Friday, 31 October 2014

Gel Nails At Home

When it comes to nails, I'm the literal worst. It takes so long, my hands are so shaky and it's so disappointing when you get it so right and then it chips. When I heard about this Gel Nails set from Kiss*, it sounded right up my street. Nail Wraps that are easy to apply and LAST. Yes please! 

To achieve the gel nails effect you apply the wraps as instructed and apply the top coat, pop it under the lamp, give it a wipe and your good to go. It's that easy. I mean it, if I found it easy it just MUST be. Now I've never had gel nails before so can't really compare them but I am just going to assume it is quite different. The nails are fine when applied, they look amazing so that's great but the only slightly disappointing thing was that it just didn't last long at all. I just found that they peeled off and once one had caught on something it was too annoying not to just finish the job and peel it off. I say this though and I really don't mind that that happens. I don't go towards these nails if I want something that lasts, I go to them if I want a quick fix and that I don't have to worry about getting nail polish everywhere or waiting for it to dry. Really easy to do before you head out at the point you realise you haven't done your nails and I LOVE that. 

What's your quick fix mani for when your in a rush? 

Lorna x

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New In: NARS Audacious Lipsticks

This post is what dreams are made of. I own 5 of these damn beautiful babies and oh my god, just look at them. As if a beauty blogger could get more excited about something, some new like these pop up and its genuinely love and pure excitement. 

The new NARS Audacious Lipsticks* are just so dreamy. From the uber sleek black packaging to the creamy yet semi matte texture that actually lasts, I honestly cannot say a bad word about these lipsticks, so I warn you, this is going to be a 1 billion percent positive post. A rave review you might say...

From left to right we've got Geraldine: a 'tangerine', Rita: a 'scarlet' red, Charlotte: an 'oxblood burgundy', Brigitte: a 'nude rose' and Anna: a 'smoky rose'. Only 5 of the collection of 40 lipsticks and you can only imagine how amazing the rest of them are... I've not any purples to show you, but trust me they're just as beautiful!

L-R Geraldine, Rita, Charlotte, Brigitte, Anna

I honestly cannot tell you how happy I am with my little collection of these lipsticks. I'm a red or purple lipstick girl at heart and so Charlotte and Rita are obvious favourites. Charlotte is an absolute dream and I literally just cannot stop wearing it. I may have found my perfect lipstick... Onto the Nudes and Brigitte and Anna are SO NICE. I'm not a nude girl usually but after finding a couple from the Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hour Lipstick range, I've been a lot more open to them and these two have worked happily into my collection. On the other hand, I've tried to get Geraldine to suit me, but there's just something about me and oranges that just don't mix so this'll be going on to another home where it can get a little bit more lovin'. I mean, it'd just be a shame if something this beautiful sat unloved in my drawers right? 

One swipe of these lipsticks and your good to go. They're hydrating and they last and honestly I just don't know how any other lipsticks will compare now I've fallen in love with these. Luxury at its best. 

What shades would you go for? 

Lorna x

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Sleeping Well

When it comes to sleep, I find I'm on one end or the other. I can either sleep so well. I'm a heavy sleeper so that works or I'm right at the other extreme and am struggling every night. I go through phases of both and this post is going to let you all in on a few of my best beauty buys for helping with those restless nights. 

Relaxing is SO important and I honestly cannot tell you how important it is to switch your 'work brain' off long before you're going to bed. Its the nights I stay up editing videos or writing posts until god knows what time and then expect to sleep right away that I have the biggest issues. I'm constantly thinking of new ideas and I just can't get my brain to stop... This is the worst idea, and I really don't recommend it. Tip number 1 right there, I suppose. 

But it's when we ARE having these issues and maybe we can't help but do these things that we know won't help with our sleeping that we need a little help and of course some of our favourite beauty brands have got our back on this one... 

