Monday 9 September 2013

Sranrom: Happy Moments Range

I'm going to start of by saying... boy do these products smell good! Sranrom was a new brand for me prior to trying these products but I am definitely a convert as these are lovely. 

The Jasmine Indulgence Shower Gel isn't usually the type of scent I'd go for, I like a floral scent but jasmine isn't usually my favourite but with this it just works. The gel is a creamy texture and works well to cleanse the skin while not really leaving a scent on the skin. I like this though as you can use a scented body cream or perfume on top without having too much of an overpowering scent on. 

The Tangy Delight Body Cream is definitely my favourite scent of the bunch, a gorgeous orangy and lemony scent. It's lovely on the skin, really moisturising and it lasts a long time. There's nothing worse than feeling as though you need to apply more moisturiser right after moisturising! The scent lasts too which is perfect for me as I absoloutley adore the scent. 

The Zesty Starfruit Body Scrub is my favourite product out of the range. I've definitely saved the best for last! A zesty scent that feels so luxurious to use in the shower or bath as it is super refreshing - perfect to wake you up in the morning! It is one of the best scrubs I've used and the result compares to that of a spa treatment. The skin feels super soft after use as the dead skin cells have been removed and it is the perfect base to apply moisturiser on top. 

Each of the products are in a range of different scents so if this scent doesn't sound like your sort of thing, I'm sure there will be something that does take your fancy. A little spot of luxury that doesn't actually cost a lot. More than I would usually pay for products like this, but I'm hooked as it is so worth it so I'll definitely be repurchasing! 

Have you tried any products from the Sranrom range? I can't wait to try more!

Lorna x


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  1. The body scrub sounds so great. Never heard of Sranrom before but now I'm quite intrigued.

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. I also got the shower gel and I love it! Like you, it's not my usual scent but I think it smells gorgeous. I got the body scrub too and using them together leaves my skin feeling so soft and er, clean. How did your massage go?

    Inspire Magazine Online


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