Wednesday 1 July 2015

Relaxing in London: Privet Body

London Spa Privet Body

London Spa Privet Body

With the hustle and bustle of the city and you know, just general life it's so easy to forget to give yourself a bit of 'me time'. I am the worst for this but it's only when I pop in to places like this is when I realise how important it actually is. But I guess, not going to a spa often can make it that bit more special. I don't often go, in fact I actually had my first facial at the Agua Spa in the Sanderson recently and spa all over body treatment before that, and it only egged me on to wanting to go that step further and try out somewhere else. 

I headed to Privet Body in Notting Hill* just after I'd handed in my last ever assignment at University. If I didn't need it then, then I just don't know when I could say I would! I don't really know what to call Privet but I'd say it's a mixture of a salon and a spa that's great for just about anyone to go to. It's not one of those spa's that leave you feeling uncomfortable as it's something your not used to, which essentially ruins the whole experience as you're left thinking about it the whole time. Like I said before, I've not been to many things like this before so am only just getting used to what happens for each treatment so when a company makes you feel as at home and comfortable as Privet does then you know your in for a good time. 

Pre-treatment, I got chatting with the owner and couldn't stop expressing my love of the decor of the place. It's so cool, and the log cabin vibes are so unusual and I fell so in love with it. Like I mentioned before, this decor runs along with the whole feeling of being totally at home. It's not poncy, its not uncomfortable, it literally just feel natural for you to be in there and relaxing and it made so much sense as to why the lovely owner started it. He said he wanted to create a place where males would feel comfortable to come, because you know, as much as they might say they don't like a face mask, pedicure or massage, trust me, they like it as much as the rest of us! I love this idea and I can totally see how the decor fits with that. But don't worry ladies, it doesn't single out us. It works perfectly for both, so it'd be the perfect place to take your boyfriend along to dip their toe in the whole spa/salon scene. 

I opted for the Blooming Marvellous Full Body Massage and spoiler, it was incredible! I can't compare it with anything but I was left feeling so relaxed and all of the knots had disappeared. It felt like such a treat and I didn't ever want to leave the haven of Privet. I honestly couldn't recommend this spot enough. It's perfect if you're looking to try out a treatment and your not sure what to expect, if you're in the area, if you want to take a special man in your life but want them to feel comfortable or basically, you know, for anything. Just go here, trust me, you won't regret it!

Lorna x


  1. I really did think of Privet Drive when I saw your title but I'll get my head of the Harry Potter side for a second. I've never had a spa treatment to congratulate myself on something. Wish I'd done that when I finished uni, but after seeing this, I'm definitely going to look into booking myself in for something! Glad you had a great time! xxx

    Dee PromptsbyDee

  2. I love the whole log cabin style of this place! And yes it looks so much more inviting than your regular spa - to be honest they scare me!

    Gemma x |


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