Wednesday 30 September 2015

Vans x Eley Kishimoto

I'm usually an all black kind of shoe girl, but there's just something about the Vans x Eley Kishimoto range that has got me hook, line and sinker. I've been really getting into trainers lately, in fact it's becoming a bit of a thing and this has only egged me on into wanting more... and more... and more. I like shopping, okay? 

The Vans x Eley Kishimoto range is filled with some of the most incredible designs. I actually went along to the launch party in the House of Vans with ASOS as you can see in the weekly vlog above - it was super fun, great to see the collection and the space is incredible and so it was a great night out. I need to go to the House of Vans again - love love love it. 

I got my hands on a couple of pairs of shoes from the range, you can see the first pair featured in the video. It's the Vans x Eley Kishimoto Authentic Canvas Plimsoles* in a blue and slightly nautical print. Super cool, and so so comfy. My favourite from the range though are the ones pictured above and are the Vans x Eley Kishimoto Authentic Canvas Slip-On's * in this incredible print. I've fallen in love and love wearing these with a super simple outfit so all the focus lays on the shoes. 

An incredible collection and I am already eyeing up a few of the other pieces. I need to get my hands on the Vans x Eley Kishimoto Flash shirt from the range, I just need to find somewhere that stocks it... 

Lorna x


  1. these are gorgeous lorna!
    hope all is good post-graduation :-)

    elisha-mae I wear this?

  2. I love the pattern on these vans, very tempted to buy a pair x


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