Thursday 23 February 2017

7 things not to do when looking for new housemates

I've lived with housemates for around 3 years now. Either people I knew or people I found on Spare Room. Anyone that has gone through it will know what a task it is. I've actually just gone through it. We found two brand spanking new housemates in the last week or so and they'll be moving into our house of 5 very soon, and so when The Law House Chiswick property lawyers got in touch last week to collaborate on a post together, I thought it couldn't be better timing. I'm talking how to create the perfect house date, and what not to blooming do when you've got housemate "interviews". Think of it like a date, it's extremely similar. 

1. Don't offer or ask for a hot drink. 

Just don't do it, promise? If it's not going well, you'll all be left there waiting for said drink to be finished or if you're the drink-ee, left with a scalding burnt mouth. It's not worth the pain. 

2. Don't ask them what they're hobbies are. 

No one has hobbies. Everyone comes home, flops on the sofa, pops on Geordie Shore (or a programme of similar calibre) and endlessly scrolls through Instagram all night. 

3. Don't forget to add an image to your profile. 

Unless you don't want a response or want your potential new housemates to think that you're a super shady character. 

4. Don't lie.

In the horribly awkward moment when a stranger sits down on the sofa in front of you, it can be tempting to blurt out a lie out to fill the yawning silence. Just remember, you will be found out. 

5. Don't tell the truth. 

On the other hand, no one wants to know if you fell out with all of your previous housemates or your dark and dirty secrets. Let them wait and find out when you/they move in.

6. Don't just choose the hotties. 

Or the ones you fancy. It's extremely unlikely to work out in the end... Although that being said I met my boyfriend in my house. Oopsie. 

7. Don't forget that the other person is also judging you. 

They might need a new person to move in or you might need a new house to live in but it's a decision you both are making. Don't forget, you have to sleep under the same roof.

Have you gone through a hunt for housemates? Let me know your recommendations below. 

Lorna x

This post was written in collaboration with The Law House Chiswick but as always all thoughts are my own! 

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