Friday 29 November 2013

Brighton Stagette: The Stag do v.s The Hen do

Brighton Stagette*: a weekend of fun and frolics with some of my favourite bloggers? How could I say no! 

Eclipse Leisure, the stag night company invited 8 bloggers down to Brighton for the weekend for the full 'stag' experience. Oh, I was excited. I'd never been to Brighton before so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. I met up with Georgina at the Victoria station before getting the train to Brighton to meet the others. We headed over to the St Jury's Inn, the hotel we were staying at and got our room keys and met Jamie, our guide for the weekend! 

Before we went we were asked to come up with cheeky/naughty stag names for each other to go on the back of each others t-shirts. I was given the task of coming up with Ellie's name. It was a tough one, but I got there eventually with a little help. I thought about the things she loves and if you read Ellie's blog or watch her videos then you will for sure know all about her love of Disney! Her favourite princess is Belle and while discussing it with my housemate Joe, he came up with Princess Belle-END! Genius! I can be so uninventive sometimes. I had also been texting Georgina and she asked me to send one over for her too - while mentioning one that her friends came up with - Orgy Georgie! I couldn't not send that one in could I? Georgina had the task of coming up with mine... Oh boy!

We got our T-Shirts and the name was revealed... 'Spunk and Wet Dreams'. Oh, Georgina! I wanted to kill her just a tad, but it was hilarious! We went up to our room and changed into the rather dashing atire - ready for our activity. We headed downstairs and met all the other bloggers. I knew the lovely Ellie already, she's one of my best blogging friends so it was super lovely to see her and the other blogger - it was so nice to meet them all! 

The activity was revealed - GO-KARTING! At first I didn't expect too much, but boy, I can't even tell you how much fun I had! The total highlight of the weekend. I want to do it again in a heartbeat... please, anyone? Let's race! I wasn't great at it, but I didn't care - it was that much fun! Ellie was the champion! 

We then headed back to the hotel to get ready. A sneaky bottle of wine for pre-drinks and 45 minutes later we were all down and ready to head off to the pub! We went for a quick drink before heading over to the Indian restaurant, Chaula's for dinner. We ordered, and were super excited for the food! Unfortunately, it took a super long time and left us running super late and the food left a lot to be desired... I wouldn't recommend! 

We then headed to Platinum Lace, a strip club. Well it wouldn't have been a stag do without one right? I'd never been before and it was definitely an experience but we didn't have time to stay long so it was a quick glass of bubbly and then we were off. 

We ended the night at Shoossh with quite a few shots and a bottle of vodka and mixers. We had our own VIP area so it was nice. A little empty when we got there but as the drinks flowed, so did the people. We finished the night with a cab to a Kebab shop and then walked back to the hotel. 

It was so much fun and was lovely to meet and see all of the other bloggers - Jayne, Gemma, Annie, Ronke, Tee and of course Ellie and Georgina. Head over to their blogs and follow them if you don't already - well worth a read! 

Since being at home and thinking about this post, it got me thinking about the comparisons to a Hen night. I was looking at a survey by Spa Breaks* and it said that the most popular activity on a Hen Night is something relaxing - like a trip to the spa and honestly this doesn't surprise me at all. It got me thinking a lot about which sort of thing I'd prefer - the crazyness of the go-karting or a relaxing day at the spa, and honestly I don't know! Perhaps I'd try and squeeze them both in? 

What would your idea hen/stag do be?

Lorna x


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  1. I'd definitely try for a bit of both! A whole hen week ;) xx

  2. misssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you.

  3. I read about this on someone else's blog.. such a good idea! Hope you had a fab time :-) x

  4. Aw this looks like such a great night!



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