Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Five Beauty Favourites: Gemma

The next instalment of my Five Beauty Favourites Series and this time, I'm talking my boss (it feels weird saying that) and one of my closest friends also, Gemma from BeautySpotter. 

One of the loveliest ladies I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and it's even more exciting that I get to work with her as well. Plus, she has the best puppy in the world (you've seen him ALL over my instagram). I've mentioned BeautySpotter. all over the shot and I honestly can't tell you how much I love working for the amazing app. Alongside what we work on on the app, Gemma and I both write the BeautySpotter. blog together so if you haven't had enough of me over here, check out the blog to see what we're getting up to and for some AMAZING beauty news. We've actually just launched a new DIY channel and it's so exciting so we can now upload all of our selfies and tag all the products. An endless stream of beauty images for all of us beauty addicts... What's not to love? 

So of course I had to get my fellow beauty obsessive, Gemma, to pick out her top five beauty products as I've been meaning to have a root around in her stash for a while.

I actually have one of these in my stash and I'm not quite sure where I got my hands on it and also why I haven't given it a go yet... 

G: I don't use a lot of product on my hair but I swear by this styling foam! It's so light and airy you'd barely know it's there.  It gives my hair just enough guided movement while protecting against the heat from my tongs. Perfect!

I am actually a massive fan of these also, the Chubby Stick Intense I've got is one of my all time favourites!

G: I carry two shades of the Chubby Stick in my handbag at all times. One a sophisticated, muted raspberry (10 Bountiful Blush) and the other a gorgeously girly pink (14 Curvy Candy).  I just love the creamy light texture of these little gems - adding moisture as they go for a super luscious lip.

The packaging of this one has got me hook, line and sinker... Now for a quick sniff of it and I'm sure I'll be in love!

G: Some people wear different fragrances to suit their mood, time of day or engagement but I'm wedded to this scent - or as my husband calls it - "my smell"!  I only ever buy it in the travel spray format as I love the twist-and-spray bottle (it's like a giant lipstick) and it's robust enough to hold it's own in the clutter of my handbag!

I feel like I'm forever picking up a pair of these and subsequently losing them. These are such a staple I forget I even use them sometimes!

G: Simple yet effective - exfoliating is the basis for all beauty!  I use it in the shower daily, followed by a spritz of cold water and a generous helping of body cream to stay smooth and dry skin free!

Oh my, this product just looks insane doesn't it? The Charlotte Tilbury products are one of those 'proud to take out of your handbag' brands as they're just so beautiful. I'm to try, but Gemma's just oh so convincing

G: I must admit half of my love affair with this product comes from the gorgeous rose gold palette(!) but inside I'm in love all over again by this highlighting, sculpting duo - perfect for an easy, effortless contour. 

A few new products to try and of course a few new products added to my wishlist. 

Have you tried and loved any of these products too? 

Lorna x

Monday, 15 December 2014

Video: What's In My Makeup Bag?

I love makeup, in fact I love all things beauty and as you can tell from the quantity of the products I post on here I have quite the collection... So I thought it was about time we got down and dirty and I showed you the products that I am actually using all time and what better than in the form of a 'What's In My Makeup Bag?' video. 

I love all of the products I mention here and I honestly can't see them leaving my makeup bag any time soon.

What are your favourite products in your makeup bag? 

Lorna x

Sunday, 14 December 2014

High End Christmas Beauty Wishlist

Now I haven't done one of these for quite some time. A wish list used to be a regular feature back in the day on Studs and Dreams but I have so much to tell you about that I do have that I don't quite find the time to let you know what I'm lusting after, but I thought what better time than any to revive it than Christmas when there are so many amazing beauty gifts. 

Ever since I got my hands on my first Jo Malone Candle for my Birthday last year, I've just been so interested in them ever since. I'd need to go in store and have a good sniff of all the scents to see my favourites (something I try and steer clear of as I just know I'd get obsessed and need it all) but for now, I've taken a look at the gift sets and oh boy, the packaging is just to die for and since I don't know what scents I'm into, this Cologne Collection would be perfect. Yes please. Although, anything else Jo Malone would do also... 

A gift set that I've heard so much about but never had the chance to try is the Aromatherapy Associates Minature Bath and Shower Oil Collection. I actually have a mini in my stash to try out... but I can't help but lusting after the beautiful packaging and the super cute bottles all lined up in a row. 

The NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette is probably on every girls wish list... I've become quite (a massive) NARS fan so know I'd just love this. Look at the beautiful packaging and all of those shades. Dreamy right? 

