Monday 13 July 2015

Eating in London: The Drift Bar

Broad Bean, Mint and Ricotta Bruchetta - The Drift Bar, London

Salt and Pepper Squid with Lemon Mayonnaise - The Drift Bar, London

Porn Star Martini - The Drift Bar, London

I love trying out new places to eat. It's one of my favourite things to do and I've started preferring going out for a lovely meal with a couple of cocktails over a night out, but I think that's because I've finished uni now (and am actually graduating today, probably as we speak) so I'd say I've grown up a little and am a total grandma in the making. 

I headed over to The Drift Bar near Liverpool Street, London* for the latest post in my Eating in London series to try out what they had on offer. Upon arrival I first noticed that this is the perfect place for after work or pre-drinks and that's what everyone was in there for, much like when I visited Rocket, Holborn recently. The music was pumping, it was super busy and the atmosphere was great. There is a bar downstairs with many drinks flowing and up the stairs you arrive at the restaurant, very slightly calmer. We were seated and kept admiring the mismatched decor, it was really cool and totally to our tastes. 

We started by getting a couple of cocktails. We went for my all time favourite, a Porn Star Martini and an Old Fashioned, both great and pretty strong so would definitely be perfect for getting you well on your way to dance all night. For starters we went for our beloved Salt and Pepper Squid with Lemon Mayonnaise to see how it landed on the squid scale. We ALWAYS order this as it's a safe bet that it'll be incredible, and it really was! Super crisp and full of flavour. To go alongside that, we went for the Broad Bean, Mint and Ricotta Bruschetta and this was the star of the show for the starters. This looked and tasted amazing and I can't recommend it enough! 

Fish Pie with Cheddar Potato Crust - The Drift Bar, London

Pan Fried Brill, Baby Leeks, Brown Shrimp Butter  - The Drift Bar, London

Cowboy fries, honey, chilli, garlic and Roman Fries, parmesan, truffle, rosemary - The Drift Bar, London

The main courses had so much to choose from but as fish lovers we of course chose a couple of their fish options and weren't disappointed. We went for the Fish Pie with a Cheddar Potato Crust and I can't tell you how great this tasted. Although I'm not the biggest fan of taking shells of things and you know, the eye's are pretty off putting - I always feel as though they're looking at me, but after all of that was sorted the incredible prawn was removed and it tasted like nothing else. The fish inside was great with the sauce and the mash on the top was so smooth and finished off perfectly with the cheese crust. Delicious! Alongside that we opted for the Pan Fried Brill with Baby Leeks and a Brown Shrimp Butter as they were all out of the special fish dish we were after. This was great, the flavour was awesome and of course the look of it was incredible. One point I would make though would be that if you're not a fan of bones in your fish, don't go for this, it's a bit of a fiddle. 

Sides finished the meal off amazingly and I'm such a fan of vegetables and have a rule that there always has to be a bit of green on my plate so the buttered spinach was a sure deciscision. It tasted amazing and I love spinach so really they could do no wrong. The chips on the menu really stood out to us so we had to try them and opted for the Cowboy Fries in Honey, Chilli and Garlic and the Roman Fries with Parmesan, Truffle and Rosemary. These were amazing and I love the idea of having amazingly flavoured fries that are totally different from anything else I've tried before served in plant pots. How cool?! The Cowboy fries were my favourite, perfectly flavoured, super sticky and I didn't even care that the flavour shouldn't really go with my Fish Pie, they were amazing and I just had to keep eating them. 

We were so full up that we couldn't make room for desert and with all of the people, the open kitchen and the heat outside it was so hot that I just needed air. That is literally my only negative about the evening - too hot - but it's just one of those things that you can't really do much about. The food made up for it and I know that I'd love to go back, even just for those Cowboy fries... Yum! 

Lorna x


  1. There are a few different branches from this brand around the City, my go to is The Folly which serves similar food which is equally as delicious.

    Victoria x

  2. I have heard good things about this!

  3. All of this food looks incredible! And the cocktail too, your picks are two of my favourites. I was actually near to Liverpool Street over the weekend, when I'm next there I'll definitely be checking the Drift Bar out! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  4. Oh my god, this looks incredible! Looks like a great date night location, will be taking my GF there soon.


  5. All of that looks extremely tasty!

  6. This food looks delicious, especially those Cowboy fries! You've made me hungry now, excuse me whilst I wonder off to the fridge, haha!

    Barbie Sparkles | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog


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