Thursday 3 July 2014

Ilumi: Healthy and Easy Ready Meals

I love cooking and try to cook everything from scratch where I can but honestly it's not always possible and so when Ilumi asked me whether I would like to try out any of their ready meals* I happily obliged as I'm always happy to try something new, and I knew they'd be perfect for those days I don't have time to cook or perhaps those days I just can't be bothered. I have been trying to make an effort to eat more healthily lately, it hasn't been going that well but these have definitely helped it. 

All you have to do is pop it in the microwave or heat it up in a pan and it's done! Some of them advise that you have pasta or rice with it where as some are a meal as a whole. Callum has been loving them as they're so quick to make but the only thing I would say is that portions can be a little on the small side so sometimes I would definitely recommend making something on the side. I often make some fresh vegetables to go with it as I hate not having any fresh vegetables or salad with my dinner, it feels so strange! I was so surprised to see how tasty they were, usually I find ready meals to be a little on the bland side but these definitely were not! You can see all of the ingredients on the front with none of those nasties unlike other ready meals, which means you can feel a little better about not cooking it from scratch. Obviously I wouldn't eat these every day, but as I said before they are great for those days you don't feel like cooking a meal but they will still be equally as tasty! 

They have some amazing dishes to choose from, I received a selection of both the meat and fish/vegetarian as I don't eat meat but do eat fish but Callum does eat meat and it's safe to say that all of the meat ones went first! I've still got a few left to try and I honestly cannot wait to give them a go! 

What ones take your fancy?

Lorna x

*PR Samples, Reviews 100% honest as always!

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  1. These actually sound so yum! I will take a look! Thanks for the tip x

  2. I've seen quite a few people say that they enjoyed these so I might have to give them a go, I'm a rubbish cook and they would really help me out hah!

  3. They sound delicious!!

    Anna xx


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