A great idea to help with getting to sleep is by using a moisturiser targeted at sleeping well. My favourites are the Elemis Fresh Skin Dreamy Sleep Night Time Moisturiser and the Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate*. My pick Elemis is great for hydrating your skin overnight. It's a range targeted from your teens to your 20's and is a little more subtle with the 'sleeping well' properties so if you're just looking for a little nod towards getting to sleep then this is your guy. A little more intense and the Neal's Yard Beauty Sleep Concentrate has been formulated to support your skins natural night time regeneration and the scent is just so soothing.

Then there are products that aid relaxation like the Origins Sensory Therapy Peace of Mind. Not specifically targeted at sleeping well, but it definitely can't hurt the process. You'll sleep best if your relaxed, it's just natural. Just rub a little of this on the back of your neck, temples and earlobes and it'll just help with your relaxation. I've had this product for such a long time and I always forget it's there. I really need to make sure I crack this one out more often as it's a definite fave. 

Onto products a little like my pick from Origins but ones targeted specifically at sleep. The This Works Sleep Balm and the Seascape Sleep Oil* both have aromatheraputic benefits that'll help you get to sleep a little easier. Super relaxing and they smell so good. 

Just pop a few of these products on your bedside table and see how you get on with them. I love them, they really help me to relax but the only issue I find is actually remembering to use them... 

Lorna x

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Video: Evening Pamper Skincare Routine

I'm a skincare obsessive, but we all know that by now. I thought it was about time I gave you a bit more of an insight of my skincare routine and what I do in the evening to give myself a little bit of a pamper... If you can't pamper yourself with skincare, then what can you? 

Products Used: 

A lot of my absolute favourite products! Let me know your favourites? 

Lorna x

Friday, 24 October 2014

Out With The Old, In With The New

Today marks a big day for my little place on the internet. Studs and Dreams, the blog I've been working on for the past two years has had a long awaited makeover and honestly I couldn't be happier, which is just why I felt that writing this post was extremely necessary. 

It feels like I've been running Studs and Dreams for a long time but at the same time, I can remember the day I didn't. So much has changed. I feel like there's so many things I could say in this post, so many things I want to say, but I'm finding it really hard to put into words and for me, a blogger, that's a very strange ol' concept. 

I'm so thankful for all the bloggers before me, for inspiring me to do this. If there weren't any Zoella's, Essie Button's or Gh0stparties of the world then this blog probably wouldn't be a thing. I wouldn't be here today writing this blog post, looking back and looking forward at whats to come. I wouldn't be this excited about my new design. I definitely wouldn't have done a little squeal when it finally went live and finally I wouldn't be excited about all of the new content I'm going to be creating. I feel so inspired. 

Things have changed and I'm probably totally different to how I used to be, but having this site as a hobby, and something I love doing, and something I feel so passionate about is amazing and I honestly cant imagine not having it there. 

I spend so much time blogging and making videos (this is actually something I never thought I'd get the hang of, but I am so excited about this new outlet to show content in a more visually exciting way... and of course, I bloody love doing it!) I don't think that time is a factor a lot of people realise that blogging and YouTubing can take but we're all that passionate about it that that time for us, is spent wisely and honestly, I'm speaking for all bloggers here, we wouldn't want to spend it any other way. 

I'm not saying I've always been amazing at posting. I've only just got the hang of a 'routine', which by the way, you can expect a new post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a new video every Sunday. Exciting!

I've had so many amazing opportunities out of doing this, and I take that as a little pat on the back for working so hard. I've made amazing friends, great contacts, found new passions, new favourite products and I got a job! I am so thankful for all of these things and I honestly cannot wait to carry on my little internet journey. 

Last up, I'm going to give a little mention to why I'm actually writing this post. I didn't just feel like being uber soppy for no reason. My new design. As you can see from the images at the top of the post, it's quite a change and I'm really excited for that. I've had my original design, albeit with a few changes here and there, from the beginning. This design has been a long time coming and I finally got here with a little help from the amazing blog designer pipdig

I designed the header myself but the rest I'll put down to them. If you ever need a site design, then I honestly wouldn't recommend anyone else. I've been burned in the past on the blog design front so I know what it feels like to be disappointed, but this was anything but.... I mean, it must be alright if I'm showing you this post from my brand spanking new design today right?!

