Saturday 15 December 2018

Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for Men

The more and more I've been involved in the world of beauty, I have found out that although they don't like to admit it, most men love to pamper but barely any seem to buy products for themselves. I love to use this time of year to gift men with perhaps something they wouldn't treat themselves to, but absolutely would love. So this gift guide has a focus on male beauty but with a few other bits thrown in for good measure... 

Ted Baker Ted's Tonic Travel Fragrances 

These Ted Baker Travel Fragrances, £27 come in a few scents but are equally gorgeous. They come in a gorgeous thin bottle, perfect for travel but still feel incredibly luxurious. My favourites are the gold and silver ones, so much that I actually can't choose between them as to which is my favourite. Something that most definitely wouldn't look out of place in a Man's wash bag! 

Mugler Alien Man Eau De Toilette Gift Set

Alien is a really great classic gift for Men at this time of year, and getting a gift set is perfect. The Mugler Alien Man EDT Gift Set, £52 is beautifully packaged and smells great. 

L'Occitane for Men

Yep, this is another post where I rave about my love for L'Occitane. They have an incredible selection for men on their website here so definitely go and have a browse as it is all seriously great. Pictured though, is the gorgeous smelling L'Homme Cedrat Body Wash and Shampoo, £16 as it smells delicious and gets a massive thumbs up from the boyf. 

Mancave The Survival Set

If you know someone that needs to up their entire beauty regime, then the Mancave The Survival Set,  £29.99 (currently on offer for £14.99!) is a seriously great way to do it without breaking the bank. In this massive gift set, you get a Face Wash, Face Scrub, Moisturiser, Shower Gel, Shampoo and Hair Styling Cream. 

Mancave Blackspice Beard Set

If you've got a man with a beard, this is a seriously great set to pick up for them. The Mancave Blackspice Beard Set, £19.99 (on offer for £9.99!)  is a really great. The set includes a Beard Wash, Beard Oil and Beard Control. 

Ted Baker Hair and Beard Shampoo

The full size Ted Baker Hair and Beard Shampoo, £15 is truly a great gift as it's such a great size. The packaging is gorgeous and the fact that it is multi-use for your hair and beard is perfect for men who don't like to use too many products. 

Osmo Grooming Gift Set

If you know a man that loves their hair, then the Osmo Grooming Gift Set, £9.99 is a great gift. It includes three products to help create their desired look and what you get is so great for the money. Less than a tenner - bonus! 

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense

Buying useful, everyday products at Christmas is a seriously great idea which is why I have included the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense, £12. It's a perfect stocking stuffer as it's something you know will get used and saves your giftee a little bit of cash while you treat them. If you know someone who resents or never gets round to buying everyday items like this, then this is perfect too! 

Hawkins & Brimble Gift Sets

Hawkins & Brimble are a great brand for gifting men with. If you are buying for a man that has a beard, then I'd recommend the Hawkins & Brimble Beard Gift Set, £19.95 as it includes a beard shampoo and a beard balm but if you've got a man to buy for that doesn't then I'd recommend the Hawkins & Brimble Root to Tip Gift Set, £26.95 as it's a bit more general and includes a hair clay, body wash and a face wash too. 

American Crew Essential Grooming Kit 

This set is gorgeous. The American Crew Essential Grooming Kit, £34 comes in a gorgeous pleather bag for your man to use to store their new products and inside it's filled with hair and shaving products. Gorgeous set! 

Ted Baker Ted's Grooming Room 

Another gorgeous set in a pleather wash bag, the Ted Baker Ted's Grooming Room Gift Set, £29 is filled with a trio of travel products - perfect if for if they love to travel! It includes a shave gel, face wash and a moisturiser.

Brisk Grooming Products

Brisk is one of my favourite brands to buy my boyf every year, they have amazing beard shampoos, oils, and balms and it wouldn't be a gift guide for men if I didn't give it an honorary mention. I didn't have any to hand to shoot, but they are blooming great and available to purchase from Boots here.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

If you know a man that likes to drink, then getting a bit of booze or even better, something to have/use the booze with is perfect. The Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge, £14.99 is such a great gift. It's a gorgeous glass and a mould to create a super cool ice cube to go with your whiskey. If you're feeling fancy, pick up a gorgeous bottle of Whiskey to go with it... 

Pantone Gifts

Again another honorary mention for my love of Pantone gifts for Christmas. I've pictured the gorgeous red notebook and key ring, but there are so many incredible things to choose from including their classic mugs, gorgeous water bottles and so much more, and there are so many colours to choose from. Have a browse here

Personalised Nutella 

I mean, who doesn't love Nutella? I adore buying cute personalised gifts of every day items, like a Toblerone and Quality Streets but one of my favourites to buy for the men in my life always seems to be a pot of personalised Nutella, from £4. It's available now at select Debenhams stores. Highly recommend! I have bought this in the past and it always goes down so well. 

What are you picking up for the men in your life this year? 

Lorna x

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