Tuesday 1 July 2014

Video: Milkmaid/Halo Braid Tutorial for Mid-Length Hair

So I recently learnt how to style my hair into a beautiful Milkmaid or Halo Braid. Hairstyling is usually a foreign language to me but with this style it's too easy not to be able to do and thought it would be worth showing as I have mid-length hair, making it slightly more difficult. You can still follow if you do have long hair though it'll just be a little easier and you'd just be pinning the hair differently, same concept and working method though! 

This hair style is perfect for the summer months, and of course the Festival season. I actually tought myself how to do it the day before I went to Field Day Festival as I had some time to spare and I loved it so much I actually wore it on the day. It lasted all day and all night, all the way through all of the dancing and the insanely good weather! I may have underestimated the weather though as we were expecting rain and totally didn't think of the sun... It made it so much better though and we were so lucky! If you're looking for a fun festival to go to, perhaps as your first festival, perhaps your forever going to festivals but this is a great one for anyone. It has a range of music, often we don't actually know many of the people playing, but we always have the best time. And the best bit? You get to go home to your own bed, so no camping! (One day I will though... Glastonbury next year? This hair will definitely be coming out...)

I had the best day, and the nicest hair to go with it! Thumbs up from me, and the plus side, I had so many compliments... Bonus!

Lorna x


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