Wednesday 1 June 2016

The Barry M Nail Polishes You Need To Try

Barry M Nail Paints were the first thing I got a little obsessed with collecting in the beauty world and where I note where this beauty addiction really began. I was just getting into beauty and there was just something so satisfying about having several of these budget friendly nail polishes all lined up together. And now I think the same about every other beauty product under the sun, but these polishes are still in my life and my ongoing collection is still growing. 5 years or so on from when I first started purchasing these products and the Barry M Nail Paint collection is far larger than it was and so I wanted to give a bit of an insight into the polishes I'd recommend giving a go. 

The originals from the range and the ones that got me obsessed with nail polish. These are classic nail polishes that I can imagine virtually every girl has in her collection. I love the Ice Cream shades with Berry Ice Cream being my absolute favourite. It's a perfect pastel purple that's perfect for this time of year. I've got through multiple of these! 

My absolute favourites in the range - and if they're not yours already, they will be too. These are Barry M's Gel effect nail polishes and although they don't have the staying power of actual gel nails, they're right up there with long lasting nail polishes. They are super pigmented, one or two coats is all you need and they are super shiny. If you're into pastels, then you need to try Blueberry, Sky Blue and Fondant. If you're more of a brights lover, then I'd recommend Greenberry, Satsuma, Damson and Sugar Plum. For something a little darker, I'd go with Black Cherry but if you prefer a more neutral polish, then I'd recommend giving Almond or Butterscotch Sundae a go. 

Another gel-esque polish range from Barry M but what's a bit different about these as you have to make sure you use the topcoat from the same range with them. The idea of these is that instead of curing the polish under a light like you would for gels, you cure these in the daylight but can still remove them with normal nail polish remover. Now I wouldn't say they have the exact same effect, but I would say it's along the same lines of the Gelly Paints. They're both great and I love the packaging of these. Shade-wise, I'd recommend getting your hands on All The Things She Red, Bug A Blue and Peach For The Stars. 

I am all about quick drying nails. I often don't have the patience for anything else. I swear by the infamous Seche Vite and have even started using the Leighton Denny Miracle Mist I got from a recent Glossybox to speed up the process that bit more, but when I use this quick drying range from Barry M the polishes are touch dry that bit quicker also. I love the fun packaging of these and recommend giving Eat My Dust, Road Rage and Lap Of Honour a go. I've already been eyeing up the rest of the collection and I just know that Supersonic will be a new addition to my collection soon - I can't get enough of bright cobalt blues at the minute. 

If you are a metallic lover, then you'll love these. These polishes give a chrome/foil effect and with 2 coats you're good to go. If you love a bit of rose gold, then you must give the shade Copper Mine a go - it's a beautiful copper/rose gold nail polish shade. 

I never quite imagined that I would enjoy a sheer nail polish but these ones from Barry M are perfect to adding an extra dimension to a nearly bare nail or can be applied over other nail polishes to change the shades and create something a little more unique. My favourite shade is Cherry Drop. 

There's just something in me that get's super excited every time that Barry M brings out a new collection. Their formulas and shades are always so on point that they're always a must try in my book. Now to give the Coconut Infusions a go... 

What are your favourite Barry M Nail polish shades? 

Lorna x

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  1. I love the quick dry Barry M varnishes - they are such lovely shades xo

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