Monday 30 March 2015

High Street Prom Dresses

It has been quite some time since I attended my prom at the end of School but the thing I remember most was the struggle to find the perfect dress. I'm not one for those puffy ball 'prom' gowns and so when I was looking for my dress and even what I would recommend now, is stick to the high street and you'll find something a little more wearable. It's a little more on the budget friendly side, I mean not all of them now, some stores up the price tag for these sorts of dresses but I made sure to add a few bargain dresses in my roundup as some of us may not have the budget to splurge on one night but still want to look like a princess. As you can tell, I've gone for quite a neutral palette and all of the nude and pastel shades are looking gorgeous and perfect for the season, but I threw a bright little number in the mix for those of you that are feeling that bit more brave! 

Thinking back to my prom, I found my dress in Karen Millen after searching high and low. You can see it in the photo above, I'm the lady in the blue dress in the middle! I remember spying it on the hanger with a lady browsing it and as soon as she moved I swooped in and nabbed it and before you could imagine I was trying it on in the changing room with the highest heels and it was love. I paired it eventually with a pair of black heels from Office, a black clutch from Accessorize and a pair of dangly earrings also from Accessorize. It's actually one of those outfits that I look back on and actually I'm really happy with my choice. It's not one of those ball gowns I loathe and it's just a really really nice dress. 

It's actually quite hilarious to look back on the day as there are a few certain memories that stand out like a sore thumb. The amazing vehicle we're all standing in front of, an 'Ambo-limo' if I remember correctly. Basically, a kitted out ambulance that took us to prom and we took a very similar Fire Engine back to our friends after party. Hilarious, and I suppose something a little different from the average Limo/Hummer? The best memory I have from the day though was getting ready. We had someone come round to do our hair and oh my, was it terrible. Post-getting our hair done, imagine two very unhappy girls in tears having to take their hair down and re-do it at the last minute and with not much time left to sort out makeup! It's probably a bonus I wasn't that into it then otherwise I definitely wouldn't have been on time! Eeek!

There's so many nice dress choices on the high street at the minute with a great selection of different kinds and I'm loving all of the vintage prom style dresses right now as well, so you if you've got your prom coming up soon then you don't need to worry about finding one! Just wait for all of the memories to commence, you'll look back on it, trust me! 

What did you wear to prom if you already had yours? What are you thinking of wearing if you haven't? 

Lorna x

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  1. Its a while since I had my prom too but if I could do it again I'd definitely go for a high street dress. Whilst I did love my prom dress which was bought from a local bridal/dress shop it was very expensive and it obviously wasn't something I'd wear again so I'd definitely be tempted to go for a more budget friendly option :)

  2. You are never too old to rock a prom dress. I love the selection and will definitely be following your blog in the future.

  3. I had my prom last year, I wish I could do it again... and again and again. I always see gorgeous dresses I wish I could've worn. I've never heard of a Ambo-Limo before, it sounds amazing haha!

    Laurie-Elle xx


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