Thursday 1 September 2016

Travel Beauty Products Actually Worth Buying

There's always something that gets me about travel sized beauty products. They're ten times smaller than the usual-sized product and so blooming cute. I always find myself browsing the travel-sized beauty aisle in Boots, whether I've got a holiday or not but there's always something that stops me from actually buying it. Do I have enough room to actually bring the full size I've already got at home and save some cash? Will it be cheaper to just decant it into a smaller bottle? Usually one of these options is better - but when you do want to treat yourself to some minis that can actually save you some space (and they're just incredibly visually pleasing and super super cute) these are the one's I'd recommend...

For your hair 

Hair product minis are something I both love and hate. Usually I'm travelling with someone who I can usually just share a full size product with, so generally I'd opt for those but when I headed to Bilbao this summer I brought along two minis to not only give me an option of which to choose, but I knew my boyfriend would have a preferance over one of them too. I'm obsessed with the Davines haircare range. If you want to give your hair a treat, pick up some of their products and behold you'll notice the difference instantly. I knew I was going to be camping on holiday and knew I'd need a treat when I got the chance to shower so Davines had to be included in my summer holiday beauty stash. I brougnt along the Davines Momo Shampoo & Conditoner Mini's* and after a day in the sun, washing my hair with these felt like such a treat. They are incredibly hydrating and leave my hair feeling super soft. The same can be said for the ogX Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner Mini's*. Again this is a favourite haircare brand of mine and actually my boyfriends especially. I know he loves this brand so I had to pack these too. These are incredibly hydrating but leave my hair feeling super lightweight at the same time which can often be a product for hair hydrators. 

For your skin

Skincare mini's can be incredibly expensive, but honestly, I think it can be worth it. Using the skincare I normally use is super important to me as I find my skin can play up when I'm away. Sometimes it can react to the sun or just the change of location and having my skincare can save this. I have decanted my skincare into smaller pots but generally I don't find this to work too well for me as usually its super messy and just a bit annoying. Especially for things like spray toners and cleansing oils. Unfortunately smaller sizes aren't always available, so it can be worth looking around and seeing what other brands do smaller sizes well (and also work for you skincare wise). I love the Liz Earle minis, my favourite Garnier Micellar Water now comes in a smaller travel size too and the Dermalogica travel products* also come highly recommended. 

If you're more of a skincare gadget kinda guy or gal and you don't really fancy lugging your Clarasonic on the plane, then I'd recommend giving the Foreo Luna Go* a try for a luxurious deep daily cleanse or if you're looking for a more budget friendly option, the Oh! K Cleansing Pad* is a great alternative. 

For the body

Hair removal is key for me when I'm going away but I hate nothing more than a razor sticking out in my wash bag, with the cover often falling off. My saviour for this is the Gilette Venus Snap Razor*. It's super small but still perfectly easy to use and has a handy travel case meaning it won't move about in the same way in your bag leaving you with any nasty cuts from not realising it was out in the open. It's affordable, and it has been my go-to ever since it came into my life. The best hair-removal space saver I've come across so far.

When it comes to going away and body products I love love love taking something that is a little more luxurious that I would usually use, or something I truly know and love (knowing that it will be perfect for my daily pamper). This summer, my go-to has been the Therapie Travel Kit*. Including a body wash, himalayan detox bath salts, a bath infusion and a skin serum, this set is well worth spending the cash on. If you're looking for another little extra then I'd really recommend picking up the Therapie Restore Aura Spray Mini*. A spritz of this is perfect for when you're feeling a little run down or if you just want an added extra in your relaxing pamper routine - or when you've just stepped off the plane (with a bit of jet lag).

What are your go-to beauty minis?

Lorna x

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