Tuesday 15 November 2016

The budget beauty advent calendar you need to buy

Beauty advent calendars have blown up this year and with so many on the market to dream about, I thought I'd come at you with a budget one that's worth spending those pennies on (and not breaking the bank balance in the process). 

There's just something incredibly exciting about opening up a door to a mini beauty product every day for a month (or there about) and just about every brand has got on board with that. I'm a beauty hoarder and because of that, and because of the fact that Christmas is literally just around the corner - I just can't quite justify the idea of spending too much on one (though as this is my first, watch me get incredibly excited and pick up one of the big ones next year). Justification, you know it... 

The Dirty Works Beauty Calendar*, £15 is available at Sainsbury's now. This beauty advent calendar has 24 doors (not quite like some of the slightly more stingy 12 day options) so it'll keep you feeling festive right up until Christmas day and give you a pamper along the way. 

I love Dirty Works products and they're incredibly affordable which is an absolute bonus. The calendar keeps to their packaging theme; it's super cute, pretty festive and great quality too. I've seen some more flimsy beauty calendars and this isn't one of them. 

The calendar opens up to reveal two sides so you can either keep it open throughout December to reveal the doors or shut it to keep the cute design on show. From bath products to body lotions and beyond, this calendar will fill up your travel beauty stash or give you a chance to try out a few products to find some new favourites to pick up in full size. 

With it's super budget and bargainous price of £15, you can't go wrong. I got my Mum one for her birthday, and mine is patiently waiting for the 1st of December to arrive, and hopefully it'll stop me eyeing up those Jo Malone and Diptyque ones... 

Lorna x


  1. What a bargain, looks lovely!

    Sophie xx

  2. I never knew Dirty Works was doing a calendar too and that is so affordable compared to other calendars as well :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal


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