Wednesday 3 July 2013

No7 Lift & Luminate Dark Spot Corrector

I'll start by saying that I haven't actually been testing this out myself as at 20, I would say that it would be kind of pointless! I gave it to my mum to review for me and she was pretty excited!

The Dark Spot Corrector is clinically proven to fade age spots, and when testing it out they found that 86% of women had a noticeable colour reduction. The product holds 15ml of product, which actually isn't enough to use for 3 months so I can't really comment much on whether it works or not as the product ran out pretty quickly. 

What I can say though is that my mum really enjoyed using it and that it felt nice on the skin. A great addition to her skincare routine, and I'm pretty sure that she would actually repurchase. Although, at the price and how quick the product does go down I'm not sure that it would though be a regular purchase. 

Have you or anyone you know tried this out? 


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  1. I have been using this for about two months with no noticeable difference. Then I started using a mild glycolic peel twice a week, starting two weeks ago, and now there is an improvement. Unfortunately I'm not sure if its a combination of the No7 product and the peel or just the peel. Pigmentation is really difficult to treat, at least with average over the counter products. Preventing them from happening to begin with is the way to go.

    I would be interested to know how your mom likes this product though.



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