Okay, I'll stop now... I feel like I could write for ages. A massive pool of blabber, and not really know what I'm saying. A little of nothing, a little of everything... I don't know. 

I'm going to stop being soppy... and just say a little thank you for stopping by. If you've gotten this far, and are reading this post then it really means a lot, so thank you. Really thank you. 

Please let me know your thoughts on my new design, I'd love to know what you think!

Lorna x


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Quick Flick: The Bourjois Mega Eyeliner Pen

I am not a pro at all when it comes to putting my makeup on. I'm not a Makeup Artist, in fact I couldn't be further from one. I just have a MASSIVE love and addiction for makeup. I mean, what's not to love about it, it's all so pretty! But when it comes to applying makeup, I'm really not one for knowing what I should be doing and how. Everything I manage to do has come from reading tonnes of blogs, watching YouTube videos, and a whole lotta practice. 

The dreaded liner flick. I could never do it. Liquid Eyeliner? No way, I mean I could tell you about an awful experience I had trying to apply it to someone else (first time for everything, right?) but I'll save that one for another day... Trust me, it's tragic and you just wouldn't want to see the outcome... So I always thought I'd never be able to achieve that gorgeous slick flick... until this baby came into my life. 

The Bourjois Mega Eyeliner Pen* is life changing. I'm not just saying that, but I've never found anything that can actually help me get a little bit of that cat eye liner flick. I mean it's not super easy, easier is probably a better word, and with a little practice, it probably does become easy. I'm not saying I get it right every time, I'm not that much of a genius, yet, but maybe one day with a little help from this eyeliner I'll be a pro.  

It has a thicker nib than other liner pens I've tried and I really didn't expect that that'd help but it really does. The liner is super black, as black as I'd ever want and it lasts so bloody long. 

If you haven't tried this liner, I really couldn't recommend it anymore. I rarely post about singular products anymore, but this one just needed a massive mention as I needed to just sing it's praises, and as you can can probably tell I LOVE it. Obsessed may be a better word? 

What are your life changing products? 

Lorna x


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Monday, 20 October 2014

The Battle of the Hair Straighteners: GHD v Vidal Sassoon

See those battered up GHD's? These are the only straighteners I've ever owned. Yep, that's right, EVER. I bought these back when I was in around Year 8? Maybe the year before, or the year after. But I was around 12, and I'm 21 now. How have they lasted me this long? It's a miracle. It'll be a sad, sad day when these do finally go kaput. I honestly don't know what I'll do... Buy another pair obviously. But I just don't know how I'll live. 

When Vidal Sassoon contacted me to review a pair of their hair tools, I was sceptical, but I thought it'd be a great opportunity to give another pair a go. You know, just so I can compare. Obviously I chose the straighteners, I can't use curling tongs, I forever burn myself and to me, a hair dryer is just a hair dryer. Maybe that's just me being sceptical, but it dries hair and I thought trying a new pair of straighteners could be mutually beneficial for us both. I love my GHD's, more than I love most things I own, so if these Vidal Sassoon ones can compare... Well they must be good. 

First things first, I'll say these Vidal Sassoon Straighteners* will have to be for straightening solely as they don't have the right curve to achieve the curl like you can with the GHD's, but that isn't an issue. It's just like as if I was to use a pair of curling tongs and a pair of straighteners, both have different end results and thats okay. The best bit about these straighteners? They're a bit better for your hair than others... They use Infra Radiance Technology to achieve kinder, faster and more radiant results, and the plates are specifically created to reduce frizz! They also have extra wide plates making the whole process that bit quicker. As if it couldn't get even better, you don't have to have that worry of wondering whether you switched them off or not, they have an auto switch off after 60 minutes, genius! I'm really impressed with these straighteners, and they're so much cheaper at the moment in comparison. 

They're really worth a go as they're a fraction of the price, and as Christmas is just around the corner, why not pick them up for someone for then...

If your after a more multi-task product, I would go for the GHD's, they're a little bit more luxe and are obviously GHD's so need I say more? 

Have you tried either? What are your favourite straighteners? 

Lorna x


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