Monday 25 June 2012

Make-Up Review #1: Topshop Lip Stick in Clueless

Topshop Lip Stick in Clueless - £7

I am a really big fan of Topshop's make-up range, especially their lip products. They have a great shade range while also having a number of different finishes which hopefully means there's something for everyone. One of my most recent purchases from the range would be this lip stick called Clueless. 

It is a bright pink with blue undertones which I am completely in love with. The finish is quite matte, which means it could be quite drying on some people's lips. I would actually say I have quite dry lips and so I'm quite surprised that I don't actually find it drying. I have actually read somewhere that it's meant to be one of the more moisturising ones from the lip stick range and as I have 2 of them, I would actually agree with this. 

This is definitely my favourite shade from this lip stick range as I love a bright lip! I actually find it surprisingly wearable as usually with shades like this I would only wear them during the evening when I go out but with this one I find that I could actually wear it during the day if I feel like jazzing my look up a bit. 

I actually couldn't find this on the website but I know that it'll be in some Topshop stores so it's definately worth a trip to your nearest Topshop with a make-up counter to have a look at this. 

Through the swatches you can see how the product works in relation to my skin tone. I think it works well and I can't actually think of a skin tone that this wouldn't go with. 

Through it being in the form of a pen, I actually find it really easy to apply and actually my preference in Lipstick's are this format as I think it allows for a much better finish. 

 I  would completely recommend the Topshop make-up line and would definately recommend this lip stick for those that don't generally find lipstick too drying. 

What are your opinions on Topshop make-up? Have you tried this? What do you think? 



  1. The color looks great on you!!!! I live in Canada so we don't have topshop, but we do have a top shop booth/section at one of the department stores in my city, so im going today!! Hopefully they have the makeup collection!!! (: Oh also, the fact that the finish is matte is a bit off putting!!! I don't know how that would look on my skin tone considering im quite dark :p

    1. thank you! yes, hopefully you can find some. i'm literally in love with their make-up. try some of their actual lipsticks in bullet forms if you like them more moisturising. would be worth swatching this one though if it is there! can't recommend their makeup enough! :)

  2. Ooh, this colour looks gorgeous! I bought my first Topshop lip stick at the weekend and I love it, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough yet to try this shade. Looks great on you, though! xx

    1. what shade did you buy? :) xx

    2. I got Powder Room, but I'm bloody desperate for Coy. It's always sold out at my local Topshop. :( xx

    3. i've got that one too. want coy also!! did you see my latest post that i tagged you in? :)

  3. looking nice . lovely colour :)

  4. So cute! Love that lipstick :)
    wish i had a Topshop where i live..

    And i really like your blog btw, i'm following now|



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