Monday 8 June 2015

Fathers Day Gift Guide

This probably isn't the usual way a Fathers Day Gift Guide would start, but I thought I'd change things up and show you a snap of little me and my Dad back in the day cause you know, it's blooming cute!

Fathers Day and well, any day that I have to pick something out to buy my Dad is always a struggle and so I thought I'd write up this post about what I'd recommend picking up all of the hard-to-buy-for Dad's in the world because it can be so difficult. I love my Dad to pieces, he's my world, so when it comes to these days where I want to find something special for him and I just can't it can become such a stress but I've got him a few things in the past that he's loved and so I'll share those with you and a few extras I've thought of recently for in the future. 

Personalised gifts are perfect for those Dad's that have it all. One year I got my Dad a pair of personalised photo cufflinks and he loved them. I put a picture of me on one, and my brother on the other and it's something he still talks about to this day. Forever showing them off when he wears them and I'd totally recommend getting a pair for yours. Photos are always great, so just a photo of you both, maybe one of your whole family in a nice frame is something that will always go down well! Who doesn't love a picture to look back on? Budget friendly and Dad's love them. 

If you're looking for something personalised then Not On The High Street is great. I've fallen in love with it ever since I saw it. It's genius, there's literally something for everyone! If you're Dad's into music, gardening, food etc. There'll be something amazing that he'll love and likely never seen before. I think shopping in stores like this gives you the chance to have that element of surprise as they just won't expect it. StreetHub is another great one and where I got this Scrabble board for my Mum for Christmas. Firebox and Bouf are well worth a look too! 

If nothing on any of those sites take your fancy, perhaps making some sort of hamper would be best. Fill it with all of their favourite things and make it look pretty with tissue paper etc and you have the opportunity to spend as little or as much on it as you want, budget friendly - bonus! I did this one year for Christmas, covered the box in wrapping paper and tinsel, wrapped everything up individually and filled it with lots of different food items like cheeses and chutneys. He didn't realise the box was all for him and was super excited that he had the most presents which was very rare as he is so hard to buy for! The opening and unwrapping is the best bit right? 

Maybe you don't fancy buying him something physical, taking him out for dinner or drinks or to the cinema (like I did at Barber and Parlour / Electric Cinema here) and spend some quality time with him, he'll love that! Or perhaps you could send him on into the blue experience days or similar. These are great and give him the opportunity to try out something super fun and get a great memory in the process!  

Try not to overthink it, something simple would work wonders trust me! And if all else fails, cook him dinner or bake him a cake and he'll love that too. 

What are you getting your Dad for Fathers Day? 

Lorna x


  1. Personalised gifts are great! Although I find not on the high street waaay to expensive :/ I'll be out of the country for father's day so I need to figure out what to get him, fast! xo
    amber love

  2. what a brilliant post! i find my dad so much harder to buy for than my mum!

    lillies and lipbalm


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