Friday 1 September 2017

The Ultimate Festival Checklist: What To Pack For Bestival

It’s Bestival next week and as you can probably tell I’ll be heading there this year - and I’m so blooming excited. I love writing festival content every year but this year, usually my favourite beauty products to take with me... but this year I’ve decided to take it a step further to write my ultimate festival checklist for girls.

I remember when I bought my first tickets to a festival where you actually had to camp – Glastonbury, in fact, you’ll probably remember from this VLOG, and I cannot tell you the amount of times I googled a billion different phrases to work out what on earth I should be taking with me. And for someone that hadn’t put up a tent or camped before, I pretty much had nothing to go on. That’s why after a couple of years of going, I feel like I’ve worked out the ultimate festival checklist for what you should take, but if I’ve forgotten anything – please do drop me a tweet or let me know in the comments  - I will thank you forever. Also, please excuse my excessive beauty list. I don’t pack light – not even for a festival, as much as I might try to.

Beauty Essentials

  • Your usual makeup bag filled with your favourites

The first year I went to a festival I skipped out on some makeup favourites in fear I’d loose or ruin them but I missed them too much, so just take what you want to take. It can be replaced if it REALLY has to be. Essentials coming with me include my new favourite base, the IT Cosmetics CC Cream for a flaweless but natural coverage with SPF,  the perfect natural matte lip – the Lancome Matte Lip Shaker in Energy Peach and my new favourite KIKO lippy from theirFALL 2.0 range in Rosetto

  • Additional makeup – bold colours, brights, sparkles...

I like to add in a few makeup bits that I wouldn’t necessarily wear on a day to day basis. I like to play with my makeup when I’m at a festival so like to make sure I have a few bits to play with. For eyes the Makeup Revolution Acid Brights palette is perfect for adding a pop of colour. I adore the Barry M Metallic Lip Kits for this too. Each kit comes with a lip liner and liquid lipstick and they last for so long which is key for festival season. There are so many stunning shades, but I think Prestige a gorgeous burgundy and 24 Carat, a golden copper might just be my favourites.

  • Glitter and glitter glue 

This one is key this year. The glitter trend seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year, so don’t go without it. It’s your chance to get as sparkly as you want. Grab a mixture, Barry M do great fine glitters like their Glitter Rush Body Glitters or their Fine Glitter Dusts. They have an incredible shade range – I’m obsessed with Moonstone and Enchanted Forest. If you’re after something a little chunkier, then I’d recommend getting your hands on the Beauty Blvd Star Dust sets, they each come with a stunning glitter mix, a fixer gel and a brush to apply it with – great if you’re looking just to pick up one. Otherwise Ebay absolutely kills it. You don’t usually know about the quality until it arrives but if quantity is what your after for not much expense then your in the right place. If you want to add a little more glitter into your makeup look itself then the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows are perfect. They apply like nothing else and last all day long. 

  • Coloured hair sprays 

I love to add a little colour to my blonde ends while I’m at a festival if I’ve got the chance. The Schwarzkopf blush sprays are perfect for adding a pastel hue to the hair before you go when you use shampoo and conditioner your hair or if you’re after something a little shimmery, the Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup is perfect – plus they have it in rose gold, and rose gold everything is always great. If you’re looking for something a little more natural though, EVERPRObeauty have a great range of blonde and brunette shades to keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant while away.

  • Spare nail polish and file

For nails I swear by getting gel or shellac done before you go, but pack a polish with you for any last minute touch ups. You want good nails and this is the best way. I am obsessed with the ESSIE polish in 503 right now. For gels however, I’ll be heading along to London Grace salon to get one of their glitter gel manis before I go.

  • Hairbrush 

Get something portable like the Tangle Teezer or a fold away Denman brush. I can’t live without my Tangle Teezer though... 

  • Dry Shampoo

A festival essential. Do not forget it. This year I’ll be bringing along the TIGI Catwalk Dry Shampoo – it gives volume and keeps my hair looking fresh at the same time. 

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

I adore taking a Sonic Chic Toothbrush with me. It comes with a lid and is battery powered and works perfectly for cleaning teeth at the campsite.

  • Wipes

A key festival purchase for keeping fresh when camping. I usually grab a mixture – the Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes are great, as are just generic baby wipes. Ladies, pick up a pack of the Fem Fresh wipes too, they usually come in mini packs with a printed festival design on. 

  • Deodorant, body spray and perfume

Anything to keep you fresh and smelling good. Whatever is your favourite works.

  • Mini skincare items  

It’s super important to look after my skin as much as I can when I’m at a festival. With all the drinking and eating, I like to do what I can. I will be packing a Mini Garnier Micellar Water, the Mini Liz Earle Try MeKit which includes a few of my all-time skincare favourites including the Cleanse and Polish and Eye Bright. I’ll also be bringing the Nip & Fab Glycolic Acid Daily Cleansing pads for a skin boost. For a boost in the morning though, I love using the Merci Handy Refreshing Face Mist.

