Wednesday 16 March 2016

My New Balayage Hair

Remember back in the day where I wrote this post about having my hair dyed balayage and ombre by the incredible Dario at the Mowgli Salon? It was the first time I'd ventured out of my bedroom to inevitably get my hair done by a professional, and for the first time ever - I blooming loved it. Now that was about a year ago, and I have something to admit... That was the last time I visited a salon to get my hair cut. Oops, I know but from past experiences and quite liking letting my hair grow, it just kind of happened that way and of course, there's only Dario who I can put my faith in to take over the reigns and let him do my hair. He's a blooming genius and he just knows what to do. 

He's moved over to the Rush Hair Salon in Sutton* and I just had to take a trip there to see what he was getting up to now (and more so, to let this genius loose on my hair again). I wanted the same thing as last time, but as usual, I just let Dario loose and to do what he thought would be best. You can trust him, he really does know what he's doing!  

I went for a blonde balayage and a bit of a trim. An ashy toner was put on top to counteract any brassy tones (this can also be kept up when you're at home with a silver or purple shampoo. I've been using the Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo and it's brilliant. It's super affordable - only around £3 - and it lasts for a super long time as I wouldn't recommend using it every time you wash your hair).

We finished off the look with some loose curls - my go-to hair style and my favourite hairstyle for Balayage hair. It just makes the blonde and brunette contrast look incredible. I love it! 

Balayage and ombre has been my go-to hair colour for years and years now and it genuinely just feels like me and I'm super thankful for Dario for helping me get there. I know I've said it before, but this guy really does know his stuff. Just ask for Dario when booking at Rush Hair Salon in Sutton and you'll get to see what this genius can really do. 

Lorna x

*My hair was done free of charge in exchange for this review, but I really mean what I say and I do genuinely just trust Dario with my hair!


  1. this is exactly what I want on my hair! i love balayage so much, so pretty!

  2. THIS is exactly what I want done to my hair, looks stunning!

    Sophie x

  3. Now this is how I want my hair and you are right he looks like a total genius xx


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