Monday 16 March 2015

A Luxe Bathroom At Home

I'm all about making the experience in the bathroom a little more luxurious so if I have to spend a little bit more on a hand wash here or a matching hand lotion there then I will as I just feel so satisfied about having them on the side and it's even better when you have people round. The time in the bathroom is all for a little bit of pampering, and I'm always up for that. 

Introducing Green & Spring, the luxe bathroom brand that I've totally fallen in love with and first things first, how gorgeous is the packaging? I love the uber cute birds on the side. I've fallen in love with their 'indulging' range and got my hands on the Indulging Hand Wash* and the Indulging Light Bath Oil* and it is literally so luxurious! The hand wash is scented with thyme, lavender and rose and it's really nice. I think it's one of those scents that just works for everyone and anyone would be happy using it. Plus, I really like it and I'm the only one that really uses my bathroom so that's a bonus right? I don't have a bath at my house, but I do have one at my family home and at my boyfriends which is where the bath oil is currently stashed. I love using it with a bubble bath to make it that bit more luxurious and trust me it does. I've sort of got into the habit of making every bath that bit more special as I can't always have them (don't worry, I do shower though) and I'm forever trying out multiple combinations of bath bombs, oils and bubbles to create the best bath possible. I love it and I can't see that stopping any time soon especially not while I've got this bath oil in my stash. 

Like I mentioned, I like my experience in the bathroom to be a little bit of a pamper, whether that's just washing and moisturising my hands or a whole scrubbing and moisturising bonanza. I've now got my eyes on the candles, diffusers and the other ranges of the bath oils. Well a girl can never have too many right? 

What are your favourite luxe bits for the bathroom? 

Lorna x


  1. This sounds lovely! I'm with you I love having lovely things in the bathroom! Just knowing that you will have a full pamper even just washing your hands is one of the best feelings!


  2. I haven't tried anything from this brand, the products look gorgeous x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  3. Great post! I have never heard of this brand but they seem to be oneI need to check out. I love the packaging, it's gorgeous!



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