Monday 22 June 2015

Skincare Essentials for Dry Skin

I was talking about how to cover up dry skin and the perfect bases to use yesterday, so it only felt fitting to discuss the skincare essentials you need in your life to help you along the way, because you know there's only so much that good makeup can do to help you out. 

The Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer* is perfect for adding a bit of hydration to your skin while using a toner. The spritz bottle is so easy to use, you literally just spritz and go. It's so refreshing and it also works amazingly to refresh your makeup if you're finding your dry skin is getting a bit too much. My tip for this though would definitely be to pop it in the fridge, it's incredible in the warmer weather and with the muggy heat lately this has been a god send. 

I've become obsessed with the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum* ever since I first tried it. It's incredible for hydrating your skin pre-moisturiser and I've not found anything to work quite like it. Plus, the bottle is just gorgeous and I love having this on my dressing table. 

Another great product that works similarly to the Vichy Serum is the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster*. I got my hands on this after heading to one of their stores for a face mapping and to discuss ways to keep the skin hydrated. They looked at my skin and told me about what would work specifically for my skin and what my problem areas were. They were spot on and recommended this beauty alongside a tonne of other products, but do you know what their top tip was? To drink more water. I know this is the reason I have dry/dehydrated skin but I'm just so forgetful when it comes to drink water. Its not that I don't like it, more often than not it's my drink of choice but I'm just blooming forgetful. They kindly gave me a Soda Stream Source Machine* to help me with that and suggested putting fruit in the glass of water to add a little bit of flavour to it and making it not feel so 'water like' - this is genius and I know the novelty of making the water in the machine will get me drinking it more. I'll make sure the glass is constantly attached to my hand and I'll be left with no choice. If you're not sure about your skin type though, I couldn't recommend popping into a Dermalogica store or heading to a counter and asking to be face mapped. With a little help from their nifty machines, they were spot on with my skin and I'm sure they will be with yours too. 

I think something we can all agree that we may forget to use is an eye cream and this too is so important to helping your skin stay hydrated. Your eye area is so delicate and you really want to make sure it stays hydrated to make sure you prevent problems there in the future. The Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair* is perfect for this and it is just that, intensive. 

For moisturiser, I've fallen in love with the new addition to the Liz Earle range and I'm talking the Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser with Natural Neroli*. This is an updated version of the Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser with a much nicer scent. Don't worry though, it's not overpowering as it's the kind of scent that you would associate with a Liz Earle product that we already know works amazingly. This products is so hydrating and it feels great on the skin. 

If that all doesn't help completely and your perhaps a bit short of time, then a moisture mask is always perfect for a quick fix and the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque* is a great addition to my ever growing moisture mask collection. Much like with moist moisture masks, you can dab this off after a while or you can leave on over night for a more intensive treatment. I usually find I do the latter and use moisture masks as a more intense and hydrating moisturiser but I just find that that's what works best for my skin. 

These products help me so much alongside my skincare routine and alongside the addition of water, it's all been helping me enormously. 

What are your dry skin saviours? 

Lorna x


  1. just stumbled across your blog and i'm so glad i did, i love your writing style!!! keep it up hun x

  2. I had no idea Liz Earle had a new scented Superskin moisturise. I loved the first one & how soft/hydrated it made my skin feel so I must check the new version out x

    Beauty with charm

  3. The Vichy serum is fast becoming a cult product. I’m on my second bottle! The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser is great. And the Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser was amazing for me last year.

  4. I'm currently testing out that Vichy offering and i'm completely obsessed with it!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx


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