Sunday 1 March 2015

The Ultimate Party Collection: Wild About Beauty

I took a bit of a break from the party scene post-christmas. I'm turning into quite the grandma often choosing a night in curled under a blanket instead of going out and drinking the night away. The student in me seems to have disappeared but if you asked me this a couple of years ago the answer would have been the complete opposite and would have sounded a little like 'pass me a drink, I'll down it, then get ready' but I mean it was freshers after all and that's allowed then right? 

The one thing I do miss though with not going out often is the makeup. Oh the night out makeup. The time of day when you can get away with going a little heavier on the smokey eyes, applying a super bold lip and having a glitter nail - ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Yep. It's that time when you can be a little bit more experimental and I always feel like getting ready to go out is a kind of ritual. I'll go through my skincare routine as though it's a little pamper sesh and then I'll take excessively longer to perfect that glittery smokey eye then only to get drunk and mess it up later. I don't know, but there's just something so satisfying about the process. I've taken to using this process now if I've got time before I pop out to a blogger event or for dinner as a night out now is few and far between. WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME? Grandma alert. 

But like I said, I love applying makeup for a night out, I equally love getting my hands on new bits perfect for this as there's just something that bit more special about 'going out' beauty. Wild About Beauty have got us covered with these additions to their range. I got my hands on the Nail Colour in Lauren*, the most perfect glittery gold polish I've ever seen, the Nutrilips Colour Lipstick in Cherie*, the red lipstick we all need and the Nutrilips Balm in Hannah*, we're talking a wash of deep colour that doesn't dry our lips out.

These are the products that'll have you party ready but they're not too much to the point where there defined to that. The lip products are hydrating so you can get away with them for day wear too and that's great in my books and when glitter is concerned, well, when isn't it a good time to wear glitter? Never. That's right, never. 

I'm really impressed with the Wild About Beauty range, I've really liked one of their palettes in the past and these have totally met up to my expectations. Really great quality products and I really like the slick purple packaging. 

Have you tried Wild About Beauty before? 

Lorna x

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  1. I've tried one of their Nutrilips Lipsticks, in the shade Violet, and I love it! I really like the sound of the balm :) I know what you mean about make up for going out, I love wearing more than usual and experimenting a bit (although I always end up smudging it hahaha) xx



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