Monday 5 October 2015

Eating in London: The Diner (New Menu)

If you've been reading my blog for a little while and have seen any of my 'foodie' posts then you may have noticed that The Diner is one of my favourite restaurants (remember my post on their special Pancake Day menu?) and is always my go-to if I don't know where to go. You know when you always know it's going to be good? It's a safe bet, and it always will be. 

The Diner* has a super cool vibe, it's a fun location and I always take people who are visiting London there - and they always blooming love it. 

They announced that they were changing their menu and I was both super excited and super nervous. I suppose it's one of those things where if it's great already for you, you don't really need it to be fixed but at the same time, I hoped they'd add a few new favourites. 

I had to try it out, I mean I've been about a bazillion times, so why wouldn't I? We headed to my favourite branch, the one just off Carnaby Street. It's great, I love it and it's really the only one I ever go to (I was scared off by a not so great experience at the Covent Garden branch, and so this one is my home away from home). I always get great service here, and this time was no exception. 

We started off with some drinks - there's literally so many to choose from. If you're into milkshakes, their ones are incredible and need not to be missed - I need to go back to try one of their hard shakes! They've also got an extensive menu of cocktails and beers, and that's what we went for. I'd recommend the Cali Sour and Long Island Iced Tea and their hard teas are also worth a try. To go alongside your drinks while you decide what to eat, get some of the Queso and tortilla chips.

I'm not going to lie, I was really sad to see quite a few of my favourite dishes taken off of the menu. The mushroom burger, shrimp po boy and shrimp taco salad I'm looking at you - but my favourite sides were still on the menu with a few added extras so I had nothing to complain about on that front. I went for the veggie stack burger and my friend went for the Californian burger with great feedback. I would say less for the veggie stack as it was a bit bland and dry, so if you're not a meat eater like me, then I'd recommend the halloumi burger. It really is a goodn'. Meat eaters though, I always hear incredible reviews of the Arch burger - so that comes along highly recommended alongside the Californian burger. 

Sides are always my favourite part of any meal at The Diner. They REALLY do know what they're doing, trust me. We went for the waffle fries (a new and great addition to the menu), hanger fries (these beauties are topped with cheese, smokey onions and burger sauce. A little taste of heaven if you ask me, and I ALWAYS order these) and onion rings (they're a great onion ring, they know what they're doing, need I say more?). Other side recommendations would definitely be their garlic butter fries, chilli cheese fries for the meat eaters amongst you (these always get rave reviews from whoever I go with - you need to try them), the mac and cheese and the coleslaw. In hind sight, I could probably just order a few sides and have that for my meal. They are incredible and such great portion sizes. Sharing is key. 

As if we needed any more food we had to try the desert I've been eyeing up on the menu ever since it was released. I am such a Cronut fan and am forever heading to Dum Dum Doughnuts whenever I'm around Shoreditch and so seeing my favourite restaurant add their take on it onto their new menu made me oh so happy. Plus it has Nutella in it and if anything can make anything better, it's Nutella, duh. We of course went for the Rinkoffs Crodough filled with Nutella and marshmallow fluff and served with ice cream and it really did live up to expectations. The hot Cronut went so well with the cold ice cream and although I'm really not a marshmallow fan usually, this addition just worked well here. I'd definitely have this again. 

Although I was disappointed with the Veggie Stack burger, it hasn't hindered my love for The Diner at all. I just can't ever see that happening. I've tried the majority of the menu - and if I haven't, someone I've been with has so I feel like I know what's what. But The Diner... Please bring back the Shrimp dishes - they were truly incredible! 

Head to The Diner for a great meal and a super fun experience. I've never taken anyone there that hasn't been a fan and I don't expect that to change any time soon. Great for those of you out there that aren't from London, and also those of you that are... Just go, okay? You won't regret it.  

Lorna x

*My meal was complimentary but as always all views are my own

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