Friday 23 January 2015

The Budget Buy: So...? Body Sprays

Do you remember these? Crikey, I haven't used one of these since I was super young. I remember picking these up along side the impulse sprays and I remember feeling super grown up. Fast forward a few years and I'm giving them a go again and honestly I'm so surprised how much I love them. 

One thing I hate doing with my actual perfumes is carrying it around with me. Sometimes you just need that spritz on the go but perfume bottles are so heavy and of course expensive and so if the worst happened and you broke it, it'd be devastating. Thats where the So...? Body Sprays* come in. They're so in expensive and hand bag sized and are just perfect for carrying around with you. As you can see they have so many scents so just pop in store and give them all a sniff and you'll be sure to find a few you like!

Did you used to use these body sprays when you were younger? 

Lorna x


  1. Ah I love these. I used to always buy the Impulse Paris one which smelled absolutely amazing but they seem to have discontinued it, I never see it in shops anymore :( so sad, it was my favourite! x

    Thick and Thin London

    1. Ooh - impulse! Remember buying these ages ago too!

  2. These really take me back to my teenage years - I adored So...Kiss Me?. I never find that body sprays last for very long though, so I much prefer decanting my perfume into a Travelo and popping that into my bag for when I'm on-the-go, instead. These sprays are great for a younger market though, for taking to school etc; my little cousins love them :)



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