Tuesday 30 June 2015

Pick Of The Summer Sales

It's one of those points in the year when nothing can stop all of us shopping addicts from well, doing just that, shopping. With discounts flying around left, right and centre, the summer sales is something I look forward to but at the same time dread - all of the sake of my bank balance... but you know, if there's no getting away from it then we might as well just embrace it, right?

I've rounded up a few bits that are my picks of this years sale, that I am more than tempted in picking up myself and thought maybe you would be too... 

First up, is this gorgeous midi navy dress. My graduation is coming up and I can't even explain how difficult it has been to find a dress. There are so many things to contend with - the awkward colour of the sash, the all black gown that'll cover up the dress all alongside wearing the right hight of shoes and not being terrified of tripping over at that all important moment up on the stage. It's a blooming nightmare and with 2 weeks to go I've had to make a bulk ASOS order to try on a tonne of options and hopefully find the one. This Y.A.S Feline Navy Dress from ASOS is gorgeous and although I don't know if it'll be the one I go for, it was too great not to add to the order. 

Topshop have got some incredible shoes in their sale at amazing prices that I just can't quite get over. These FLOW Cleated Silver Sandals are beautiful and although not something I'd usually buy and completely not in my black only shoe rule, but they are incredible and I can't help but have fallen in love with them. Black sandals are a necessity and with a little bit of height, these HYPNOTIC Cleated Sandals are just something else and for £15, why wouldn't you want to add them to your shoe collection? These would go with just about anything and they look super comfy and that's always a bonus in my books. 

It's the summer and sunglasses are always a necessity. I'm currently sitting at home, post-Glastonbury looking out at the sun and thinking about how I just couldn't have gotten away with not having a pair with me, even if it did hurt a lot when they were resting on my head and someone smacked them into my scalp. But you know, it's gotta be done right? I've always been one for buying super cheap sunglasses as I always would break or lose them, but when these sunglasses came into my life, that all changed. Buying a pair of high end sunglasses is all about the investment. They will last you so much longer, look so much better and feel so much more comfortable on. I've fallen in love with the Chopard SCH 110S Sunglasses from SCLO. They're not my usual style, I usually go for wayfarers but after finding a different style pair in my room from god knows how long ago, that's all changed and I've realised that other styles do suit me... These are super glam, and I'm eyeing them up to finish off my graduation outfit as a bit of a treat and well done gift to me. If I can't for graduation, then when can I? Plus I've kept my other high end sunnies in tact, so I know that I'll be able to manage it with these too. 

I'm usually an all black everything kinda gal, but with the sun coming out I've felt like changing things up a bit. This Textile Federation Orchids Playsuit from Urban Outfitters is stunning. I'm obsessed with the pattern and want to buy all the pieces from the range as it really is that gorgeous. Plus you know, the fit of the playsuit is perfect for the summer. 

I've not worn earrings in god knows how long. They used to always irritate my ears but after the ear piercing stand at the Very.co.uk event recently, it's got me back to thinking about wearing some again and at the bargain price of £3, these Arrow Stud Earrings from Urban Outfitters are more than tempting. 

I love love love the Urban Outfitters home section and when sale time comes around I always find myself having a browse. It's usually well overpriced and the sale makes things so much better and easier to justify. I've fallen in love with this gorgeous Vegan Leather Water Bottle, it would be perfect for a festival!

Last but not least, probably the most sparkly and glam thing on this list and is something SO different to what I'd usually go for and if I knew where I'd wear it, I would have snapped it up already. The Topshop Striped Sequin Shift Dress is beautiful but obviously not one of those dresses that you could get away with wearing on a day to day basis... but I really would want to find an excuse. The colours are gorgeous and who doesn't love sequins? 

Summer sales are one of the best in the year and I never fail to be more than tempted, but for now after my massive spend on the hunt for the perfect Graduation dress I think any more spending will have to wait until after I've had the chance to return the rest of them. 

What are your favourite summer sale stores? 

Lorna x


  1. loving all of these, i desperately need new clothes for summer!

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

  2. lovely picks! my favourite sale shops have gotta be topshop and UO (but just for the jewellery, it always sells out so fast though) x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.


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