Wednesday 3 August 2016

Why The Models Own Makeup Collection Is Truly Incredible

Models Own do incredible nail polishes, right? I’ve used them for years and they’ve been a staple in my beauty collection ever since the first day I tried them. From the incredible colour range, to the cool yet simple packaging and straight through the amazing and pigmented formula that actually lasts. I remember around 5 years ago stocking up in their 50% off sale online, and struggling to hold myself back from buying the whole collection. I had a nail polish thing, and Models Own was right up they’re egging me on.

With the incredible nail polish formula, and well, that being what they’re all about – I mean think about their amazing bottle shops (I could only dream of visiting one when I was in my  ‘need-to-stock-up’ era in case miraculously they stopped selling) but never did I think they’d be able to pull off creating a makeup range as incredible… Nor did I even think they would ever try to.

Oh how wrong I was. They’ve only blooming gone and done it. Models Own have launched a makeup collection with over 500 new products – and its incredible!

Now I can’t say I’ve tried every product in the range, in fact I feel like it might be a little bit OTT if I did – but after trying a pretty big range from the collection, I’ve got a great scope into what Models Own are trying to do and how amazingly they’re doing it.

I feel like I’m getting to gushy up in here, but when you find something I really love, especially such an affordable collection like this, I just have to tell you about it. This post isn’t sponsored, I’m just a really really big fan…

The collection has everything you could need or want to give a go. For base I gave a couple of the Sculpt & Glow products a go. The Models Own Sculpt & Glow Contouring Bronzing Powder*, £8.99 was incredibly pigmented but so buttery and easy to blend seamlessly into the skin. I’ve been using this to add a touch of a beach bronze glow this summer and it truly is becoming a favourite. To add a touch more of a bronzey glow, the Models Own Sculpt & Glow Liquid Highlighter*, £9.99 is perfect. It’s the biggest blooming tube of highlighter I’ve literally ever seen in my life, so if you want to get on the all-over-face highlighter challenge (or you just want your highlighter to last a bit longer than usual) then this will be your guy. It’s incredibly pigmented, easy to build and blend out too. I’ve got the darker shade ‘Bronze Glow’, which is perfect for adding a bit of a glossy dewy glow but I’m already eyeing up the shade ‘Brilliance’ for the rest of the year. 

I’ve tried a few new release blush sticks lately, but honestly they’ve all been a little lack lustre and just don’t really do all that much. The Models Own Rock’n’rosy Blusher Stick*, £6.99 couldn’t be further from that. The pigmentation is intense and a little goes a long way meaning it will last for a long time. I’ve got the shade Peach Pop and it’s the perfect peachy coral shade for this time of year. It’s brightening and gives a beautiful pop of colour when blended onto the cheeks.

Onto eyes, and if you’ve been around here for a while then you’ll know that I’m pretty neutral when it comes to my usual eye look. I have about a 50 billion nude/brown/neutral/natural eyeshadow palettes in my collection and rarely do I ever break out of that mould… But when this collection arrived on my doorstep, there was just something that made me feel as though I wanted to try something new. I’ve got the Models Own Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Dreams*, £14.99 and this is the perfect palette to add to your collection if you’re like me, afraid of colour but want to give it a go. The pigmentation is great, they blend out well and I’m hooked. Obviously eyeing up some of the more natural palettes now (‘Supernatural’, I’m looking at you!).

For eyeliner, and as much as I used to be hooked on the stuff, I rarely wear it anymore and if I do – I’ll usually opt for a pen liner flick but I gave the Models Own  I-Definer Kajal Kohl Liner*, £7.99 and I could finally see what I’ve been missing. This is a super pigmented black kohl liner; it blends incredibly and is the perfect addition to a smokey eye. It lasts pretty well too!

I never thought I’d give a coloured liner a go. I used to buy the Barry M ones when I was younger as a kind of Pokemon-esque ‘gotta catch em all’ kind of thing, but I don’t actually remember wearing any of them. Probably for the best, that bright pink liner probably would have made me look as though I have pink eye… But the Models Own I-Definer Kohl Pencil Eyeliner in Electric Indigo*, £5.99 just did something to me. I kept swatching it wondering if I’d be able to pull it off, and after a few days (and about a million swatches) I gave it a go. This liner is the most beautiful shade of blue I’ve ever seen. Now if I’m honest, blue really isn’t my colour… But when it’s as beautiful as this shade, who blooming cares. It’s the most pigmented electric blue with a very subtle hint of shimmer that makes it glow as though it’s a gem. It’s so beautiful and when applied as an addition to a black liner across the under eye or as an addition to the black liner flick – it looks gorgeous. It can be smudged easily and layered for added pigment.

Onto lips and of course they have the usual lipstick in the bullet. The Models Own Luxestick Velvet Lipstick*, £7.99 is super hydrating and incredibly pigmented. I’m not the biggest fan of the shade I’ve got as I just can’t really pull off a bright pink but with a formula like this, I’m already eyeing up some of the other shades. But as good as this is, it’s not what’s made me fall in love with the Models Own lipstick collection. If you’ve ever wanted to be able to create a lipstick shade to perfectly finish off your look, quickly and easily then you’ll be just as excited as I was to see the OCC Lip Tar dupe, the Models Own Lip Gunk Lip Paint kits in metallic and gloss have got me so excited. Each shade comes with a small lip brush and metal tray to easily blend shades together to create the exact shade your looking for. With bright reds, purples, pinks, blacks, blues and many more – this collection of products are so dreamy. I’ve got a bright red and a metallic blue and I’m obsessed. It allows me to create my ideal purple shades or deeper red – and I’m always testing to see what colour I’ll make next. They are incredibly pigmented and last incredibly so you don’t have to worry too much about making the same shade on the go.

I’m hooked on this new range and I can’t help but ogle the rest of the collection. Next on my list are the blusher palettes, colour chrome eyeshadow kits, and probably the rest of the Lip Gunk shades. I’ve also spied the new Models Own Polish For Tans collection – and I’ve not given it a go so I can’t say if it’s as good as the other polishes, but it’s definitely worth a quick look if you’re heading on holiday (or just want to feel as though you are)!

Lorna x


  1. sounds brilliant and affordable, i recently bought the models own beauty blenders and i prefer them to the original!

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  2. You've got me lusting after everything, it all sounds so good! Like you I own a tonne of neutral eye products but that palette is gorgeous, I'm definitely going to have to investigate :) xx



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