Wednesday 13 June 2012


Blazer - Topshop    Dress - Topshop    Tights - M&S   Boots - Topshop (Allegra's)

Hello all, 

This is really an outfit of the other day, Monday to be exact, but I thought you'd like to see anyway. I wore this to my final exhibition show at my college as it was a "smart" affair. I wasn't really too sure what to wear as there is always that feeling of not wanting to be too overdressed, but I went with this anyway. I felt like wearing the dress as I hadn't worn it in so long and realised that it looks much better with the blazer! I think I look pretty young as it is but just with the dress on, I think it makes me look even younger! What do you think? 

Here's a little Instagram picture of my final exhibition piece for anyone who's interested in seeing the outcome! If anyone wants to know anything more about my work, or wants to see more let me know and I can explain or link you to other sites. 

Thanks for reading, 




  1. This is an amazing outfit on you, my favourite so far, love that dress, it works so well with your hair colour x


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