Friday 3 June 2016

Is a Liquid Lipstick as good as a normal lipstick?

Yes, yes it is - and sometimes even better... 

I am one of the biggest advocates of liquid lipsticks and so I felt like the beautiful product deserved a whole post of its own. I mean, there really is a lot to talk about. Trust me, okay? 

I've been talking a lot about liquid lipsticks lately and I was quite surprised to find out that more people didn't feel the same way as me, and some hadn't even given them a go - which was why I want to write this post to let you know about my picks whether you've given them a go or not. Where you should carry on your collection from, or where you should begin it. Liquid lipsticks are truly great and you must must must give them a go. 

Liquid lipsticks are the longest wearing lip colour I've ever tried. Imagine an incredibly pigmented lipstick, but in a liquid formula, similar to a lipgloss but with a thicker, and more often a bit more matte in texture. I won't lie, some of them, especially the more bolder and brighter shades can be a pain to apply but with a little practice and eventually a steady hand you'll get there and you'll be glad you persevered. 

My all time favourite liquid lipstick is the Sephora Lip Cream Stain, $14.00 and I've raved about this for years. I got one of my friends to pick up 01 Always Red for me when she went to America and it's the best red lip you will ever try. It's long lasting and incredibly pigmented and once you've got it on, topping up is so easy to do. The formula of this liquid lipstick is super matte and when it comes to a red lip, I love that. I've recently picked up a couple more shades from the range too - and they're just as beautiful too. If you can get your hands on these, stock up... 

If you struggle with the application of a liquid lipstick, then the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks, £19.00* will be your go-to. It's a familiar lipgloss applicator with a tube and a foam end where you apply the lipstick from. The shade range is incredible, from pinks to reds, purples to nudes, brights to lights - it's got them all. These are my go-to for day wear for the easy application or if I know I'm going to need to reapply a lot in the evening. My favourite shade at the moment is Chihuahua - a beautiful pinky nude. 

The Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick's, £23.00 were the ones that were always at the top of my must buy list and it's the beautiful packaging that got me hook, line and sinker. These are a little harder to work with I must admit, but the luxurious packaging and the final finish makes it all worth it. The pigmentation on these are incredible. Go for the darker, brighter or bolder shades - I recommend the reds, especially Icon. 

MAC are infamous for lipsticks, and so when they released their new liquid lipsticks I was just about as excited as everyone else and just had to try them. I got my hands on the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in Feels So Grand, £21.00 - the red of the collection, because if I'm going to wear a liquid lipstick then more often than not I opt for a red. This did not disappoint and met up to expectations on all pigmentation, finish, lasting power and application fronts. This one is just beautiful - and if you love the packaging of the MAC lipsticks, then you'll love this too. 

The best budget friendly options are the Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks and the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks. The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipsticks*, £8.99. were one of the first, alongside my beloved Sephora Matte Lip Creams, liquid lipsticks that I ever got into. I remember collecting these when they first came out. The incredible pigmentation, the velvety texture and the beautiful and wearable shade range were all that got me. With its easy application and affordable price, these were my go-to lipsticks for a long time and still appear in my daily makeup routine often. They are matte, but not too matte and I love that. On the other hand, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua*, £8.99 are have a far more glossy texture. It's the same pigmentation but because it's so glossy it can be blended out to create a far sheerer look. They aren't too sticky and again the shade range is great. I love applying these over the top of a lipstick to give it another dimension, another texture and just to make it look that bit more exciting. 

Similar to the Rouge Edition Velvets, the Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks*, £6.99 are great. I don't love the packaging as much as the Bourjois lippies but the product inside makes up for it. Pigmented, matte lipstick with a great staying power is what these budget beauty favourites give and I am a little obsessed with this new release. 

Another budget beauty recommendation are the Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquers, £3.00. I'd recommend giving the more nude shades a go in this range as getting an even colour pay off from the brighter shades can be a little on the difficult side - but with the nude ones it doesn't take so much effort. These have a glossy finish, are a little sticky but they have a great staying power for a gloss finish liquid lipstick. If you're looking to give one a go and don't have much money to spend, then I'd recommend giving this a go and then moving up the scale if you want something of a bit better quality.

I've got a few more in my collection and other notable favourites would for sure be the Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour, £22 (I've got fuchsia mauve, a bright purple) and the Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint, £14 - also if you're a fan of the OCC lip tars then the new Models Own Lip Gunk Lip Paint Kits, £10.99 from their new makeup range are a must try. These are an absolute OCC lip tar dupe. They each come with a tray and lip brush to mix and create your own unique shades. I've got a couple of these already but I'm already eyeing up the rest of the collection and need to get my hands on Wicked (a deep purple), Loud (a black), Punk (a nude), Ooze (a pinky nude), Liven Up (a metallic burgundy) and Chaos (a metallic purple). The metallic shades would be PERFECT for Glastonbury in a couple of weeks!

I'm a lipstick fiend, but there's just something about liquid lipsticks that get me that bit more excited. Go on, give them a go and see what I mean. They're just great. 

What's your favourite liquid lipstick? What one do you want to try?

Lorna x


  1. Great post - I love liquid lipsticks and at the moment am loving the nyx suede ones. I do want to try the Bourjois ones though xo

    Emily |

  2. OOH I need to try some of these!!

    Sophie x


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