Sunday 15 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

As Christmas is rolling around the corner - 10 days away to be precise, how did this happen?! I thought about doing a series of Christmas gift guides but then as everyone has done them I thought again. Girls are super easy to buy for; with all the sales and discounts around and with all the deals on beauty and clothes there is something for everyone and I doubt you'd need help selecting this (if you do, ASOS have 25% off everything at the minute and they have a great gift range!) so I thought about what we do all need help with at Christmas time: THE MEN! I've set up a little gift guide with a few ideas of what you could buy for the men in your life. It's a tough one but here is what I'd buy!

The Rip n Dip Nermal Cat Beanie is a firm favourite of my boyfriend's and is something I will need to buy for him in the future. He's been obsessed since he's seen it but unfortunately as it comes from America I wouldn't be able to get it here in time. Each beanie comes with a different Cat logo, none will be the same! So it's super different and super personal to you. 

Again with the personalised bandwagon, I was having a look at Home Wet Bar as most men love a good drink, and I thought the range of personalised Beer glasses they had are great! I chose this one as it wasn't too much and loved the simplicity of the single initial. Perfect for any beer drinker!

Touch Screen Gloves are amazing. I didn't even know about these until recently when I was shopping with my lovely friend Jess, she introduced them to me and I've been obsessed ever since. Really need to get myself a pair... and everyone else I know! I found a few nice pairs on ASOS and with their 25% off code at the minute you really can't go wrong. I chose these Fred Perry ones for the gift guide as they're a little more luxurious than others but there are plenty more to choose from! 

Perhaps Christmas is a great time to get the men in your life into skincare and what better place to start than with Liz Earle. This try me kit is a great way to get them started and see whether they actually use it. Callum loves his Liz Earle bits and I've seen plenty of other Blogger boyfriends using them so it'd be great to give yours a go with it! 

Something to get into the festive spirit? Christmas jumpers are all the rage this year and there are SO many around. Primark have some great ones in but that's if you can manage to get your hands on the sizes and styles you want. This one is one of my favourites but unfortunately I didn't see this one in store when I went shopping yesterday! You can pick them up on ebay with a bit of a price hike if you do really want one though! 

Trainers are always a good shout for the men. They wear them daily and they collect them just like we do with our shoes. I chose these Lakai Skateboarding ones as the black is such a wearable colour. 

A Lomo camera is a great idea for all those photographer guys amongst you. They're great fun even if they don't already have a collection of cameras, plus the pictures that come out of them are lovely. 

So that's just a few bits that I think are pretty great ideas. I'm still on the hunt for some presents though so would love to know what you'd go for! 

Lorna x


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  1. Such a cute gift guide. My boyfriend would love all of these.
    Love your blog, glad I found it!



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