Monday 15 June 2015


I for one am probably the worst when it comes to what I'm talking about today. Talking about intimate things sometimes even with a Doctor is a total no go area for me which I know is probably one of the worst things, such a bad idea and something I know I totally need to put behind me, which is why I decided to work on this post with Vagisil, as I just know there will be a few of you in my position too! 

Vagisil spoke to 2,000 women and nearly half said they were embarrassed to talk about the subject. Hands up who's with them? I certainly am! This is something we all need to address and that's why Vagisil have started their #ENDEMBARRASSMENT campaign to help us ladies a little bit along the way to feeling more confident about our bodies. 

I guess it's one of those situations where we just have to think, well we're all the same, we all have the same issues and with the whole doctor sitch, well they've definitely seen it all before and won't be thinking about it half as much as you will be. So just take a deep breath, and just do it. It'll be worse in the long run if you don't. 

Vagisil has so many bad connotations, I guess it's one of those product that everyone hears about just for that reason and I for one will put my hands up and say that's what I thought too. But their survey revealed that more than half of the women they asked used intimate health products like their own for personal hygiene and not just for the specific issues we relate these products with. So actually it's not quite as daunting as we thought in the first place right? We need to stop thinking about these things with these negative connotations as it can really affect people. 

Let's do what Vagisil are suggesting and #ENDEMBARRASMENT, who's with me?

Lorna x

*Post sponsored by Vagisil

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