Thursday 8 March 2018

The Long Hair Saviour: Saving Knotty Locks On A Budget

Knotty haired girls, this one's for you...

Since working within the beauty world, I have been extremely lucky to get to try beauty products on the reg (and I'm talking budget friendly ranges straight up to super luxury ones that I could only ever dream of purchasing) but there has to be something really special about it, past the sparkly packaging and big claims to get me to keep using that product, because my drawers are full and your girl gets excited about trying something new. 

The product I'm talking about in today's post is something I use ALL the time. In fact, I now can't imagine my beauty routine without it. It slipped into my beauty regime so seamlessly, that I didn't actually realise quite how much I do actually love it. It's only when I hear the excitement in my voice when telling other people about it that I actually realise (I can only apologise if you have been that person, I really do go on... It's so blooming great I can't help myself). 

I was always that person with long hair that is so unmanageable that brushing it would be my least favourite chore. If you feel the same, if you've ever had to get someone else to brush your hair for you, if you've got 'scarf hair' from the freeeeezing cold weather (you know when your hair all clumps at the back of your neck from wearing a scarf all day? Yep, that), or if you just want to speed up your hair routine, you need to read on. 

The Mane 'n Tail Detangler,  £7.99 is just that product. Every time I wash my hair, I use this. If my hair is dry and extra knotty, I use this. In fact, most times I brush my hair I use this. It speeds up the hair brushing process and makes my hair feel super sleek and soft. 

I hadn't actually thought about using a detangler until this one came into my life. I had used one when I was a child, but I didn't actually think about it being something that I would use now. But oh my god, you need to. 

How do you use it? It can be used on either wet or dry hair, though I would say only use it on dry hair if you really need it. Just spritz it a few times through your hair, and if you have really bad parts, I concentrate it on there a little, though don't be too heavy handed as you don't wan't it to weigh your hair down and then just do your hair as normal. 

This product has changed my haircare routine and the fact that it is so good, for this insanely budget friendly price gets me every time. You get 355ml in the bottle which lasts for ages- I've been using mine now for around 6 months, maybe more and it's still going strong. All I need in my life is a mini one for travelling! 

Spritz, brush, blow dry and go! 

Lorna x

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