This Laura Mercier Gift Set please. Is anyone else with me? The Laura Mercier Body and Bath Luxe Quartet is just that, luxe. I've got my eye on the Almond Coconut Milk Scent as that just sounds amazing although I haven't had a sniff. I've always wanted to give the honey bath a go (mainly for the  honey swirler thing that comes with it, it just seems so satisfying) and I just know the other bits would be amazing. The perfect pamper bath! 

As you know I'm a massive NARS fan so having two NARS gift sets in this gift guide shouldn't come as a surprise. I've tried and loved their NARS Audacious Lipsticks but have never tried the infamous Lip Pencils and this NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret gift set would be the perfect one to let me give them a go. I definitely don't need any more lipsticks in my life, but what lipstick addict wouldn't want more? 

I'm always on the look out for new products to help me relax and sleep better and I've heard so much about the products from This Works that it's only natural to add something to this list. The This Works Miracle Cracker is so cute and I need it in my life this Christmas. 

I've wanted to try the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray for so long. I love the cheaper Charles Worthington alternative but the things I hear about this one make me what it so much. I'm always looking for a little texture and volume in my hair and if this can work with that then I of course want it. It's just the price tag that puts me off. But it is Christmas... Right? 

There are so many beauty products that I could add to this list but for today I'll just leave you with that. 

Go on, tempt me a little more. What high end beauty bits are you wishing for this year? 

Lorna x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Video: Christmas Gift Guide

So you saw my Christmas gift guides over here... See what I thought was worth chatting about and I added in a few extras you won't have seen yet!

Lorna x


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Sponsored Video: JOOP! Homme Xtreme Xmas

I'm getting quite into my fragrances lately, there's just something about it around Christmas and Birthday's that just really gets me into it. Perhaps I'm just hoping for an endless selection of scents to choose from although I can imagine I'd end up going back to the same ones each time anyway like I do now. Creature of comfort really! 

Though I may not be able to add this one to my collection, perhaps the JOOP! Homme Extreme* would be the perfect gift for someone this christmas? I hate to say it but if I'm unsure on what to buy a man then a new aftershave is always the way to go. It's a super safe option right? I haven't posted on what to get men this christmas, I missed out a male gift guide as well, I don't really feel I'm that gifted in that area and plus, the men around me are SO hard to buy for, but maybe that's just men in general. 

On to the actual fragrance and this one is an oriental and spicy scent based on a blend of untamed spices and luxurious wood. A gift for all the men in your life? Perhaps this would be a good one for your boyfriend/partner. The best bit about this fragrance though? The competition that goes with it... JOOP! are running a competition on their Facebook page from the 3rd December - 23rd December to win JOOP! fragrances and an Xtreme weekend for 2 (for legal UK residents only). Sounds exciting, doesn't it?! 

Head over to their Facebook page to enter. It's really simple, just post on the select posts about the giveaway, tag your partner and answer the question that they ask! It's that easy. 

Lorna x

*Sponsored by JOOP!

New In: Bourjois Christmas

If there's one brand that I can whole heartedly say I've fallen in love with this year then thats Bourjois. You've probably noticed it cropping up in a few (or a lot) of posts lately and that's because I genuinely want to put across the amazing product they're coming out with. You just all need to know all about them! 

I've got a few new releases from them in my beauty stash and I'm so impressed I thought it was worth it's own god damn post. 

I'm going to start with my favourite and the Bourjois Mega Eye Liner Pen in Ultra Black*, the product I put down my new found love (and ability) of the cat eye flick. It makes it do-able and anything that can do that is a god send, and this is definitely that. Another eye product love and it's the Bourjois Volume 1 Second Mascara in Ultra Black*, another favourite of mine and one that took far over from my high end love of the Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara. It's cheaper and better - bonus!

Onto the eye shadows and the new release of the Bourjois Smoky Stories Eye Shadow Quads* is perfect. I love a smoky eye all year round, but as soon as it gets a little colder I up the ante and add a little extra glitter in. These quads make a smoky eye and easy eye and you've got everything you need for the look in the one palette. Plus, the shades are to die for. Love!

Another eye edition and this time it's a cream shadow and they've released a couple new shades into their Bourjois 24HR Colour Edition Cream Eye Shadow Collection. The shades are 07 Flocon d'or*, a beautiful frosty golden beige, perfect for the inner corner highlight, and 08 Marron Givre*, a velvety dusky brown and oh my gosh are these beautiful to apply. I can't say I've tested out the 24hrs, I mean who does wear makeup for that long but they do last amazingly well when I do wear them. 

