Friday 1 April 2016

New In: Nails

I have to admit, I'm quite the nail addict. When I say no more, that's usually when I accumulate another 50 billion, as you might be able to tell from this post... but there's just something about a nail polish that is so exciting, so satisfying and oh so beautiful. It feels like it's a tiny jewel, and I guess, that's what I'll carry on using to justify my obsession.

I've had quite a few new polishes welcome themselves to my ever growing nail polish draw(s) and I thought they were worth mentioning... 

Barry M are some of my all time favourite polishes. They were one of the products that got me into beauty and probably the first product I ever remember collecting. The polishes are super affordable and for that the formula is incredible. I remember the day when they only had one type of nail polish, but oh how that has changed... 

The Barry M Speedy polishes are quick drying and easy to apply. If I'm honest, I'm not 100% sure about the packaging but for the polish quality I can very much get over it. The latest shades to have joined the family are Personal Best; a dusty muted lavender, Winning Streak; a soft beige with pink undertones, In A Flash; a pale pink and Freestyle; a dusty rose pink. 

The Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Polishes have to be my favourite. These have an incredible glossy finish, similar to that of a gel manicure, and they have been raved about endlessly for their quality versus price and I can see why. I have loved these polishes for such a long time and so I always get excited when I see new shades arrive on my doorstep. These are Acai Smoothie; a dusky purple, Pink Lemonade; a pale pink, Butterscotch Sundae; a pale nude and Cream Soda; a nude cream. 

The Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing polishes* are actually pretty new to me but the packaging just made me have to mention them. Just look at them. The idea of these is that they work in the same way that gel nails do and get cured with a light to increase their staying power. With these, once the topcoat is applied they will cure in the daylight which is a pretty interesting concept. The shades I've now got are Empire State Of Mind; a bright turquoise, Bug A Blue; a bright blue, Pinking Out Loud; a bright pink and All The Things She Red; a true red. These are perfect for the change of season and I can't wait to let them finally see some proper sun!

I did not know that Crabtree & Evelyn do nail polishes. And guess what? They do them blooming well. I love the simple packaging and the quality of the polish makes them worth adding to your collection. I've got the shades Peaches and Cream; a pastel peach, Almond; a brown nude and Azalea; a bright fuchsia pink. 

Nails Inc polishes always get me hook, line and sinker. The quality of the polishes blow me away, but mostly its down to the super slick and luxe packaging. I got my hands on two of the new Nails Inc Sweet Almonds Powered By Matcha* that are supposed to be a superfood best for your nails. They are filled with sweet almond oil and matcha that are said to help nail wellness. I can't say I use them often enough to vouch for this, but it looks great on the bottle and the shades are just stunning. I've got Cornwall Gardens, a taupe nude and Gloucester Crescent, an dusky blue. 

I think I may have re-started the addiction and now I may have to add a few more to the collection. What nail polishes have you been loving at the moment? 

Lorna x

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  1. Oh I love nail polish too! I'm also a massive fan of Barry M, I bought Butterscotch Sundae recently, I can't wait to try it! x


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