Tuesday 10 September 2013

Celgenics Deep Cleansing Lotion and Classic Rose Water Toner

Celgenics was a brand I was introduced to while working at Baobella. I went and had a facial done which you can read about here, aimed at older skin than mine it still worked wonderfully and left my skin looking rejuvinated! I'd definitely recommend giving it a go. 

I was so excited to try out these products after having them used during the facial. The Celgenics range are made using the clean ingredients from homeopathic remedies, crystals and flower remedies. They are made to work with all skin types including super sensitive skin!  I am careful about the products that I put on my skin as it is quite prone to being sensitive but these products are totally fine. 

The Deep Cleansing Lotion works deep into the skin and removes all traces of makeup. I love to use this at night as it is super moisturising while leaving your face super clean at the same time. I love this product so much and it will definitely be a staple in my skincare routine! 

The Rose Water Toner has a lovely natural scent to it. Toners are something I really need to get round to using more, honestly I usually skip them out of my routine unless I'm giving my skin a proper pamper but this one is lovely to use with the cleansing lotion. There is no alcohol within the product which can dry your skin out which is perfect as my skin is quite prone to being dry or dehydrated so this works great. 

I love these products and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They work well for all skin types and well, I just want to try some more products from the range! The Moisture Plus Moisturiser and award winning Eye Essential Eye Cream are next on my list!

Lorna x


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  1. Wow they both sound so lovely... the packaging is so luxe! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Yes the packaging is very nice and they sound really good always like being introduced to new brands I've not heard of xx

  3. These look lovely, the packaging is gorgeous! Would look so pretty sitting on the bathroom bench or something :) x


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