Nails and the Bourjois 1 Second Gel Effect Polishes are some of my favourites. The bigger brush makes the application so much easier and the finish is gorgeous. They've released a few new shades in the form of 44 Grey To Meet You*, 45 Glitterizer* and 11 Rouge To Meet You*. 

Now we're talking lips and the amazing Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipsticks have released a couple new shades. I love these for their pigmentation and lasting power and oh boy, these aren't any different. They've released 09 Happy Nude Year* along with 01 Personne Ne Rouge*! A beautiful nude and the Christmas red you've been looking for...  

How dreamy are all of these products? All totally on point for Christmas 2014... and just a heads up, if you fancy picking some of these up for yourself or as a gift for Christmas, Superdrug have got it on 3 for 2 at the minute and you'll get your hands on a 1 Second Nail Polish while you're at it for free too. Amazing!

What are your favourite Bourjois products? 

Lorna x

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Over £20

Christmas gift guide time again and this time we're talking all of the luxury items! Ooh la la! 
First up (and basically throughout), I've got the items for all of the ladies and all of the beauty lovers out there! 
How perfect is this Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit 2nd Edition*? When I first set eyes on this I couldn't wait to show you all. It literally has everything. The most perfect palette, well ever. A mixture of 40 eye shadows, 6 highlighters and 6 cheek powders. A dream in a palette right? If you know someone who's looking to expand their makeup collection or just someone that bloody well loves it, then this is for them. Or you, perhaps you should get one too. If we're talking palettes though, I can't not mention the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. A favourite of mine since the day it came into my life and I couldn't imagine not having it. It should be on every Christmas Gift Guide as everyone should own one... Now someone just pick me up the others please, no really, pretty please? 
If you know a nail obsessive then instead of picking them up a few polishes, why not go that step further and help them get that bit closer to getting salon gel nails at home! The SensatioNail Deluxe Starter Kit* is well, just that, deluxe. It's so great and I can only imagine the smile I'd have seeing that sitting under my Christmas tree! 

Any skincare addicts out there? Perhaps this try me kit from Dermalogica* is more up your street. Featuring all of Favourites in mini form so you can give them all a good go and give your skin a treat in the process! 

Something for the hair lovers and obviously GHD is the go-to brand on that front. With their newly released curling tongs I honestly wouldn't look any further. Every girl needs a pair of GHD's in her life and who's to say these curling tongs aren't the one? I've got the GHD Curve classic with the BEAUTIFUL Rose Gold Packaging*. It's just perfect isn't it? And if I'm going on my experience with my GHD Straighteners they will last SO long. 

Something I had never heard of before, but that sounds so cool, and what better time than Christmas to try something new. The Click and Curl set* is a new nifty way to curl your hair and I'd love to see this sitting under the tree waiting for me... 

For my over LUSH Gift Set, I'm chatting about the LUSH Festive Funtimes Set* and one of the gift sets in my guides that I'd strongly recommend for the younger ones amongst us. It includes all of their 'Fun' and I can only imagine the excitement of the kids using it (and me too) for a Christmas bath. Woo!

A fragrance is always an amazing gift all year round. What woman wouldn't want a new luxe perfume to add to her collection? I've been lusting after the Pacco Rabanne Lady Million scent* for so long so when I saw it in this beautiful gift set on Fragrance Direct, I just had to get my hands on it. Beautiful and so luxe, need I say more?

Something a little different and I thought it was definitely worth a mention and I'm talking a Facial and more specifically one from Jurlique at the Agua Spa in London* although anyone would do. Who wouldn't be excited to pick up a spa treatment under the Christmas Tree? Something a little different but so exciting!

Last but not least, I'm talking about my picks from the mothership, Space NK. I love candles, there's just something about them at Christmas that makes them so much more special and I've totally fallen in love with this offering. The Space NK Shimmering Spice candle* is just the perfect mix of a beautiful candle, amazing packaging and a gorgeous scent. It's burning as we speak... I just couldn't resist. Finally I'm talking the Best of Space NK Christmas Crackers*. Beauty Christmas Crackers. Need I say more? Inside you'll find treats from Laura Mercier, Caudalie and more and I cannot wait to give these a pull on Christmas Day. These of course, I am saving. 

What's your fave picks from my gift guides?

Lorna x