  • Lip balm

Keeping your lips hydrated while sleeping often in the cold is super important. I adore the Liz Earle Superskin Lip Balm at the moment. It’s small and works perfectly.

  • Hand sanitiser

This one is super important. You want it to be portable and you want it to work as there isn’t usually any hand washing facilities at festivals. I adore the Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

  • SPF

This is super important, even if you don’t think it’s that sunny. Pop some on at the start of the day and keep a small one on your person while you’re wondering around. My favourite for this is the Elizabeth ArdenEight Hour Cream Targeted Sun Protection Stick.

  • First aid kit

Stuff this with plasters, ibuprofen, berocca and hayfever tablets.

  • Insect Repellent

If you’re camping in a field or near a woods, it’s a good bet to bring this with you unless you want to be bitten alive.

  • Razor
Get rid of any unwanted fuzz quickly. I swear by the Gilette Venus Snap Razor as it comes in a handy case. 

  • Hair ties and grips
For tying back your hair when you can't physically keep it down anymore... 

  • Cotton pads/buds
For removing your makeup at the end of the day or sorting out any makeup mistakes.

  • Mirror
I like to bring a big travel mirror. Getting ready in the morning is fun so I like to have a good mirror to see what I'm doing with. 

General Festival Essentials

  • Tickets
Do not forget these...

  • Portable phone chargers
An essential. I always bring a few so I can keep taking snaps and find my friends when needed without having to worry about running low on battery. 

  • ID
For buying drinks etc. 

  • Money/bank card
For food, drinks and god knows what else.

  • Phone/Camera

 You want to remember it, no matter how many drinks you have... 

Camping Essentials

  • Tent

I like to go for a pop up tent for ease. I’d just recommend making sure it’s definitely waterproof if you’re going to a music festival in the UK and also make sure it’s big enough, because you need to fit your stuff in there too. 

  • Sleeping bag & travel pillow
You can get away with the travel pillow if you don't have the room. Just use clothes, but if you can find the space for a pillow lover like me, it really does make the difference. 

  • Inflatable mattress and electric pump
Again something you can go without if you really don't have the space but it really helps with getting a good nights sleep. 

  • Camping chair

Trust me on this one, I know it just seems like another thing to carry but having a chair to sit in is the best thing when your camping.

  • Light/torches
For seeing what your doing in your tent without losing precious battery on your phone.

  • Rubber mallet
This makes putting the pegs into the ground so much easier and quicker. 

  • Bin bags and Gaffa tape

This is perfect for anything, they will come in handy.

  • Trolley

These are incredibly useful for carrying heavy booze but also your too-big tent. If the floor is dry you can just drag it along, so helpful. If it’s super wet however, that’s just another story...

Fashion Essentials

  • Enough outfits for the time your there & accessories
Bring a few extra tops etc. too just in case. Also think about layers. Bring jackets, jumpers and cardigans etc to keep warm at night. 

  • Rain coat

Especially if you’re going to be in England

  • Wellies and wellie socks
Don't forget the socks, if you don't have long socks your wellies will rub and they will be a nightmare. I have a cheap pair of wellies if the weather is that constant rain and the mud literally goes up to your knees. If you can get away with something shorter though, I love my Blundstone's. They're super comfortable and I love how similar they look to my usual Chelsea Boots. 

  • Bikini

If you need to use the showers etc.

  • Sunglasses
For when your praying for some sun... Your outside all day long so likely (or hopefully) you will need a pair

  • Pyjamas and sleep mask/ear plugs if needed
Depending on how easily you get to sleep it depends on how much you'll need all of this, I'm good with sound but will definitely bring along my favourite Iluminage Eye Mask. 

  • Small backpack or bum bag

 Big enough to put all your stuff in for the day but small enough to actually carry around. 

Food and Drink Essentials

  • Snacks

Anything from crisps to cereal bars or brioche buns. Anything that is likely not to get too crushed but will keep you going when your at your campsite. Cream crackers for hangovers are a god send too.

  • Alcohol

In cans or plastic. Whatever your choice, just decant it if needed. If you go for wine or a spirit and mixer make sure to bring plastic cups or bottles to decant it into. 

  • Chewing gum/mints
For staying fresh. Essential. 

 And that's it.... Well, it's pretty much all I can think of anyway. I just wanted to say a little thank you to Push Doctor for sending me a brilliant package that inspired this post. Usually I just chuck a load of stuff into a bag and don't really think about making a physical list for others to read. They didn't sponsor this, they just sent a tonne of stuff that reminded me about what on earth I actually should be bringing with me. So that being said, you don't NEED to take all of this, it's just what I like to bring with me. I'm sure I've probably forgotten a few things too, so please let me know if you can think of anything! 

What are your festival essentials? 


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