Tuesday 19 March 2013

Instagram #7

I've just realised I've not done an update post in so long and so thought it was about time to get back on it. These posts will be going back to Christmas as this was where I last stopped. Here we go... again!

Tim with his skateboard, Holly with her Secret Santa gift for Callum - Cheeky!, our finished flat Christmas Chinese

The most amazing fresh Lemonade at Giraffe, Group skype with my friends over Christmas, Christmas Card from The Ragged Priest (you can get their clothes at Topshop)

Loving the Bubble Baths while I was at home, Fresh manicure with a Mavala Mini polish!, Wrapping Christmas presents

My mum playing around with her scrabble letters, Shortbread, Christmas day!

My Christmas Presents - I spy a few joke presents in there!, My Dad dressed as Santa, The two beautiful Topshop bag's I got

Back at Uni for NYE, Callum and I on NYE, NYE Fireworks from the roof on the Queen of Hoxton

Drunken Dina, My nail polish that fell off, The most amazing Urban Outfitters candle

Cocktails with Callum in Southampton, Finally got my hands on these babies!, Picked this book up from UO

Beautiful food from Strada, It was my New Years Resoloution to drink this much water a day... It didn't work though - oops!, Tim's drawing on Callum's foot

So that was the first instalment into what I've been up to. Sorry it's so late - I will try to keep up from now on, I promise! 



  1. Great instagram photos! That food looks delicious! xx

  2. Great pics although for a minute there I was very confused at the mention of Christmas :)

  3. Lovely pictures, I love reading/looking at these type of posts :)


    1. thanks lovely. i love reading these too!! x


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