Wednesday 15 February 2017

Drinking in London: Be At One Camden review

Photo credit: Be At One

I have to start by admitting that this post is well overdue. I had a little blogging break last year and by the time I was back up and blogging again, this post didn't really feel relevant and I wanted to write it at a time, when we all want to be going out and drinking (though all year round is generally good enough for me)! 

Now that dry January is over, I'm looking for brilliant places to go and drink to brighten up what a bleh month that February generally is. I've been visiting places like the Hot Gin Roof that was on last week in the Ham Yard Hotel (a great night which also ended up in a more central Be At One) and I am already looking forward to the summer and the events that I can get my party on. If anyone knows of a Large Summer Party in London that I need to be at this year, please do holla. But one thing I've noticed is that when people talk about going out, places like Be At One generally get shunned to the backdrop and forgotten. I must admit, I too was one of those people until the lovely Be At One Camden invited me and my bestie down to try out a few drinks and let you all know what we thought about it. 

First things first, the venue is super cool. It's in a great location, Camden, and so if you like going out there you should definitely check it out for a cocktail or two. It gets busy, which is great as it has a really cool buzz - but if you want to sit down, I'd recommend booking a table which is super easy to do on their website. Your tired, slightly drunken legs will thank me. 

I'm sure like many, I didn't expect Be At One to do great drinks. Yes, I knew they did cocktails but as a bit of a cocktail connoisseur I didn't really expect they'd be that great. I'm talking the pre-made cocktail mix you expect in Wetherspoons kind of things. I'm not putting a downer on Wetherspoons, there's most definitely a time and a place for it but that's exactly what I thought Be At One would be like. Oh how I was wrong. 

Upon arrival, we were shown our table and were given the cocktail menu to look at and bloody hell, there are loads to choose from. Almost to the point where it's a little hard to choose between them all. That's where the incredibly helpful staff come in. Ask them what they recommend, let them know the kind of flavours you like and the spirits you like and they will let you know a few recommendations. Every time we asked, they got it so right. 

I have become a bit of an Espresso Martini addict of late and I've started to judge a bar/restauraut by how good theres is. Be At One Camden did an incredible one. Go there and get one if you're an Espresso Martini lover. We tried a lot of them, but I'd recommend giving the Porn Star Martini or Blueberry Muffin a go if you like something a bit fruitier but if you like something a little longer, go for the Candy Pants for a sweet and fruity tipple or the Cointreau Fizz for something with a few more bubbles. 

These bar tenders really know how to make drinks. They are friendly, welcoming and more than happy to help and wherever we get that. I have been a regular at Be At One's since if I'm on a night out and fancy a cocktail as I just know I'll have a great night. Highly recommend. 

Lorna x

Be At One Camden invited me to review on a complimentary basis, but as always all thoughts are my own


  1. love it when a bartender knows what they are doing!

  2. I always hear or see my friends going to Be At One but i've never been myself! You've given me a reason to go along now though - it looks fantastic!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Ah I love Be at One! There's one near me in Milton Keynes and it's great on a Saturday night xx


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