, that could also be worn all year round. I love the pattern, I love the velvet material - it's perfect. 

2. I think this is the current dress I'm edging towards at the moment. The neckline of the dress is beautiful, and I'm a complete sucker for a stud (hence the name of my blog!) If I can find this in store and it looks just as perfect on as it does online, I'm pretty sure this will be coming home with me - hopefully I can persuade my Dad to buy it for me for christmas! I'm not usually that big of a fan of this kind of print, but the leopard print is so subtle I think I can handle it! The slight hints of velvet also add to my love of the dress. It's beautiful!

3. I'm in love with the pattern of this dress. If I hadn't read the reviews I probably would have favoured this over the previous. The reviews say the material of the dress isn't that nice, and so I would probably favour the other dresses just for that fact (for my love of velvet, more specifically on the previous two dresses) but I would love to see it in person none the less to see whether I could get past the material and love it anyway. I love that this dress could be worn for new years but it could also be worn during the day a lot more easily than some of the others. 

4. This dress is simple, yet so amazing. I'm in love with the red colour, and actually can't think of another red dress I own and so this would be great for the collection. The high neckline looks lovely, and so would love to try this on as I could see it looking perfect with a leather jacket and possibly a spiked necklace! 

5. I was originally planning to wear my new Topshop disco pants for new years of which I am still undecided whether I will or not. Crop tops go perfectly with them and this one would be perfect for it. It makes a statement, which is perfect for new years. It is a little on the pricey side at £45 just for a top which I'm not sure I can quite go for at the moment, and I just can't see me wearing it that often so it'll have to be one of the other dresses or another top I own already. Decisions, decisions!

What is your favourite? What are you thinking of wearing for New Years? 



  1. love the second dress, and I've wanted that crop top for ages but I don't think my budget will stretch to it either :( xx


  2. Think you could have found me my NYE dress in the first one!
    Definiteley taking a trip to Topshop at the weekend x

  3. Ive looked at the second dress but cant find it in store to try it on. I love the embellishment! Great dress picks:)

    1. I tried it on, and although I did like it, it just wasn't quite as nice as I hoped. Found another one though that features in my latest post!

  4. The dresses look gorgeous, especially the first x


    1. found another that I liked better, it's in my latest post :) x

  5. I love the skater dress style of the first and third ones - I love a dress with sleeves for winter.


    1. i actually ended up getting a full length sleeved one. it's not from this post but I did write another post about it! x


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