Thursday 11 September 2014

ASOS Fashion Wishlist & Win a £50 Voucher: Ends Tomorrow

L-R Dress, Jeans, Two-Piece - Top, Bottoms

To celebrate the 25% Student Discount on ASOS, I'm giving a £50 voucher on Twitter so head on over there to enter! I thought I'd pick a few bits that I've got my eye on and let you all know what I'd ponder buying with the voucher! 

This Lavish Alice Dress is gorgeous, super lovely quality and it'd be a real treat to own one. It's a 'special occasion' kinda dress. 

I'm forever on the look out for a new black pair of jeans, I mean, you can never have too many right? I always find my Topshop Joni's and Leigh Jeans fade so quickly and it's always disappointing. I want my jeans uber black please. 

I know I said in my latest haul video (I think I might need to go to Shoppers Anonymous, already thinking of the next haul, oops!)  that I didn't need anymore two pieces, but this one's just so god damn beautiful. I love a good trouser two-piece and I do only have one in my collection, so that's okay. Justification at it's best, of course. 

I'm so into black at the moment, it's becoming quite the obsession. I'm looking for transitional pieces that will work all year round for when it's a little colder and that are perfect for layering and I think this black cropped jumper fits the bill perfectly. Great value too!

I've been eyeing this coat up for a long time. I think I've actually seen it in a previous season, maybe it was a similar one, but I was eyeing it up even back then. I'm usually a dark coat kinda gal, but there's just something about this coat that gets me. I'm not sure if I'd love it on, or whether I'd even wear it as I have NO idea what i'd wear it with that I have already but that all doesn't matter. It's lovely, it looks super warm and I want it. 

I really want a hat! Everyone always says that hats suit me, but I always find that I buy them and then just never wear them and they get lost in the deepest depths on my room. A black hat like this is a total staple and I just feel like this is the sort of hat I would actually wear. The only trouble is is that I have a small head and they don't often fit... Hoping this one would be different? 

So if you fancy picking up a few bits from ASOS then make sure you go on over to twitter here and enter my giveaway. It ends tomorrow (Friday) at 8am so make sure you're quick! 

What have you got your eye on at ASOS at the minute? 

Lorna x

*Voucher is gifted by ASOS for giveaway


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  1. Entered and there is SO much I'm wishing for on ASOS all of the time lol they really have a stock list that is unmatched xx


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