Friday 4 April 2014

Zoeva 110 Face Shape Makeup Brush

The Zoeva 110 Face Shape brush* is probably my most used brush in my collection at the minute. I'm keeping clear of foundation for a while and sticking to my favourite Moisturiser and Concealer duo. Although this isn't what the brush is directed at for use with but I love to use it to blend in my concealer. It's the perfect size and the finish is beautiful. I've fallen in love with it and definitely want to pick up some more from the Zoeva range. Although I do love using it for concealer, I'm planning on putting it down for a while and using it to try out a contour. I'll keep you posted... 

Have you tried any Zoeva brushes before? What are your favourites?

Lorna x


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*Recieved in Goody bag at event

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  1. I recently did a order in zoeva i wish i had added this now maybe next time ay, can't wait till mine arrive x


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