Wednesday 17 December 2014

Five Beauty Favourites: Gemma

The next instalment of my Five Beauty Favourites Series and this time, I'm talking my boss (it feels weird saying that) and one of my closest friends also, Gemma from BeautySpotter. 

One of the loveliest ladies I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and it's even more exciting that I get to work with her as well. Plus, she has the best puppy in the world (you've seen him ALL over my instagram). I've mentioned BeautySpotter. all over the shot and I honestly can't tell you how much I love working for the amazing app. Alongside what we work on on the app, Gemma and I both write the BeautySpotter. blog together so if you haven't had enough of me over here, check out the blog to see what we're getting up to and for some AMAZING beauty news. We've actually just launched a new DIY channel and it's so exciting so we can now upload all of our selfies and tag all the products. An endless stream of beauty images for all of us beauty addicts... What's not to love? 

So of course I had to get my fellow beauty obsessive, Gemma, to pick out her top five beauty products as I've been meaning to have a root around in her stash for a while.

I actually have one of these in my stash and I'm not quite sure where I got my hands on it and also why I haven't given it a go yet... 

G: I don't use a lot of product on my hair but I swear by this styling foam! It's so light and airy you'd barely know it's there.  It gives my hair just enough guided movement while protecting against the heat from my tongs. Perfect!

I am actually a massive fan of these also, the Chubby Stick Intense I've got is one of my all time favourites!

G: I carry two shades of the Chubby Stick in my handbag at all times. One a sophisticated, muted raspberry (10 Bountiful Blush) and the other a gorgeously girly pink (14 Curvy Candy).  I just love the creamy light texture of these little gems - adding moisture as they go for a super luscious lip.

The packaging of this one has got me hook, line and sinker... Now for a quick sniff of it and I'm sure I'll be in love!

G: Some people wear different fragrances to suit their mood, time of day or engagement but I'm wedded to this scent - or as my husband calls it - "my smell"!  I only ever buy it in the travel spray format as I love the twist-and-spray bottle (it's like a giant lipstick) and it's robust enough to hold it's own in the clutter of my handbag!

I feel like I'm forever picking up a pair of these and subsequently losing them. These are such a staple I forget I even use them sometimes!

G: Simple yet effective - exfoliating is the basis for all beauty!  I use it in the shower daily, followed by a spritz of cold water and a generous helping of body cream to stay smooth and dry skin free!

Oh my, this product just looks insane doesn't it? The Charlotte Tilbury products are one of those 'proud to take out of your handbag' brands as they're just so beautiful. I'm to try, but Gemma's just oh so convincing

G: I must admit half of my love affair with this product comes from the gorgeous rose gold palette(!) but inside I'm in love all over again by this highlighting, sculpting duo - perfect for an easy, effortless contour. 

A few new products to try and of course a few new products added to my wishlist. 

Have you tried and loved any of these products too? 

Lorna x


  1. I too am not big into styling products but solemnly swear by my few Aveda staples. Their products work so well, feel light and virtually non-existent on the hair & smell like heaven! Oh lord. I keep trying to tell myself I do not need the CT bronzing duo but I feel myself caving...



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