Wednesday 27 January 2016

Eating in London: The Crab Tavern

I could get used to this brunching malarkey. The Crab Tavern, Liverpool Street* invited us down to try out their 'Lovin' Feeling Brunch' and with my new found love of brunching, how could I say no? For £45 you get an unlimited bar for an hour and a half and a 3 course brunch (it's every Saturday and the perfect way to spend the day if you ask me). If you like to eat and drink, you need to go. 

Upon entry, we were greeted by a very empty bar/restaurant. I'm talking no-one in there apart from the staff, the DJ and us... I mean it was a bit awkward and spoiler, my only negative so I thought it was apt I get it out of the way at the beginning and rip it off like a plaster and get to the good bits. 

The tables are filled with party poppers, blow up things (I'm talking massive phones, bananas, that sort of thing...) and we were directed straight to the make-your-own Bloody Mary bar (but don't worry, it's only sort of make-your-own as the bar staff will help you!). We were sipping on our newly-made Bloody Mary's while perusing over the menu and feeling a little starry eyed over all of the unexpected additions... then a Pineapple filled cocktail was brought over. And it tasted incredible. I think it was some sort of Pina Colada, but trust me... It blew my mind and it was so fun. 

The Tavern Sharer Starter was brought over, and I was starving at this point so the enormous size was greatly welcomed. The platter is filled with Fried Black Pepper Squid, Tavern Pork Belly Ribs, Dressed Crab Ceasar Subs, Crab and Waffle, Jerk Fried Shrimp, Prawn Cocktail and Crispy White Bait. It is literally a seafood lovers dream - and I blooming loved it. It's a messy starter, so be ready to use your fingers but trust me it's oh so worth it. 

Onto mains, and I'm not going to lie, after demolishing the starter and drinking a lot of Bloody Mary and the Pineapple cocktail, I was a little bit full... but we went for the Hanger Steak and Chips and the  Fish and Chips (with a glass of wine) which our waiter informed us was todays special. They were great. The fish and chips may have been one of the best I've ever had... and that tartar sauce. Oh the tartar sauce. It. Was. Incredible. 

At this point, I thought I may pop but the Sundae Spectacular dessert was brought over along with a Dessert shot and it was the perfect finish to the meal. Nearly exploding aside, the deal for £45 is insanely good. I'm not sure if you can head there a little later to make sure that there's a few more people around because as far as I was aware, the 1.5 hour free bar started at 1pm, but I could be wrong so that'd be worth checking out as I can only imagine how much fun it is if the restaurant is filled with others enjoying their brunch, the free bar... and their party poppers, like we very much did. 

Lorna x

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  1. This sounds amazing! Adding it to my list of places to visit in London :)



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