Thursday 4 February 2016

Introducing: Yes To

Yes To is a brand I've always heard about but for some reason, as with many a brand, I just never got round to trying it until now... And I'm blooming glad I did. I always thought the brand was solely Yes To Carrots - but little did I know that there were other scents and types of products in the range - and this is what got me so excited about trying the ranges out. 

I got my hands on a few bits from the Yes To Coconuts range and the Yes To Blueberries ranges - one, because I blooming love a coconut scent and two because I love blueberries, why have I never had something made with blueberries before?! 

The idea behind the Yes To brand was to create a beautiful and super-natural beauty range made with fruits and vegetables - I love the idea of this, and they blooming well have done it and done it well at that. 

The Yes To Coconuts range is targeted at dry skin and as a gal with dry skin I can vouch that it works! The product I want to mention is the Yes To Coconuts Body Lotion Spray* - not only is the packaging super nifty, what's inside is just beautiful. It works incredibly, it's super easy to rub in and I just can't get enough. 

The Yes To Blueberries range isn't really targeted at my skin type as they are recommended for those with fine lines and wrinkles - but prevention is always better than a cure right?! My favourite product from this range, surprisingly is the Yes To Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes*. I got out of the habit of using wipes such a long time ago in favour of a cleansing water, as I found it worked so much better with my sometimes sensitive skin. Sometimes however you just need a quick fix for on the go - and that's what I use these wipes for. I always pop them in my bag for any on-the-go beauty touch ups or pre-Psycle sessions, as no one wants to go to the gym with makeup on. 

I'm hooked and I can't wait to try out the other products in some of the other ranges. The brand has such a great authenticity behind it (and after a quick read of their 'about us' section), I read that they're all people after my own heart... Fellow wine lovers. Let's celebrate my new found love of the brand with a glass or two. I mean, it's okay if I'm using these beautifully natural products on my skin right? 

Lorna x


  1. I have been wanting to try this brand, sounds really good and interesting

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  2. I've used a few Yes To products in the past, some of their range is great. Never tried the Blueberry products though.

    Also, I love your header!

    Rachel |

  3. I love Yes To, their coconut conditioner is absolutely amazing - moisturising without being too heavy! The lotion spray sounds lovely :) xx


  4. Hi! I love the Yes to coconut range. I love the scent! Best regards from Barcelona, Spain,


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